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What I Ate Wednesday

Woo. I’ve recently become obsessed with the food related tags on Instagram. I’ve also always been obsessed with reading blogs about with what people eat…


What I Ate. Wednesday

Woo. I’ve recently become obsessed with the food related tags on Instagram. I’ve also always been obsessed with reading blogs about with what people eat so I thought I would do my own What I Ate Wednesday post.

I’ve been trying to eat healthy the past few weeks. When I came back from Florida, I wanted to lose weight cuz I’m so fatz and started to diet. It wasn’t really working well for me and I found myself cutting calories too much in an effort to lose the pounds. I would lose 2lbs one day and be up 4lbs the next. Scary. Sad. Unproductive. Death.

This type of behaviour can turn into a nightmare for me and I can very easily get obsessed with counting calories and severely restricting my body of what it needs to function, resulting in me feeling tired, hungry and my mood crashing. I can go downhill pretty fast and my mindset was going that way, so well done Corinne for taking a stand against the negativity that was going on inside your head. It’s not easy.

I decided to stop thinking in terms of losing weight, but in terms of eating healthily in an effort to feel better from within (cuz I’m so deep, yano). So the past two or three weeks, I’ve not been restricting my calories at all. I’ve been eating when I am hungry, but I’ve been eating healthier foods.

I’ve also cut down on alcohol big time, as I found myself skipping an evening meal and drinking a bottle of wine instead. Then, I would feel hungover the next day and crave salty foods. I was originally drinking around 4-5 evenings a week, anything from a beer or a glass of wine to a full bottle of wine. During this month, I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve drank and it’s only been for special occasions:

  1. First of July – my parents took me out for a birthday meal and I shared a bottle of wine with my Mum and then drank a pint of beer at the pub.
  2. Second of July was my birthday, went out for a meal and went bowling therefore drank wine and beer .
  3. The baby shower, we drank wine.
  4. The #BlogYorkshire event, I drank a few glasses of wine.
  5. Last Friday, I had a couple of beers in celebration of something special.

I did originally stop drinking so much so I could lose weight, but in turn it ended up giving me other benefits, such as more energy, feeling more motivated and I think it’s really helped my mood, too.

I never got wasted to the point where I was being sick, or would have a massive headache the next day, but I would often feel a tired, drained and dehydrated in the mornings.

So, yes. I’m not counting calories, just eating loads and loads of fruit. The money I would have spent on wine now goes towards fresh fruit and veg and I do try to get reduced fruit when I can! I’m feeling really satisfied with my diet at the moment. It’s really simple, if I’m hungry then I’ll eat something healthy. I also allow myself to have light snacks, such as Quavers or baked crisps if I feel I want them. But I don’t always crave them.

What I Ate Wednesday.

I woke up naturally early, I’ve been working early so went to bed around 10:30 on Tuesday evening. I woke around 7am and played on my phone/laptop until around 8:15.

I got up, made coffee in my Tardis mug and had breakfast. I’m really not a fan of cereal and hardly ever eat it, so I’ll usually skip breakfast or wait and have an early dinner, but I’ve been making an effort to get it in and bought some reduced raspberries, cherries and grapes on Tuesday. I also had some fat free blueberry yogurt that needed eating and sprinkled a few dried cranberries and raisins on the top. Also added a few candy stars so it looked a bit more ‘bloggy’ 😉

DSC_0195At around midday, I started to feel hungry. I don’t usually eat dinner so early but I had breakfast earlier than usual. I had a chicken and noodle salad, it was a bit small so I added some extra greens, some cucumber, olives and stuffed cherry peppers.

what i ate wednesday salad DSC_0225I started to feel hungry again so grabbed a snack. I could eat watermelon ALL DAY. I love it. I had a bowl of the stuff along with two satsumas. It’s so juicy and satisfying, especially on such hot days!

DSC_0229I didn’t have any food in the house, so had to nip to the shop for dinner. I had 2 garlic and cream cheese mushrooms, some prawns, chilli noodles, some baby leaf salad and spinach and some more olives.

DSC_0242I needed to eat the rest of the grapes, cherries as well as the flat white peaches I bought reduced the previous day, so put them in a bowl along with an apricot to snack on throughout the evening while I painted my nails, straightened my hair, read blogs and did my usual ‘evening’ things.

I didn’t feel hungry or like I needed to eat it all as I had ate enough during the day to be satisfied, so just picked at it.

DSC_0259So there you have it, what I ate Wednesday.

Let me know if you like this type of post and I might do another one!

What did you eat on Wednesday?




  1. I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to meal planning and eating properly. I don’t eat enough and then wonder why I’m struggling to lose the weight I want to lose. 🙁

  2. I have that exact same Tardis teacup! I don’t drink out if it, though, I usually collect spare cash in it. 🙂

    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  3. Your foods look so pretty! If I did a WIAW post it would take all week to write, I eat so much haha x

  4. Everything looks so yummy. If I did this post I’d have to make a bit more effort to make my eats a little more exciting! I love watermelon, I should buy one 🙂

  5. The food looks really healthy but tasty! I need to follow your lead and start eating healthier! xx

  6. Awesome meals Corinne! I love that fresh fruit. Just think of everything in moderation and exercise. You don’t have to starve yourself 🙂

  7. ….I’m going to have to run downstairs and grab some fruit now! It’s amazing how such small changes make the biggest difference, I think my downfall is sweet treats and bread! I really need less bread in my life!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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