nails of the day

Nails of the Day

nails of the day

I’ve never done a nails post before on this here blog, but you know me – I’m all about trying out new shit and blah blah so here is my first ever Nails Of The Day post. AKA – NOTD.

DSC_0196I bought this gold glittery nail varnish from Walgreens in Florida and I love it so much that my heart is probably going to break when it runs out or dries out. I think I’ve used it constantly since I’ve been back. It’s a perfect golden shimmery glitter with rose gold undertones and I LOVE IT IT MATCHES EVERYTHINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

It’s by a brand called Milani and the colour is called Golden Romance. It’s beautiful and I believe only cost around $3.

The orange is by Wet n Wild and is part of their Wild Shine series in shade Blazed. It’s also a Walgreens wonder and set me back a whole dollar.

Wet n Wild is my favourite nail brand since going to ‘merica. Everything is so cheap and the ‘staying power’ and colouring is awesomenesssssseisjogisrgjorsfaeoifgsgjiosrjgoisej. Christine bought a bottle on the first day and I used it and it didn’t chip for around 4 days! I’m on day threeย of this one currently and it’s not chipped yet. Usually my varnish chips with in a few hours.

I have a top coat on too, which is the 3 in 1 base coat, top coat and strengthener by nailgirls that I got in my June Glossybox.

Please don’t laugh at my bent pinky or I’ll punch you in the face. ๐Ÿ™

Nails of the Day Nails of the DayWhat’s your favourite colour to put on your nails?



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