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Why I moved to WordPress + A Trollied Dolly Sundress

Dress: Trollied Dolly via ASOS Shoes: ASOS   Dress of love. It’s been a lovely few days here in the UK. Well, lovely for us…


why move to wordpress and a trollied dolly dress

Dress: Trollied Dolly via ASOS
Shoes: ASOS

trolliedsun2.jpg troilliedsun.jpg


Dress of love. It’s been a lovely few days here in the UK. Well, lovely for us Brits. The days have been warm enough to brave dresses and bare legs outdoors, perfect for sundresses like this one from Trollied Dolly. I’ve got a few Trollied Dolly dresses now and will most likely collect more. I love the style, colours and patterns on these dresses!

Why I moved to WordPress.

Okay, it’s been just over a week since I moved from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress and I’ve had a few questions about it. A lot of people have asked me WHY I made the move from Blogger, which is often seen as a complicated process to go through.

It’s no secret that I enjoy the technical side of blogging. I read many blogs and websites dedicated for tips on how to better your blog, how to get more traffic, how to write blog posts, take photos and make money blogging. 

I’ve been blogging for over 18 months now, it’s something I thought I would sack off after a while, but it’s probably the most consistent and most important thing in my life. If that sounds a bit lame to you, well, your face sounds a bit lame to me. So shut up. I’M SINGLE AND LONELY AND HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO FILL MY TIME, OKAY?

I sometimes even spoon Skinnedcartree at night.

Anyway, while reading my favourite ‘blog tips’ sites, something kept cropping up. Something scary and big and a bit exciting. That thing was self-hosted WordPress.

The thing that stood out the most, was the control you have over the design of a WordPress blog. There are THOUSANDS of themes for WordPress which you can easily install to make your blog unique, as well as build your own. While there are tonnes of beautiful blogs on Blogger out there, I wanted something different which I couldn’t get with Blogger and I’m excited to start playing around with layouts when I have more time.

Another massive factor for me, was the plugins. I’ve not even managed to research the plugins properly yet, but have installed a few.

I am loving DiggDigg, which gives me the social media share floaty thinga-majiggy you see on your left (very professional wording, Corinne). I’m also enjoying the plugin I have for SEO, which analyses my blog posts and tells me what I need to do to improve the SEO on that post for a particular keyword.

I also prefer the comment section of WordPress blogs. I love it when people who comment leave their link, so I can visit their blog without having to find it through a Google+ page. Yes, I’m lazy – I love how WordPress encourages you to leave your link. It also means you don’t have to log-in to anything to leave a comment. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting comments from people that I’ve not heard of before since moving to WordPress.

It felt like more and more things were telling me I should make the move. The only thing holding me back was the 850 followers I had on Google Friend Connect. But after my Bloglovin followers surpassed that, Google shutting down Google reader and getting hardly any referrals to my blog from Blogger, I decided that GFC wasn’t really a massive thing and I’m pretty sure that most people who followed me on GFC also followed me on Bloglovin.

I was also pushed slightly towards self-hosted WordPress as I kept reading how the more blog posts you have to transfer, the more complicated it is. The sooner the better, I kept reading. It seemed like something I was definitely going to do in the next few months, so one sleepless night at 2am, I read the one last article about WordPress that pushed me over the edge.

Then it was done.

Which do you prefer? WordPress or Blogger? Discuss.



  1. Interesting read! I’ve only recently started my blog & I quite enjoy the techy side too and have been thinking about transferring over – u might have just helped persuade me. Did u find it relatively easy then?

  2. I really want to WordPress too but I’m too scared to take the jump at the moment because I just don’t know how to do it. Which host did you choose and was the process simple? Please do a post on it because it’ll prompt me to move as well in all probability!


    1. I used TSO host, it’s pretty easy as there’s a plugin you can get that will transfer all your old posts and comments over from blogger.

  3. Interesting. I was on word press when I first started, then moved to blogger. I think to move there again now would just do my head in, haha. People would be annoyed as well. So I’ll just stick to blogger. Love this dress, it is gorgeous xx

  4. I have to many follower to consider moving and leaving them behind will be in-considerate of me. I had a blogger friend who did a big change and she lost all of her followers, is true if you have follower in bloglovin when you make the change you will find out who is the google fans who follow you on it, Those are your true followers. I enjoy blogger but when I first started I did look into wordpress first but notice right now with my schedule I will not get the best of what it has to offer. If you have the time is for you.

