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Epic Rocky Road

I love everything about my new job apart from one thing. THEY MAKE ME BAKE. The first Friday, I did not bake and kind of…


rocky road

I love everything about my new job apart from one thing. THEY MAKE ME BAKE. The first Friday, I did not bake and kind of ended up in the dog house. Wah. But but but, in my defence I told them that they did not give me enough time to plan something to bake. I don’t think they bought it, but never mind.

I’m just rubbish at stuff like that, it took me over 6 months to realise I was using the grill function on the oven instead of the oven function.

That was also the same day I realised the oven had a grill function.

So, at my old job, I was describing my dilemma about how I need to make something but am not a good cooker. They suggested Rocky Road.

It’s pretty amazing, really. You can just chuck anything in it and I couldn’t even see how anyone could get it wrong. Even me.



Rocky Road – Skinnedcartree Style. 


8 Digestive Biscuits
300g Milk Chocolate
100g White Chocolate
85g Fudge Chunks
1 Tube Smarties
50g Pink and White Mini Marshmallows
Dr Oekter Eton Mess (c/o Degustabox)


  1. Crumble the biscuits into chunks.
  2. Break white chocolate into small chunks.
  3. Crush up the Smarties.
  4. Add the white chocolate, smarties into the biscuit mixture.
  5. Add the fudge chunks and the marshmallows and stir.
  6. Melt 300g chocolate.
  7. Pour into the biscuit mixture.
  8. Stir the mixture then spoon into a baking tray.
  9. Sprinkle the Dr Oekters Eton Mess on the top.
  10. Place in fridge for around 2 hours.

rocky road rocky road rocky road

rocky road rocky road rocky road

Very quick and easy to make!

We judge each thing that gets brought in, and pick a winner. We call it the Great British Bake-off.

Guess what – I WON!!! Everyone loved my creation and actually did’t believe I made it.

I have to up my game next week and make something even nicer.

You can add other things to the mixture, such as raisins, nuts, oats, dried fruit, even candy if you wish.

What would you put in your rocky road mixture?

rocky road


  1. That’s sweet how they are expecting a treat from you every Friday. 🙂 I remember what I worked in an office, I made muffins for my lot pretty much every week. 🙂

  2. Congrats! I’m impressed, never been a great baker either;) thanks for checking out my btw- totally made my day. I’ve so enjoyed finding your blog and catching up-well done!

  3. It looks delicious! I’m glad you’re doing great at your job. I might try and make it one day, looks pretty easy!

  4. These look nice, can’t really go wrong with chocolate and yummy goodies all mixed together. Hopefully they went down a treat. We do the Bake Off at work, I used to make Eaton Mess, Scones and Victoria sandwich, fresh cream and strawberries. Look forward to your other treats. What is the new job? Doing similar to before or totally different? Hope you are enjoying it. I hate starting new jobs Lucy x

  5. Aw I’m sorry that they make you cook although it looks like your Rocky Road would be a huge success! I wish that I could sample them through my computer:P
    xo Olivia

  6. I love baking, but I’ve never tried rocky road! After seeing this, I need to make them at some point in my life!

    Congratulations on winning! 🙂 and the fact of bringing something sweet every friday is so nice!

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