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In the last #socialbloggers chat we spoke about reasons you keep going back and reading a blog. A lot of people said that they really enjoyed reading lifestyle posts and personal posts and those were the type of posts they preferred the most.

They also mentioned how they wish they could write more personal posts themselves, but a lot were often stuck for ideas.

Writing personal posts doesn’t have to mean exposing your deepest, darkest secrets. I’m a firm believer that you should never post anything on your blog that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you would cringe and be embarrassed if your Mum/Boss were to read it, then don’t write it. That’s my motto.

Why would I want to write personal posts?

Allowing your audience to get to know you can really help you to gain their loyalty. Writing about something personal not only let’s people see a little bit of your world, but also gives them the opportunity to feel connected to you. If you write about something that relates to them, then they’ll be likely to share their similar experiences/thoughts/feelings/opinions with you. It makes it easier for people to be able to engage with you – it encourages engagement and you can really get to know about your audiences too.

It’s much easier to give a meaty, lengthy comment on a personal post than it is a review post (unless you have personal experience with the product/brand).

Once you’ve made a connection, you’ll most likely gain the loyalty of a reader and they’ll come back.

As I described in my pervious post, you’ll be much more likely to appreciate the views of someone you’ve made a connection with than a stranger. So when you post reviews of the latest lippy – your regular readers will be more interested in what you have to say.

This is why I think it’s important to chuck in the odd personal post here and there, to let your personality shine through and not let it get lost in all those reviews that may make it harder to get your personality out!

Blog Post Ideas:

Here are some of the personal posts I’ve done on my blog, that you can do too:

blog post ideas for personal blogsThe ‘What’s in my bag tag’. I did my own what’s in my bag tag back in January and always enjoy reading these on other blogs as I’m nosey as hell. I like the idea of doing it when you just get a new bag, like I did. Although I guess it would be more ‘authentic’ to just do one randomly. But mine would probably be full of loads of receipts and paperwork! You can also do a ‘what’s in my make-up bag’ post, or share what’s in your shower, on your bedside table, in your fridge.. the posibilities are endless.

blog post ideas for personal blogs A ‘random facts’ post. I wrote this ’10 random facts about me’ posts when I felt like I had been posting too many reviews of products that had been sent to me and not enough personal posts, so this is a fun and easy way to let your audience learn a little about yourself!

The story behind your blog, or something about your blog. You may want to write a post about why you started blogging and what it means to you, or something similar. I wrote a post about why my blog is called ‘skinnedcartree’: What is a skinnedcartree? Because skinnedcartree has a history, you see.

blog post ideas for personal blogsHave you ever done something inspirational or something motivational? Have you done something that has really taken you out of your comfort zone or something that has given you a really valuable life lesson? Blog about it! I wrote a post about how I moved to France after going through a pretty rough time! You can talk about many experiences here – it could be going to university, moving out of home, getting over your first heart break or having to deal with something that was difficult but really shaped you as a person.

blog post ideas for personal blogsDo you instagram? Here’s an easy one: An instagram roundup post. On the 1st of each month, I post all my instagram pictures and give an overview of the month, highlighting anything important that has happened to me. You can do this weekly, if you wish. If you don’t use instagram, or don’t want to use your instagram pictures – you can just do a general Life Lately post where you talk about what you’ve been up to, what you’ve been thinking about and how you’ve been feeling. This is my latest Corinstagram post.

blog post ideas for personal blogsSpecial occasions. Post about your birthday, your friends birthday, your friends baby shower. Christmas, New years and any other special events going on in your life! A festival, a meal out or a trip to the zoo. They’re all interesting and make for fab blog posts!

blog post ideas for personal blogsShow your blogging space or give a room or house tour! I did a bloggers desk post where I showed the area I blog in. I love reading these, alongside office tours or house tours of any kind. I’m the type of person that will look straight into a house if their lights are on and curtains aren’t closed. LET ME SEE!

blog post ideas for personal blogsBeen on holiday? I’m doing a whole series on my holiday to Florida! I’m probably going to get a good 25 posts out of it by the time I’ve done! Trips are a great post idea. You can even go back and talk about holidays you went on a few years ago.

DSC_0383Do you have something that you’re really passionate about or makes you want to stand on a soap box? For me it’s body image. I wrote a post on self-image because it’s something I struggle with.

Write a top 5 or 10 list. This one is easy and you can write about whatever you want. Top 5 songs, top 10 books, top 5 places you’ve want to visit. You can write a list of your favourite bloggers or even a list of the best posts you’ve read recently!

furby1.jpg1Write about your childhood. Do you have a memory that you’re really fond of, a family holiday that makes you feel nostalgic. A favourite toy? Maybe you have an embarrassing story to share or you believe in something really silly. Share it, please 🙂

Write about how you met your boyfriend, about how he proposed or having your first child. Write about your friends, how you met them, what makes them special, something amazing you’ve done together or something interesting about them.


Write a bucket list or a list of things you want to do before you die. You can even make it more specific and write a post about your monthly or yearly goals.

I hope this has given you some ideas about getting personal on your blog!

What are your favourite types of personal posts to read?

Sweet Pizza

1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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