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Don’t you like you?

How many of you here can say that you like the way you look? How many of you here can say that you like the…


self image

How many of you here can say that you like the way you look?

How many of you here can say that you like the way you look without makeup?

I would be shocked if more than 10% of those reading this would answer ‘me’ to both of those questions. 

Body confidence. Self love. Being content in our skin. It’s something that everyone has dealt with at some point of their life. Or is dealing with now. 

It’s funny really how we spend so much time thinking about our appearance, our weight and if our make-up is right. Actually no. It’s not funny at all. It’s absolute tragic. The emotional energy spent on such things. Yet, how can we NOT care?

We create diet plans, we go to the gym, we try to tone up, we stand in our underwear in front of the mirror, pulling at the skin on our stomachs. We have days where we want to cry while we prod the flab on our hips.

We push our  too fat/too thin/too long/too round faces in the mirror and investigate our pores. They’re so big we could probably climb inside them and hide there forever.

We have spots and fine lines, our eyelashes are too thin and fuck, I need to wax my tash.

We put makeup on and smile, we get told to fake it until we make it and act care free, we strive to be confident like everybody else. We believe everyone else IS confident and are jealous.

makeup.jpgThere’s a riot in our brain and we don’t eat for days, we go to the extreme. We cut and puke and cry and pull and tug and try and push and try and try and try and fail and hate.

We read magazines. We’re told to embrace our curves, we’re told to post pictures on Facebook with no makeup, be proud of ourselves. We’re told not to give a fuck. We turn the page and the next article is about how fat Christina Aguilera has become, photos and all.

We turn the page and the next article is how to lose 10lbs in 10 days. We turn the page and the next article is how to contour you face with makeup so it looks different. 

We turn the page and the next article is how to love your fat, dumpy thighs. 

Thin shaming. Fat shaming. Makeovers. Longer eyelashes. Extensions. Fake nails. Boob jobs. Eating disorders. Blame the media. Blame the parents. Girls have shit body image, blah blah blah. 

There is no denying that focus on body images and confidence is EVERYWHERE. Focus on changing the way we are, the way we’re perceived and how we feel about ourselves is everywhere, but with so much conflicting information being constantly shoved in our faces, what the fuck are we supposed to think?


At the end of the day, when you take your makeup off and look in the mirror, do you like you? 




  1. This was both a really saddening post but also very inspiring. I’m a culprit of always editing any tiny detail away that I don’t like about myself and this post really inspired me to just be me… At the end of the day, it is ourselves that make ourselves not good enough for everyone else.

    Thank you for such an incredible post xxx

    1. It can’t be tempting to edit ourselves, can’t it? Just being you is great, sometimes flaws can be quirky 🙂

  2. Hi, Corinne! I don’t usually use makeup, because I like natural looks. You are beautiful and young, don’t need any makeup. Nobody is perfect, not even models. All magazine covers/images are photoshopped. I don’t like it. All of us are unique. Have a great day!

    Jasmine ♥

  3. You’re writing style is flawless. It has such a comical, but candid quality that reeled me in immediately. I think its disgracing how the contradicting the media is-but after all society is society and its one big juxtaposing cycle in itself. I think you’re right; it all revolves around perception. Great post as usual, Lauryn x

  4. I think this is my favourite post of yours to date, seriously. You hit the nail on the head! At the end of the day people shouldn’t strive to be ‘perfect’ it’s an idealism that just doesn’t exist, there is NO such thing as perfect when it comes to an individuals look, style or size. When will that be enough?

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Oops and by that I MEANT to say…can’t we just be happy with who we are, love the skin we’re in, be happy, be healthy and be free to be ourselves? When will the world around us start encouraging that kind of ‘perfect’?

      Now I’ll leave!

      1. I think the world will start encouraging it, you can see people are doing it already, especially with the rise of mental illness.

  5. I think there are times when I just don’t care how I look and accepted the fact that I’m like this but I think most of the time I feel every single thing you post here like how imperfectly I am my nose my armpits my belly but I think most of us do that to feel better and gain much more confident. anyway, this is such a great post! visit my blog some time soon

    keep in touch!


    1. It can be strange how your feelings towards yourself can change on an almost daily basis, isn’t it? I find my mood can really dictate the way I feel about myself.

  6. You are totally right about how the world can be a paradox. Be yourself, but then “get the look of Emma Watson”. I gave up on reading magazines. I buy them for the pictures. It might seem childish, but i don’t really care. Every couple of years even all the scientific truths change. So no use in bothering to read that.

    As for my body I need to work out and control what I eat because of my job. Sometimes it gets really frustrating. But even that I cannot eat chocolates everyday, the exercising that I hate so much ends up making me feel awesome (after it’s done). So no harm done here in my case.

    I like my flaws. 🙂

    1. Buying them for pictures is not childish 🙂

      I love this response and I’m glad that you like your flaws!

  7. I’ve come to the point where I am accepting of myself 90% of the time. There’s a difference between a grudging, resigned acceptance, versus a whole-hearted love. I’m usually the former. As a beauty blogger, I love playing with beauty products. I love my foundation, concealer, powders, whatever. They make me feel gorgeous, and they make me look gorgeous. But at the end of the day, I’m just like everyone else; I have acne, oily skin, eye bags, big pores, etc. I think people need to draw the line between only loving the illusion, versus using cosmetics to become not a “version”, but truly, themselves.

  8. Holy bananas Corinne, you said everything. I personally try to accept myself as much as I can and if I wanna change something – I do it for me. In the end, what if I have a huge bum? What if my thighs touch? What if I have a zit?

    I put on make up to enhance the features I like about myself, but not to cover the ones I dislike – that’s a side effect.

