leeds pride 2014

Leeds Pride 2014

leeds pride 2014


On Friday evening, Lilly came home from work.

‘It’s pride on Sunday?’ she said.

‘Oh, okay’. I said, while watching the live Big Brother eviction.

‘What’s pride?’ she asked.

We tried to explain to her that it’s a like a massive festival to celebrate the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender community. It’s a positive stance against any discrimination, violence or hate they may receive. It’s an event to acknowledge how things have changed in in the minds of many people over the generations. And in eyes of the law, to enable those in the LGBT community to live openly, without shame and enjoy the same rights as straight couples.

It’s freedom, it’s being open and honest, it’s being able to love who you love without having be ashamed or explain.

It’s freeing yourself from any burdens you may carry, any demons you may feel, any struggles with mental health you may have stemming from the inner conflict to accept your sexuality.

It’s accepting yourself. Accepting your gay brother, your lesbian aunt, your transgender friend.

It’s embracing all that may not be ‘normal’ and holding hands with difference.

But most of all, it’s smiling, from every single bone inside of you.

Because you’re not afraid anymore.

Leeds Pride 2014  Leeds Pride 2014 Leeds Pride 2014 Leeds Pride 2014 Leeds Pride 2014 Leeds Pride 2014

Leeds Pride 2014 Leeds Pride 2014Leeds Pride 2014

This Sunday was the first Sunday I’ve had off in yonks (apart rom when I ran Leeds 10k, last month). I no longer work Sundays at my new job, so we decided to go.

What does Pride mean to you?

leeds pride 2014

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