Nails of the Day

I’ve never done a nails post before on this here blog, but you know me – I’m all about trying out new shit and blah…


nails of the day

I’ve never done a nails post before on this here blog, but you know me – I’m all about trying out new shit and blah blah so here is my first ever Nails Of The Day post. AKA – NOTD.

DSC_0196I bought this gold glittery nail varnish from Walgreens in Florida and I love it so much that my heart is probably going to break when it runs out or dries out. I think I’ve used it constantly since I’ve been back. It’s a perfect golden shimmery glitter with rose gold undertones and I LOVE IT IT MATCHES EVERYTHINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

It’s by a brand called Milani and the colour is called Golden Romance. It’s beautiful and I believe only cost around $3.

The orange is by Wet n Wild and is part of their Wild Shine series in shade Blazed. It’s also a Walgreens wonder and set me back a whole dollar.

Wet n Wild is my favourite nail brand since going to ‘merica. Everything is so cheap and the ‘staying power’ and colouring is awesomenesssssseisjogisrgjorsfaeoifgsgjiosrjgoisej. Christine bought a bottle on the first day and I used it and it didn’t chip for around 4 days! I’m on day three of this one currently and it’s not chipped yet. Usually my varnish chips with in a few hours.

I have a top coat on too, which is the 3 in 1 base coat, top coat and strengthener by nailgirls that I got in my June Glossybox.

Please don’t laugh at my bent pinky or I’ll punch you in the face. 🙁

Nails of the Day Nails of the DayWhat’s your favourite colour to put on your nails?




  1. I love having my nails done the peach with the gold is a really lovely colour. I am not that great at doing mine you need a steady pair of hands. Lucy x

  2. I love the colour of these! I usually find myself wearing greens or blues, but haven’t worn much recently as I seem to chip them within moments of getting to work.

  3. They look so good together! Wet N Wild and Milani are cheap but they have EXCELLENT quality. Looks great Corinne.

  4. Your cuticles and the whole painting of your nails in general is very neat. looks nice. It annoys me when bloggers post shots of their nails and they have made a right mess painting all over their fingers too lol. So it made me smile to see yours and how perfect they are. Lovely xx

  5. Cute idea Corrine! I just checked out your what you ate wednesday post and it looks all so yummy. And also, you look amazing in the confessions of a blogger post. the dress is adorable and those shoes are amazing!

  6. Very summery indeed! I can’t paint my nails without a glittery accent! Agh I miss Walgreens so much and CVS! I’ll have to find a way to get back there next time I’m in Florida!

    Sarah 🙂

  7. Lovely colour combo!
    I had a gorgeous WnW polish I picked up in America t’other year and the little madam ‘accidently’ spilled it everywhere – gutted!

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