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#socialbloggers 18 – writing a blog pitch

The 18th #socialbloggers chat on Saturday evening was around writing a blog pitch.    You might want to write a blog pitch for several different circumstances. For…

write a blog pitch
The 18th #socialbloggers chat on Saturday evening was around writing a blog pitch. 
You might want to write a blog pitch for several different circumstances. For example:
  • Replying to a request for bloggers you’ve seen on Twitter.
  • Applying for a campaign you’ve seen advertised online.
  • Contacting a brand to ask for products to review or sponsorship.
  • Requesting to host a giveaway on your blog.
  • Contacting a blogger asking to guest post on their blog, or inviting them to guest post on yours.
  • Any other reason you may want to collaborating with a brand or blogger.

What gets in the way of approaching PRs?

It’s pretty obvious from this chat, and other chats (now I’m thinking about French cats :/) that the two main reasons bloggers are scared to apply for opportunities or reach out and request items are two reasons:
  • They think their blog is not big enough.
  • They are scared of rejection.
These are pretty valid fears! We all go through them and we all have self doubts in many aspects of our life. They’ll always be bloggers bigger than you and they’ll always be bloggers smaller than you. You’ll also probably always feel like you want to improve in some way, which is healthy and normal. Blogging is a constant process of growing and learning. Nobody ever says ‘right, I’ve got 500 now, that was my goal and I’m done’. You raise your goals and try to achieve them.
Oh look, Corinne went off topic again.
My point is that I’ve seen bloggers review items with very different stats. I started reviewing items when I had around 250 blog followers. I find that interaction on social media and comments is a very important factor as it really gives a sense of how engaging your blog is. Also the quality of your content. 
I know I’d prefer to give my product to a blogger with 200 followers but 40 comments on each post, than one with 2000 followers but no more than 10 comments on each post. 
In terms of rejection, I’ve never heard of a blogger get a nasty reply. I think the majority get ignored or a simple ‘sorry but we have no items to review at the moment’ type of post. 
Don’t mistake this for me saying that you should go around asking for free things for the sake of it. You need to add true value to the brand and I find having an idea already that you can talk about in your pitch helps – for example, if you’re doing a project on finding the best high street mascara by reviewing some in a series, you may want to ask for a mascara so you can include it in your project. 
I drafted a blog post while I was on the plane to Florida last month about how to write a blog pitch, including what I send across and some do’s and don’t.
You can view that post here: How to write a Blog Pitch.
For now, enjoy the chat and please feel free to leave your opinions, tips and questions below in the comments.

Q1 – Have you even contacted a company about reviewing a product.

@bloggerforums Q1 I’ve contacted 1 company & they said yes! Looking to reach out to more but not sure what to write #socilabloggers
— JustJulie (@JustJulie81) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums Not yet. I feel like my blog is so small no company would be interested in having me review their product #socialbloggers
— Sally (@Wheelingalong24) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums no, I don’t know how. I don’t want to seem unprofessional. And I’m a bit terrified. #socialbloggers
— Lilly ?? (@heyhellolilly) June 21, 2014

@CachooJoo @bloggerforums That means you have an even wider range of brands who may be interested! #socialbloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) June 21, 2014


@bloggerforums I have been blogging nearly 2 years but don’t really know anything about PR samples #socialbloggers
— Laura O (@LollyLovesx) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums Yes and they said yes but they put the tweet out for reviewers
— Nicole Ranger (@Nikki_Ranger) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums #socialbloggers I’ve never contacted a company before or done anything like this so I’ll have to read and learn tonight!
— The Clumsy Beauty (@theclumsybeauty) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums I did when a group of us were going on a holiday but not just for myself #socialbloggers
— Married to a Geek (@MarriedtoaGeek1) June 21, 2014

A1 Nope, I’ve never contacted anyone – I don’t feel established enough #socialbloggers
— PeacockBeauty (@Gwenayfer) June 21, 2014

Q2 – What are the barriers to asking for a product to review?

