leeds 10k

Leeds 10k

leeds 10k medal

On Sunday, I participated in Leeds 10k race. It’s the second one I’ve ran to date, I also ran Bradford 10k in back in March.

The race started at 9:30am, so we got there for just before 9am. Imagine thousands of people all stretching, pinning their bibs on and getting their earphones ready. Around 10 thousand people participated. We very slowly made our way to near the starting point and it seemed to take ages to cross the line. By the time we crossed the start line, there was already 11 minutes on the clock! That’s how many people were running it. 

The first 2km were painful, I’ve had some issue with my right foot, ankle and shin over the past few months and it started playing up. I was really struggling but thankfully it stopped hurting after a while so I just kept going.

It was SO hot too, I believe 24C by the time we got to the finish line! There were people passing out, ambulances everywhere and poeple in the recovery position. Near the end, people started to walk up the final hill. I pushed on through and managed to keep jogging which I was proud of as I started to feel really hot and dizzy. I finished it in 1hr 14 minutes. I was a bit disappointed with that time as I finished the Bradford 10k in 1hr 13 minutes and wish I had pushed myself a little harder.

I’m going to run the next 10k which is in November and really work on my speed on that one. I’m good at running for a decent amount of time, but I really struggle with my speed. Time to get some short sprints in and hill training!

After the run, we walked 3 miles back to my house.

I had booked the day off work, so I went to Morrisons and ate massive salad for recovery.

When I say I ate a salad, I don’t mean any of that pussy shit like a bit of lettuce and cucumber. I eat MAN SALADS.

OLIVES and CHEESE and COUSCOUS and EVERYTHING AWESOME. I could hardly finish it.

I had some yogurt with dried fruit a bit later too. Nom nom nom. 

One think I am working on is to not restrict my calories, but just make healthy choices. and to run hard. 

Despite feeling like I could have pushed myself a little harder, both in training and on the day, I’m still proud of myself for taking part in a wonderful event. There’s nothing like running amongst thousands of others, reading what their t-shirts say, which charities they are supporting, which member of their family they are running in memory of, people dressed up. 

The Bradford 10k was a lot smaller and seemed to have more ‘serious’ runners, whereas this one had a greater mix. There were people completing it in amazing times, people running, people jogging. Some people walked some of the way, some walked all of the way. Some people did it in wheelchairs, some people push other people in wheel chairs. 

Crossing the finish line with people cheering you on is amazing. Even if you don’t know them. 

What inspiring things have you done lately?

leeds 10k

leeds 10kleeds 10khealthy saladDSC_016910k medal


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