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#socialbloggers 21 – How to Write a Sponsored Post

Hello everyone. Another round up of the weekly #socialbloggers chat. This was week 21 and we spoke about how to write a sponsored post. We…


how to write a sponsored post

Hello everyone. Another round up of the weekly #socialbloggers chat. This was week 21 and we spoke about how to write a sponsored post.

We touched on reasons for declining them and how to approach them.

It was interesting to hear that some bloggers have been approached about promoting products that have nothing to do with their blogs. I’ve been approached by companies outside of my niche a few times, I think the most bizarre one was when I was asked to write a post promoting dental equipment. When I say dental equipment, I don’t mean whitening tooth paste and electric tooth brushes. I’m talking about equipment a dentist would buy. Like, dentist chairs, things to do moulds, those massive lights they have to look into your mouth, drills… I have no idea why they would think I would be interested in promoting things like that. I’m not aware of any of my blog readers being a dentist.

I have to be honest and say when doing reviews, or sponsored posts, I am probably more likely to take more care and put in a little more effort when writing them. I want to give an accurate portrayal of the product or website and make sure I write the best I can. It’s also a great opportunity to make connections with PRs for future work. That being said, I do keep reviews honest and will try to give both positive and negative aspects of a product.

When you first embark upon sponsored posts, or review posts, it can be a little nerve racking. I remember the first two and being really nervous that they wouldn’t like the post, or that I would do it wrong. It’s like anything new really, it might make you a little anxious, but a few nerves are normal and healthy and the more experience you have, the easier it is.

I’ll write a post with my top tips on how to write a sponsored post soon, but for now, read this post to see when you should say no to sponsored posts. 

How to Write a Sponsored Posts – The Chat

Q1. Have you got experience with sponsored posts? What type? #socialbloggers


Q2. Have you ever declined a sponsored post? Why? #socialbloggers

Q3. Do you treat sponsored posts differently to normal posts? #socialbloggers

Q4. What are the pro’s and con’s to sponsored posts? #socialbloggers  

Q5. What’s your top tip to give someone who’s never written a sponsored post before? #socialbloggers



  1. I turn sponsored posts down if they’re not interesting, or relevant to my blog. I’ve had a few companies and people asking for me to post, or if they can post, with no incentive for me, or benefit to my readers! Bizarre. xx

  2. I’m about to do my first sponsored post, thanks for the tips!

  3. I never would write post which had nothing to do with my blog. I wouldn´t know what to say about it. I was astonished about your anecdote with the dental equipment.Kisses, Corinne 🙂

  4. I love these tips! Thank you so much. I had a good laugh about your dental story as well. So weird haha!

  5. Nice roundup. Dentist equipment? What were they thinking?! I’ve recently been approached by a brand who wanted me to post something they’ve produced themselves and it included mens fashion. I just didn’t reply in the end! They even said it would be a good fit for my blog. I really didn’t think so :/

    Yazmin xx

  6. Great summary and a brilliant chat. I will only consider products if they are a good fit to my blog and I genuinely enjoy what they do. Otherwise the post is boring and isn’t genuine. It is also a challenge to write about something that was totally rubbish. Quality posts always win over freebies and sponsored posts. Hope your having a fun week Lucy x

  7. Hi Corinne! I wanted to tell you that I nominated you for The Sunflower Award because you are always supporting me on my blog 😀

    Have a great day! J x

  8. I do a lot of sponsored posts. I always try and pick products I think I would like. Some however have been disappointing, but you can always give your opinions in a tasteful way.

  9. Brilliant post! Some great opinions and comments!
    I would buy a dentist chair off your blog 😉 haha! Xxx

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