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Military Jacket from The City Rack

Dress: Ginger Fizz Military Jacket: c/o The City Rack Shoes: ASOS Necklace: c/o OASAP I’ve always wanted to own a military jacket, but I always think…


military jacketDress: Ginger Fizz
Military Jacket: c/o The City Rack
Shoes: ASOS
Necklace: c/o OASAP

military jacket woman

womans military jacketI’ve always wanted to own a military jacket, but I always think I’m just not edgy and stylish enough. I know that it’s a bit of an odd statement to say, being a blogger and all. HAI I DO FASHION BLOG BUT I’M NOT STYLISH LOLZ.

This is why I say ‘personal style blog posts’ and not ‘fashion post’.

What I mean, exactly, is that I’m not really ‘cool’. I’ve never been cool. Not even once in my whole life. I’m way to awkward and creepy. Cool is the last word that you could describe me as. Even if I try really hard to say something smooth, I stutter or say the wrong word or mess up the punch line or fall over or.. you get the picture. I just make an arse of myself. So I just don’t bother. 

Anyway, military jackets are cool and it’s always been the type of clothing I admire from a distance. Like playsuits and those massive shoes with metal spikes on the heals. I like them, but they’re not really me and I would look like massive dick trying to pull them off. 

I’m all about dresses. Floral pretty dresses. Which is what I go for half of the time. Actually, all the time. 

When I got this military jacket from The City Rack, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it. It kind of felt like one of those things I would wear in secret but not actually in public for fear of people looking at me and think ‘Girlfriend she thinks she can pull of that style? Hell no!’

So you can imagine how surprised I was when I put this baby on and it looked like this! I was all LIKE LIKE LIKE RETWEET LIKE in my head.

Now I’m excited for the evenings to get a bit cooler so I wear this.

What trends do you love but are too scared to attempt?



  1. Corinne, love that jacket. Military is one of my faves! Well done girl:) Have a great weekend xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  2. I LOVE that jacket. It totally suites you. So cute. Also love how you paired it with that dress. P.s. those cats on your wall are adorable!


  3. Haha you’ve pretty much summed up the way I feel about 90% of the ‘big’ trends that pop up in the fashion blogosphere; love love love on everyone else, but far too scared to try (see: disco pants, pyjama shorts, studded anything, lilac hair, etc.)! I definitely think you look amazing in this military jacket, though – maybe you should try out styles you’re not sure about more often (maybe we all should!) xx

  4. I am not sure why it took you so long to purchase one of these jackets it looks like it was made for you. Really beautiful and perfect with that dress Lucy x

  5. i do so love this look & i’ve never been cool either. even now. AWKWARD CREEPY ODDBALL DORKS UNITE! /highfive

  6. Those go so well together! Love your fashion choice by the way! Thank for reading my blog too 🙂

  7. I’m awkward but I would totally describe myself as cool!. You rocked that jacket 🙂 and I love the dress

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