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#socialbloggers 23 – Keeping Content Flowing

WOOO 23rd #socialbloggers chat HELLO! 23 is almost 26. And 26 is six months. SIX MONTHS WHHHAAAATTTT. Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we? On…


how to keep the content flowing

WOOO 23rd #socialbloggers chat HELLO! 23 is almost 26. And 26 is six months. SIX MONTHS WHHHAAAATTTT.

Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we? On Saturday we focused the chat around how to keep the content flowing. From how you come up with fresh ideas and how you organise them, to what you do when you feel demotivated to blog.

I’m quite lucky in that I have many idea for my blog. The struggle for me comes with having the time to write the posts and being able to take the photos I need. I can’t always get into the living room to take photos if a housemate is home so I sometimes have to quickly change my schedule. Also, I don’t always have the time to write the posts as some of the ideas I have do require me to do some research.

What I tend to do is use the Calendar app on my Mac, as it syncs up with my Macbook, iPads and iPhone. I’ll usually put in any posts that I need to posts and then fill in the spaces around that. I can have anywhere from a weeks to 4 weeks posts planned in advance. I will move them around if I need, but at least I know what I’ve got planned. I then plan when I’m going to take the photos and write the post around my work schedule and do try to get the photos uploaded as a draft and half write posts in advance.

I also use the ‘Notes’ app on my Mac which also automatically syncs up to my Macbook. On this, I have a lists of post ideas, also lists of the #socialbloggers questions and various other notes. I’ll delete something out of the list when I’ve wrote it and will look at it if I’m feeling stumped.

If I feel demoted, then I read this post about what to do when you’re in a blog slump 😉

Q1: How do you come up with ideas for blog posts? #socialbloggers



Q2: Do you plan posts in advance? #socialbloggers

Q3: How do you prevent yourself and blog becoming stale and predictable? #socialbloggers

Q4: What do you do if you’re struggling for fresh ideas? #socialbloggers

Q5: What spurs you on when you’re feeling demotivated?

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  1. I usually get inspiration from anywhere. If I feel like there is nothing to blog about, I just go for a walk or go do something and a topic pops in my head. I think if you try too hard for a topic, it’s harder to find one. And creating one different from everyone else helps too. xx

  2. This was great! I just started a blog about six weeks ago, wanting to document life and leave something behind for my littles, unfortunately other bloggers made it look to easy, it really is quite difficult and a lot of time goes into planning, so this was so helpful, I definately need to start getting ready in advance! Thanks for the advice!

  3. Absolutely love the theme of your blog! This post was very usefula nd incredibly informative! Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog! I am now following you to keep in touch with your recent updates!

  4. I really loved this post! Somedays I have a ton of ideas running through my head. Other times I can’t find any!

  5. So many good pointers that I could have done with a few weeks ago. I find that as soon as an idea comes into my head, I write a post and as soon as the post stops flowing, I just leave it a a draft and go back to it.

  6. Didnt even know about this chat will definitely have to try and make future chats. Thanks for sharing.
    Jen x

  7. Everyone here is definitely more organized than I am. I had no schedule or plan earlier but now have nights when I get bursts of creativity and end up planning about 5-10 posts in a go and then just name them all and keep them as drafts so that I dont forget the topics. Then I just pick one at a time and write the content and add photos and post 🙂

  8. A good chat, surprised how many people write content in advance I am always playing catch up and finding any time to write is a challenge. But being organised is clearly the way forward Lucy x

  9. I have so many topics and ideas, but I never have time to write them. I’m away for the Summer so that really is making me blog less. I usually write all my ideas in the notes section of my phone.

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