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Jongleurs Leeds Comedy Club // OOTD

leeds jongleurs

Dress: c/o OASAP
Necklace: Gift from friend
Shoes: ASOS


I was sent this dress so long ago, but never got the chance to wear it in the real world.

At the end of June, it was my friends Birthday and we went to a comedy club. I wasn’t sure what to wear, then remembered this beauty I got last year.

I’ve never been to a comedy evening before and I didn’t think that I’d find it that funny. I have such a weird sense of humour and don’t tend to find typical humour very LOLALBLE:

  • Inbetweeners? Don’t get it, they’re just dicks.
  • That shit my family made me watch at Christmas. Mrs Brown’s Boys or something, well, it made me want to die.

Not because I was laughing so much, but because it was just too stupid I was wondering why this was something everyone was so THRILLED it would be on CHRISTMAS DAY.

Luckily there was an 8 year old there to entertain me by putting flashy LED extensions in my hair. Oh, and there was port.

Anyway, what was my point again? OH YEAH… I was going to this comedy club and expecting it to be like, totes awks.

We had a work function a few years ago, they had a comedian on for a bit and he ended getting really mad because nobody was listening to him or laughing at his jokes. He ended up walking of stage. I reiterate: #TOTESAWKS.

So, we went to Jongleurs, in Leeds. We queued for our tickets and had our photo taken just before entering.

We were directed to our seats and there was a little confusion around where we were being seated. We went to the bar and got drinks before the start of the show.

Next to the stage, they had screens either side that were projecting the photos everyone had taken by the entrance on a slide show, which was a nice touch.

They also had their Twitter handle on the screen and the DJ was holding competitions. The first one was to do a #selfie and Tweet it to them, I won! I won a bottle of bubbly and some tickets. Okay, it was cheap bubbly, but you can’t complain at free, right?

The comedians came on and it was such a good night. Three different comedians with three different sense of humours. I did massive laughs, many massive laughs, holding my belly type of laughs and would LOVE to go again.

jongleurs leeds jongleurs leeds

The only thing that bothered me was that it was so hot in there, there was no air con and I thought I was going to pass out at one point. I had to go to the toilets and take my tights off for a bit of extra air!

Now I’m getting older, I’d much prefer to do something like this than go out clubbing. I’m really not into waking up on a Sunday with a hangover, £60 less in my bank account and not knowing what the hell happened the night before!

Have you ever been to a comedy club?

jongleurs leeds

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