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Birchbox August 2014

This August Birchbox is my second Birch box. Woo. The theme of this was going on holiday. The products all came in a clear ziplock…


august birchbox

This August Birchbox is my second Birch box. Woo. The theme of this was going on holiday. The products all came in a clear ziplock bag, like one you might use to carry you liquids in your hand luggage while going on a flight.

august birchbox

Let’s see what we got:

august birchbox


I saw this and felt disappointed. I hate getting perfume samples in boxes. I saw it cost a whole £105 for a bottle of 100ml and was like LOLOOOLOOOLOLLOLLOLOLLLOLOLOLOL you’re kidding, right? I don’t think I’ve ever paid over £50 for a bottle of perfume.

Trying not to be a negative nobhead, I sprayed it on my.. what’s the word. I can’t remember. Oh, wrist. Idiot. I sprayed it on my wrist and I rummaged through the rest of the box.

It gave off that usual standard perfume smell at first, so I didn’t think I would like it. Then it set in and you have no idea how sad I am now.

It smells so nice. It’s beautiful. It’s lovely. It’s warm and smells like musky, sweet vanilla hugs. I want to smell it all of the time. But it’s £105!!!! I wish they did 30ml or 50ml bottles but I googled and they do not. Help.

I’m so conflicted. I want it so bad but I don’t know if I can spend £105 on perfume. I know 100ml is a lot, but.. still.

We can buy it here. You can buy it for me 😀

august birchbox


Ok, this is another one I judged before I smelt. Who wants a 25ml sample of shower gel in a beauty box, right? #boreoff!

When I opened it and gave it a sniff. It smells like those sweets – Parma Violets. I love Parma Violets. I collect them. Don’t believe me?

DSC_0430So the smell was lovely, but I’m not sure if it’s lovely enough to make me want to spent £7.15 for 350ml of the stuff, when I can buy Parma Violets for a hell of a lot cheaper and not only SMELL them but LICK CHOMP SLUP AND SWALLOW them.

You can get it here.

august birchbox


Another MEH. Hair stuff in a bottle that doesn’t really help me to understand what it is right away. I’d totally walk straight past this in a supermarket. I hate packaging that doesn’t tell me what it is. I need it dead simple. Wham, bam, thank you sam.

It’s said to strengthen and repair summer hair. It smells like a mixture of sugar and hair mousse. You spray it on your hair when it’s damp. It’s basically a leave in conditioning spray. I learnt that from the leaflet Birchbox sent me because the bottle was too busy trying to be all coy and vague, like this would intrigue me into wanting to try the product. It mostly just annoyed me.

I’ll give this ago, it’s £20 for the full size so I’ll probably not buy it. You can get some decent leave in conditions for much cheaper.

You can buy it here.

august birchbox


Another expensive thingy majig. You use this every other day and apply it with wet fingers and massage for 1 – 2 minutes, then rinse and dry. It says to allow a week to see results. It says it will refine and polish.

I’ll try and see how I feel. It smells a bit cirtusy and has a sun tan scent too. It’s a white cream and you can feel it has those bits in that exfoliators have. I don’t know the word. But they’re really tiny and like grains of sand. I have issues with the bits because in the past, I find them hard to get out or somehow manage to get some trapped in my hair line.

I’m gonna try embrace it though and try this out!

You can get it here for £25.

august birchbox


Yeah okay, I’ll take this one without being negative. It’s a lovely shimmery brown/slightly rose colour and is a colour I would wear. Therefore I will wear it. Into my makeup draw this baby goes. I love it when I get something that I know I will add to my ‘everyday items’ draw.

It’s paraben-free, too. Woo. It also contains vitamin E, C and aloe vera so is good stuff.

It is £13 a pop though!

Also the only full size product.

You can get it here.

Lifestyle Extra: 


august birchbox
Please, Birchbox. If you never ever send me another thing ever again, make that thing never to send me one chapter of a book.

That’s all I have to say about that.

You can buy it here. It’s £7.99

august birchbox


There you have it, my Birchbox.

I think I much prefer Glossybox after my second Birchbox. I loved the perfume, I loved the eyeshadow. I really hated the shower gel and the stupid book. BOOK BOOK WHO WANT’S A CHAPTER OF A BOOK? I understand the reason behind it, but it’s just going straight in the bin.

Let’s see what september brings.


PS. I’m entering my card details to pay for the perfume right now….


  1. These look like great products, some of the prices for full sizes are insane, I rather buy dresses than pay for that, haha. But, it’s cool getting sweet stuff in these 🙂 x

  2. ahahahaahh!! It is always so fun to read your posts, Corinne. The Chapter of the book was the worst of the box,( just a bait for you to buy the whole book) I think the rest of things were great.Kisses:)

  3. £105 for perfume wowsers that is expensive. I bet you were gutted that you liked it. You could go into a department store and constantly ask for a sample. I am not sure what I think about this birchbox, love the powder but when you get really tidily items I think what is the point and a chapter of a book what is that about. But maybe that is just me Lucy x

    1. I don’t like this birchbox either, they usually look fantastic on other blogs so maybe I just got all the rubbish stuff.

  4. You collect the parma violets? And you don’t eat them? Give them ALL to me!! I love them! This box doesn’t look so great tbh. Hopefully next month is better!

  5. Ugh I hate getting ‘Sample’ Chapters from a book. I refuse to read them on the off chance I would love the book. I think those exfoliating things are called ‘Microbeads’. I don’t know what Parma Violets are, but they remind me of smarties and I like Smarties.

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