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#socialbloggers 20 – How to Edit Blog Photos

The 20th #socialbloggers! This means we’ve now had 20 hours of fantastic chatter all about how to better our blogs, sharing tips and asking questions….


how to edit blog photos

The 20th #socialbloggers! This means we’ve now had 20 hours of fantastic chatter all about how to better our blogs, sharing tips and asking questions. Each chat has really shown me how to improve my own blog and many others have also found the twitter chat helpful. Don’t forget to check the #socialbloggers tag to see the rest of the posts in this series – I post round-ups every monday.

This weeks was a little complicated for me, as we were having a baby shower at our house for my friend. I am the photographer for all things Flip (Flip = the baby) so I was trying to take photos while keeping up with the Twitter chat – I’m an extreme multi-tasker, see. 

Last week we spoke about photography and shared some tips with each other, so thought it would be a fantastic idea to talk about how we edit blog photos and the tools we use to do so. I did lose most of the comments, as it when I was moving over from Blogger to WordPress and had to reinstall everything again on Monday evening, so lost the comments that were left before that! Boo. So pop over to last week’s post and add your opinion! 

I was quite surprised how many different programs there are to edit blog photos. I use Picmonkey and iPhoto for mine, but after this Saturdays chat, there are so many more programs that I would like to try out! If there are any that you use and aren’t mentioned, then please tell me about them below. I’d love to know what everyone else uses!

I personally don’t edit photos that much. I may change the brightness or contract on some if they are a little dark, then I’ll edit any text or add filters in Picmonkey – mainly for the intro picture. I don’t like my photos to look over edited, although I did go through a phase where I loved the look of over edited photos – but tastes and trends change with time! I think people need to remember that it’s okay to be different with photos! As long as they are not out of focus and you can see what you are meant to see, don’t be afraid to add your personality into them too.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask them below! I have some ideas for some posts I would like to write about blog photos, so would love any questions to sink my teeth into!

My top tips for editing blog photos.

  • Ensure to resize in a photo editor, rather than uploading the full size and resizing inside Blogger/Wordpress,this will help your page load time.
  • Don’t distort the colour if it’s a review of a product.
  • Play around with levels and saturation to get the photos you want.
  • Look at your favourite blogs and see what makes you like their photos so much.
  • Crop out anything that may be a distraction from the focal point.

With that said, let’s move onto the chat!

Q1 – How do you edit your photos? #socialbloggers

Q2 – What software do you use to edit your photos? #socialbloggers

Q3 – Do you prefer photos that look edited, or natural? #socialbloggers

Q4 – What’s your top tip for editing photos? #socialbloggers


What are your top tips for photo editing?



  1. Great topic this week! Was so sorry I had to miss it, won’t be there this Saturday either 🙁 can’t wait to get chatting to you girls again <3 xx

  2. Lightroom seems to be amazing for editing photos, I’ve seen it at a Blogger Conference once. Unfortunately i can’t afford it but I’m also pretty happy with my old Photoshop version and sometimes I use too.
    Thanks for this post, very interesting because i didn’t know how many programmes there are!

    1. I keep hearing about Lightroom, I’ll have to check it out although I’d have to say I’ve been pretty impressed with the free online editors I’ve learnt of from this chat, so might not even need to spend any money =)

  3. Super tips and ideas :)) I just use photoshop, but I try not to edit them too much, unless it’s on purpose 🙂 x

  4. I love your #socialbloggers posts! I use Photoshop – it’s great for fixing all the basics, and adjusting levels when photos are too dark.

    1. Thanks, glad you like the roundups! I used to be so good on photoshop and did photominaps a lot when I was younger, don’t think I’d have a clue now though!

  5. I’m definitely guilty of not editing my photos. ever. Most of the time it looks okay, but at certain locations, editing would have definitely been handy. I’m going to try out Pic Monkey because that’s what the majority seems to use!

    1. I never used to really edit photos, now I mainly just up brightness of contrast to give them a bit more of an ‘airy’ feel if they’re a bit dull.

  6. It’s so cool to hear not only your tips but everyone else’s. Really true about lightroom, it’s a pretty amazing program 🙂

  7. Great tip about resizing in editing software, I didn’t know this. I have started to use picmonkey, I was very impressed with my efforts even though it was something simple. 😀

  8. Well done on 20 hours of really wonderful chat. How I wish I had read this when I started I spent ages making mistakes but I guess that is how you learn. Corrine how you finding WordPress? What made you change. You can direct message me if you want just interested Lucy x

  9. Hey Corinne, long time no hear. Sorry been very busy. Thanks for sharing these helpful ideas. Dont edit that much either because I dont have a smartphone and want to limit time spend on the computer and online. xo Sabina

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