July Degustabox Review

July Degustabox Review


July Degustabox Review

Hello Degustabox, you nommy thing, you!

I’m here to present you with July’s box, which I was kindly sent to review.

This month, Degustabox has done something a little different and offered two slightly different boxes. One that contains alcohol and one that doesn’t. This isn’t something that they are going to be doing every month, but I thought it was a nice twist as usually these monthly subscriptions boxes are pretty much set in regards to what items you get. You may receive multiple samples of some items in various flavours, but apart from that, they’re pretty much the same.

I was sent the samples from both boxes to share with you.

When I say samples, Degustabox only actually sends out full sized products that are actually sold at supermarkets, not a few full sized items and then a few tiny samples like in most monthly subscription boxes. Every item is full sized, which I really like.

Each full-sized sample gives you the chance to try something new from a variety of brands. It’s perfect for bloggers as it can give you some great inspiration for food posts. I’ve made many items using the things in my Degustabox and created a blog post about of it. Hurrah for content!

Find out more about Degustabox here.

July Degustabox Review.

I was ecstatic when I saw the e-mail letting me know that my Degustabox would be delivered yesterday, as I wasn’t working. If you think there’s nothing worse than missing a parcel, try and cope with the feeling of missing a parcel that is full of food. Surprise food. Surprise food that you can’t get to because it’s trapped all alone in some sorting office in the centre of Leeds. Sadface.

dr oetker eton mess, dr oetker violet cystals

Dr Oetker Eton Mess + Violet Crystals.

I’m getting quite the collection of Dr Oetker products, which is fine by me because at my new job, we have to make cakes and sweet treats on a Friday.

These are both decorations to sprinkle on top of desserts for a bit of extra fun.

The Eton Mess is a mixture of freeze dried strawberry pieces and meringue and the Violet Crystals are purple surgery chunks with a slight violet taste. They’re both perfect for adding to cakes, ice cream and desserts.

Eton Mess: £1.99
Violet Crystals: £1.29

portlebay popcorn

Portlebay Popcorn – Kracklecorn.

I remembered when all you got was toffee, salted or sweet popcorn. The end.

Now, you can get so many flavours in supermarkets. Actually, more than you can fit on the self (#StockControlManagerProblems)! Portlebay Popcorn comes from Devon and is in a variety of flavours. I was sent Chilli & Lime, Salted and Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup to try.

They’re great for a lighter version of crisps and you can pick them up in single servings of 25g.

79p per pack.


Green & Blacks Lemon Bar

Green & Black’s Lemon Bar.

Chocolate and lemon. What. WHAT? This is a citrus infused dark chocolate giving a zesty lemon flavour mixed with rich dark chocolate. Nom.

£2.29 each.


zeo drinks


Zeo Drinks.

These Zeo Drinks are said to give a tingling sensation when you drink them. Great for summer refreshments and they come in three flavours: Crush (citrus), Zest (lime) and Burst (peach and grapefruit).

£1.29 each.

maggi so juicy

Maggi So Baked & So Juicy. 

I got 6 sachets from Maggi. I’ve seen these at work and they get requested by customers a lot. They are packets of herbs and spices that help you make delicious dishes.

I got:

  • Peri Peri chicken
  • Cheesy Chicken & Leek Pasta Bake
  • Beef & Ale Casserole
  • Oriental Soy & Garlic Chicken.

They retail for around 79p.

hornsby's blueberry cidre


Hornsby’s Blueberry Cider (alcoholic Degustabox only)

Oh, Degustabox, you’re turning me into a Cider monster! I’m usually a wine-o but I’ve been trying out lovely fruit ciders since receiving various ones in previous Degustaboxes. Blueberry is a flavour I’ve yet to try, so this is exciting!

£1.25 each.

frank honest snacking

Frank Honest Snacking (non-alcoholic Degustabox Only)

This is a gluten, nut and dairy free snack bar made with all natural ingredients. It’s available in 5 flavours:

  • Blueberry
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Oat
  • Double Chocolate

85p each.

the berry company black tea

The Berry Company Special Tea (non-alcoholic Degustabox only)

The Berry Company produces a lovely range of delicious and nutritious juices and fruit flavoured teas. I was sent this Elderflower black tea to try.

£1.49 each.

July Degustabox ReviewSo that’s my July Degustabox Review. You can get your own box for £3 off with my discount code:

Degustabox Discount Code: 9N99U

What item from the July Degustabox would you like to try the most?

july degustabox review


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