Tortilla Wrap Pizza

Wrap Pizza with Wholemeal Tortilla

Tortilla Wrap Pizza
In my May Degustabox, I recieved this Cirico tomato puree. I remember using tomato puree in a tube to make pizza when I was younger, so knew I wanted to do something pizzery with it. 
As I’m training for my next 10k and trying to lose some weight, I thought I would do a healthy version of a pizza. I wanted to add a few carbs to my diet before going out training so this was a great way to get some in! It’s so simple to do and you can basically chuck anything on it! 
I’m thinking of making more of these with sweetcorn, peppers, red onions and spring onions – I could even add some chicken for a bit of protein! Basically chuck anything and everything on the top of this wrap pizza and it would be lovely. Apart from pineapple. Fuck pineapple on pizza. The thought of it makes me want to punch whoever thought that idea up in the face. Bad. I mean, seriously? There’s a lot of things in this life that I do not understand, but putting sweet things on top of things that are not sweet really baffle the frick out of me. It’s like currents in curry. Ruins the fun for me. I remember I bought the most wonderful sandwich from university once, but it had dried mango in it and I spent half of my free hour picking it out. Sad face. Anyway, less of my doom and gloom and more of the food.

Tortilla Wrap Pizza

Tomato Puree
A whole wheat tortilla wrap
Grated mozzarella
Spread the puree on the tortilla wrap.
Sprinkle cheese over the top.
Slice mushrooms and place on the cheese.
Place in pre-heated oven on around 180 degrees for around 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.
You could put so many different vegetable, meat and cheese on this.
What would you like to put on your tortilla wrap pizza?
Tortilla Wrap Pizza
Tortilla Wrap Pizza
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