    I try to like me as much as I can. I hope everyone reads your post because it’s wonderful. x

  9. I’m really lucky to be in that 10% who are happy with there looks with and without makeup but I’ve not always been that way.
    This was a really inspiring post and you’re very brave for writing it

  10. this was such a strong and powerful post. A few months back another blogger friend challenged me (and all other bloggers) to post a no-makeup picture. And I did and was just fine with it. Since becoming a mom I’ve gotten used to leaving the house with no makeup on more than one occasion, and it is weird….on those days I have so much less confidence!

    Like people are looking right through me, only seeing my flaws.

    The challenge really got me thinking about how far I’ve come but how far I have yet to go. I was just thinking about waking up at 6 am to workout tomorrow!!! One of the best things I ever did for my self condifence growing up was deciding never to buy and or read a teen magazine.

    I never did learn how to apply liquid liner, but I can safely say that I lived a much happier teen life.

    Now if only as an adult I could learn to drown out all the media.

    You are a pretty lady (btw) even without makeup!!

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, real mom street style & life as a North American mom in Italy.

  11. So well said Corrine. I am not a big fan of myself without makeup, but thankfully, I wear really little so I don’t really drastically transform my face. However, when it comes to my body, I’m super lazy and don’t work out at all, drink a lot (at least 4 times a week), eat way more than how slim I look and am also a chain smoker so there is a lot of improvement I need to make in those departments. However, I’m quite okay with my appearance but know that I could look much better if I worked harder.. but then again, Im really lazy!

  12. Great post !
    I don’t like my body… However I am a no makeup except for party !
    See you soon sweetie 🙂

  13. I really like the way you put this! It’s a message that needs to be spread to people. I have to say, at almost 25, I have grown tired of not liking my appearance and you know what, it’s alright. I’m alright, my face is alright (although my nose, I’d alter in a heartbeat, just because I don’t like it personally), I don’t hate my face. Some days I look in the mirror and I think “ergh” but mostly I’m indifferent. I ask myself, “Is this face facing the world today?” Nope. well, then, fuck it.

    I think I was around 22/23 when I really started to feel like this, after a few drastic changes, dying my hair pink, a tattoo and tbh a bf who really does love me and is continually supporting of all the changes I want to make to myself be it a new piercing or wearing red lipstick… that’s what made it for me.

  14. actually, i really prefer not having to put on make-up! hahaha. & on the daily, i kind of only do my eyes & have some lipstick on. i don’t ever wear concealer, powder, foundation, rouge, cc cream, bb cream.. yeah. just, no. plus, living in a humid country.. it’s just not worth it. your skin definitely needs to breeeeathe. again, just my two cents. haha. (there’s still bits about my self/face i would definitely improve if i had the means though!!)

  15. In every part of life we compare ourselves to others and often want to be something that we are not. I say love yourself and be who you are. I spent a considerable amount of my younger years wanting to be someone else, looking and thinking why cant I look like that, be like that. It can become a preoccupation in which you loose little bits of yourself and waste many years of your life that you don’t get back. Something then happened in my life that shifted my perspective. I realised that you get one shot at life, me kind to yourself, love the skin you are in and me nice and supportive to others.

    This may not be popular but many women eat away at other women, trying to make them feel rubbish about themselves so they can feel a bit better about who they are. WHY!!!! If we all said one nice thing a day, give a complement, a smile, do something nice the world would be a nicer place to live.

    I very rarely wear make up only for going out on a night out. Why? Because I may not like every bit of me but there is only one of me and that makes me unique and dare I say a little bit special. If you don’t love yourself who else will. OK rant over. Great post Lucy x

  16. We really must learn to love ourselves, the real us. Not the one we put on with make-up (though many people, me included put makeup on because we find it fun, not because we think we need it or can’t live without it) When I was younger, I didn’t like myself at all, I would cry and cry about how ugly I thought I was, it was really bad. Now I can look in the mirror and love myself, but it took a long time to get there. We have to block out what society and others think of who we are and be the one that says who we are and that we are worthy of love and acceptance. Not enough people do that and it’s really sad. We look to others for acceptance and approval, even to famous people. And it’s terrible. The only person we need to get acceptance from is ourselves and be better than we were the day before. When we love ourselves fully, it’s amazing how better life gets and how better we are able to deal with stuff when negatives do try and find their way to us. xx

  17. great post! i think your writing and comments say it all. I wish the world wasn’t so concerned with this ‘ideal’ of who we should be and look like. 🙁

  18. Everything is said in this one post! amazing really. This is probably my favorite post you’ve ever posted!
    I love it!

  19. I do love myself. I wasn’t always that way. HaHa There are some things I want to work on, but I can happily live with the way they are now. Society places so much pressure on women. It’s criminal.

  20. Great post:) i’m quite comfortable with how i look, and actually prefer to not wear make up. I’m not 100% happy but it’s not something that drags me down that much, I feel awful about myself though like deeper stuff. Which is worse really! Humans are weird 🙁 xo

  21. Lovely food for thought, Corinne. Body image is something I and I suppose all women struggle with daily. It seems the more I want to lose that stubborn stone, the more I turn to food for comfort. The worst thing is seeing celebrities with perfectly good figures being picked apart for going from a size 8 to 12, such an awful message! Xx

  22. It’s a really difficult one. I am someone who is confident about the way they look with and without makeup, but I find even when you feel you’ve struck a balance with that whole thing even confident girls are shamed. I’ve heard people say things like ‘she’s pretty, but she KNOWS it’. Erm what?! Why on earth is that a bad thing?! I don’t understand any of it.

    1. I guess it’s like when the xFactor judges say ‘You don’t know how good you are’ and that makes me a bit WTF. Of course they know they’re good otherwise they wouldn’t audition.

      The world is nuts.

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