  5. Hi Corinne!That you said about the weather interests to me because in ten days I will be travelling to your country and I am thinking about what to put in my suitcase.I will ask you advice next week, hehehe.As for the question you talked today , I am happy with google but sometimes I wonder how would it be if I moved to wordpress but I am a lazy , conformist person and I stay without doing anything. Of course followers are a question to take into account. I follow you in Bloglovin ( I see your new posts there , it is the best way to read blogs in my opinion). Kisses:)

  6. What a gorgeous dress! ASOS is full of gems 🙂

    This was a really interesting read! I didn’t know a lot of the thing on here, it’s always good to have a good old chat about the technical side of blogging 🙂 xx

  7. I’ve considered moving over to WordPress quite a few times, but have never done a lot of background reading on it – I think you’ve encouraged me to go and do some research!
    And the dress is gorgeous, perfect for our British near-summer xx

  8. I actually tried both of them from the start. Mind you, when I first tried wordpress it was different from what it is now – more complicated, less tech-inspirational theme-wise etc etc etc. PLUS I really liked the whole GFC thing back in those times.
    Fast forward, my original blogger blog is gone and I started the one I have now and like my baby to be a blogger blog, sort of feels cosy there. 🙂
    However, it was also because several years ago wordpress didn’t allow advertising banners (sounds odd, but true) and I didn’t use Bloglovin’ to count my chickens / follow other blogs.
    If I started fresh now, I’d be tempted to use wordpress for the reasons you’ve mentioned. I did it for my cooking blog, but wouldn’t move the fashion one over there – again, I still do love my blogger. 🙂

  9. Ugh. Trollied Dolly makes some great dresses, and this dress is no exception! The print and collar are great (: Although I do see the appeal of Word Press (my boyfriends had a blog back in the day through wordpress and he definitely tried to convince me to use it) when I was starting off and had to make the decision between the two, I ultimately chose Blogger because I am not so tech savvy, so I appreciate that Blogger isn’t all that difficult to use.

  10. I want to do this I really really do, I just need to find a good solid space of time (either a entirely free weekend or a strike day!) and then I’ll try and make it happen. Everything you’ve said makes sense and it sounds like a step in the right direction…I just need to grow a pair and lock myself away and get the job done!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  11. Thank you Corrine you must have read my mind 😉 I know who can help then when I ship over. I love blogger but sometimes I wish I could do more with it. I am not technically minded though.

    I love this dress reminds me of a van gough picture really beautiful Lucy x

  12. That dress is adorable!!!!! Its super quirky and girly. The perfect summer dress.
    Much Love, AnnCates

  13. Your dress is so cute Corinne! You always wear the cutest dresses. I love the benefits of WordPress!!! Especially the design factor. I swear I would need a team of professionals to make the switch, because I’m too chicken to do it myself. HaHaHa Plus, I don’t want to lose the followers I do have. Which isn’t many! Good for you! I’m still out of town and mainly blogging by phone. Can’t wait to see your site.

  14. Thank you for this post, I keep thinking about moving over… Would be amazing if you could write a help guide or your own personal tips for this process xxx

  15. I saw your comment on my blog, and I thought I would check you out. Interesting blogpost, Corinne! I love your site, and that dress is super cute. I have blogger, but mostly because the first blogs I discovered shortly before starting my own used blogger and I had heard it was easier to use. WordPress is appealing because of all its options. Who knows, maybe I’ll make the switch someday, but not for while! I’ll go follow you on bloglovin’ now, hehe. Laurie xxx

  16. without a shadow of a doubt; WORDPRESS! i’ve been #TeamWordpress for yonks now. but obviously, Blogger is more simplistic to understand & muck around with. once you’ve surpassed that basic level though, you do tend to want to go onto something more challenging. lol. i’m glad you’ve made this move, love. welcome, welcome & congrats on making it to the other side <3 <3 <3

  17. WordPress all the way! I agree with every reason you switched, plus I love that you own your blog, and not google.

  18. I absolutely enjoy my self hosted WordPress site, I feel like there is so much more you can do with it.

  19. I used Blogger previously and found it so confusing! WordPress is really simple and easy to make your own. I’ve been having a few issues with mine randomly deleting posts recently though 🙁

  20. I use, not .org as I found it simple for beginners and if I really hated the idea of blogging then I wouldn’t be losing any money on domain names!!! I actually really like the Sugar and Spice theme, maybe when my blog grows I’ll move to self-hosted, but you never know!
    Lots of Love Lottie ♥
    Lifestyle blog to make you smile 🙂

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