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#socialbloggers 24 : Dealing with negativity.

Sup Bros’. Our most recent #socialbloggers chat was all around dealing with negativity. Be it blog comments or on social media. Inspiration for this topic…

dealing with negative blog comments

Sup Bros’.

Our most recent #socialbloggers chat was all around dealing with negativity. Be it blog comments or on social media.

Inspiration for this topic has come from personal experience, I’ve had a few bouts of negativity via comments and on social networks recently. Both in the version of personal digs and disagreement with somethings I’ve published.

The positive outcome of this was a topic for this Twitter chat. Woo. Silver lining and all that!

So. Negative comments.

It happens online. It happens offline. The difference is though, it’s probably more behind your back offline. On the internet, it seems to be a lot more direct. It’s a scary thing, what can happen to a human once you clock them with anonymity and take away consequences.

Thankfully, bloggers don’t get half as much flack as YouTubers. I have seen terrible comments on some videos. Really personal digs at YouTubers, their looks and their children. Even threats of violence/threats.

‘You put yourself out there on the internet, so should expect some negativity’.

This statement is one that is often used to defend negativity online.

When you put yourself out there in the public, you open yourself up to the opportunity to be criticised. Whether you invite feedback or not. It can come in many ways and vary. Ranging from what you may class as ‘negative feedback’ to ‘trolling/hater comments’.

It can be that somebody doesn’t agree with something you’ve written, it can be that somebody doesn’t share the same values as you. This is fine, as I’m sure most people would be more than willing to read a comment that gives a different side or opinion to something, provided it’s done with respect and invites debate, rather than hate.

What I don’t think is right is:

  • When people make negative comments regarding a person appearance.
  • When people will try to find fault with something, almost turning what the original point of the blogger around, almost putting words in their mouth, when that was not the intention of the original post. Usually just to start an argument.
  • Just plain rudeness around a blog/post – whether it be blog layout, writing style, pictures or content.
  • Personal attacks on someone, name calling and bullying.

We’re all just people here, trying to write blogs and be happy. I think it’s sometimes easy to forget that there’s actually a person behind a screen and just lay into them for no reason, without thinking.

Without thinking that that person has feelings. That person has a job, a daughter, a son, a mother, a father, friends, a boyfriend, a girlfriend. That person might have insecurities and issue with confidence and their self-esteem. That person might have an Aunt in a hospital dying of cancer, or about to file for divorce online, or be under a lot of stress at work.

There’s no need to pull others down. There’s always going to be times when people don’t like something about you or your blog. They’ll be times you don’t like things about others, too. It doesn’t mean you NEED to voice those opinions.

For me, it’s really simple. If you visit a blog and you don’t like their dress, then don’t comment.

Or if you do want to comment, just say you’re not a fan of that style while pointing out something you do like – such as the colour, their shoes etc.. this would be acceptable to me.

What I would not find acceptable, would be comments like:

  • That dress makes you look fat/ugly/gross.
  • This post is stupid.
  • Your blog is stupid.
  • Your photos are shit.

Saying phrases such as ‘just being honest’ and ‘I don’t mean to be rude but’.. before being rude, does not negate your rudeness.

Sometimes, being honest doesn’t make you honest. It just makes you a bitch.


Dealing with Negative Blog Comments

Q1: ‘You put yourself out there on the internet, so should expect some negativity’. Discuss. #socialbloggers

Q2: ‘Negative comments comments are a sign of success’. Discuss. #socialbloggers

Q3: Do you find the line between honest negative feedback and hater/troll comments hard to define? #socialbloggers

Q4: Have you ever had negative comments on your blog or social media? #socialbloggers

Q5: What’s the best way to handle negativity online? #socialbloggers

Dealing with Negative Blog Comments


  1. I was chatting to you on Twitter the other day about some nasty blog comments you recently received. I couldn’t believe what had been said but I cant say I’m shocked.

    No matter what you do, somebody is always going to be negative.. You cant please everyone and I guess that’s just life, no matter how ever much you don’t like it!

    I enjoyed reading this post, sorry I couldn’t take part in the chat! Was way too busy this weekend.


  2. I love the way you put these forums together 🙂
    I have been lucky enough to not ever have any negative on my bloodspot but I have had some on tumblr. I try to ignore it 🙂

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  4. Another great post, I’m so new to blogging, so obviously I haven’t come across this yet, but it is one of the things that scared me most about finally starting one. I’ve read comments from other blogs and people can be brutal. It’s very intimidating but theres also so much kindness out there, so I guess you have to take a little bad with all the good.

    1. It think it’s not as hard to deal with if it’s by somebody you don’t know, I thought if I got some hate from somebody that I had spoken to before and had interaction with, I’d be a lot more upset!

  5. Luckyly I dont deal with negativity yet!! Love this outfit! great photos! Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog! I am now following you to keep in touch with your recent updates!

  6. I believe in the fact of…”if you have nothing nice to say, just don´t say” , it says more of you being quiet than being unkind, rude, bitter…don´t you think so? so…dear , Corinne, please, don´t take into account those ugly comments whicha are propably based on envy and the bitterness of those who wrote to you. Kisses and nice day:)

  7. Really interesting discussion I funnily have had more digs off line about my blog. As soon as girls know you blog out come the claws, snide diggs. If you don’t like it, aren’t interested in it don’t read it. Lucy x

  8. It is true that when you put yourself on the internet you make yourself more available to negativity, even if the negativity is inappropriate. Thankfully it isn’t something I’ve had to deal with much. On my space, meaning my blog, I decided in advance that if some one left a comment with constructive feedback (even if negative) I would publish it, but if the comment was simply bullying I would not publish it.

  9. I find it so sad when people feel they have a right to be rude, mean and horrible especially when it is a personal comment e.g. about someones looks etc. I think it is much easier on the internet as people can hide behind the computer and it’s quite cowardly! One of my pet hates is when somebody starts a sentence with ‘I don’t mean to be rude..’

  10. People who leave negative comments for the sake of leaving negative comments are the type with too much time on their hands that you shouldn’t give a second thought to, besides hitting the delete button on their comment. It’s easy to hide behind a computer and can bring out the worst in some. Not every comment has to be glowing but at least make it constructive!

  11. Ive learned quite a bit in my short time that ive been blogging. “Thanks to you and your blog!” Wish i found your blog ages ago when i first started! Theres definately a right way and a wrong way to comment! So love your blog!

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