@bloggerforums I think that im too new a blog to get anything! #socialbloggers
— Emily (@emyleyblog) June 21, 2014


@bloggerforums knowing who to contact & 2nd guessing if a brand would be interested/whether your stats are ‘enough’ #socialbloggers
— Sally (@Wheelingalong24) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums It needs to be mutually beneficial. If it doesn’t benefit the brand, why should they bother? #socialbloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) June 21, 2014

@heyhellolilly @bloggerforums also imagery – getting great shots that grab attention can be tough
— MissKLemare (@VeryChicGeek) June 21, 2014


@bloggerforums Oooh I wouldn’t – I’d feel way too cheeky! #socialbloggers
— Married to a Geek (@MarriedtoaGeek1) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums biggest barrier is probably the fear of rejection and being labelled as a ‘freebie hunter’ #socialbloggers
— Kal (@ClutteredC) June 21, 2014

Q3 – What info should you include in a blog pitch?

@bloggerforums this is a great question, I’m keen to see the answers! #socialbloggers
— Kelly FlatEleven (@KellyFlatEleven) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums Stats, definitely. Why you’re pitching. Being very specific. In book blogging you need to give the ISBN #. #socialbloggers
— Kelsey G. (@StyleMeGone) June 21, 2014

I like to include previous similar posts so they can see my writing and photo style #socialbloggers
— Corinne (@bloggerforums) June 21, 2014

Q4 – Share your positive/negative experiences of reaching out to a brand. 

@bloggerforums Having no respond from them. Awkward.. #socialbloggers
— Lilly ?? (@heyhellolilly) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums @heyhellolilly quietly slope off into the distance.. haha #socialbloggers
— Laura (@lisforladybird) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums yeah.. Obviously, ‘no’ is much more devastating. #socialbloggers
— Lilly ?? (@heyhellolilly) June 21, 2014

@bloggerforums I was invited to an event which had no wheelchair access….the pr ppl were lovely though & sent me freebies


  1. I think this has been so helpful, I have 49 followers so far and am hoping my blog will grow, I have seen blogs at 30 and 40 followers still get sent things to review so I still have no idea about the whole to small theory. I believe its helpful having an active community. I’m still getting to grips with Twitter myself! lol

  2. I contact brands, networks like the blogger programme are such help. I have worked with several brands from that website!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. I agree with this post 100% sometimes company want a review for free like we are welcome mats is not right I know you tube guru gets everything and pay sometimes even trips while bloggers are more detail in presenting their products and they get nothing except maybe one item that is okay. Bloggers need to evaluate how they present themselves without them company will have to paid for advertising,

    1. Some do want things for free and it’s important to decide whether it will be worth it for you to do the work for free, sometimes it’s good content or you might want some new ideas and things to post if you are in a slump!

  4. Awesome post – I too sometimes struggle with how to professionally and successfully reach out (so am gathering as much data as possible first, haha). Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.

  5. Ooh everything above is true. It depends what you want to get out of blogging. I am not sure that freebies equals you have made it. If you have a genuine idea of how you can benifit a brand and they are a good fit to your interests brilliant. I haven’t ever approached pr companies but if the right need arose I would. Size isn’t everything I agree with Corinne quality and engagement with followers means more. Lucy x

    1. I think there are many ways to define whether you’ve ‘made it’ and I think it’s important that each blogger makes up their own goals and tries to not compare themselves to others as much, as there are so many blogs of various topics and levels!

  6. I just made a review of Firmoo glasses last year but I was tired they asked me to do a lot of post about their glasses and I decided to end up with collaborations. Now I just write about the products I try without any intention, just to give my opinion about them. Kisses, Corinne 🙂

  7. It really is very useful!

    How nice your blog, I’ll be coming back here!


  8. Well this is one area of blogging that I am not afraid off..
    When I was new I was bit shy to reach out to bloggers but then I thought what can’t be the worst outcome, they will say no , so want its no already.
    If I like a product and feel it can add values to my blog and benifit brand I reach out to them. Not every time I get positive reply but that’s ok
    Nasty replies, I get so many people making me wanted to get work out of me but don’t want spend anything, treat us like shit. Now I have started giving them answers in the langue they understand
    Keep in touch

    1. Yeah, it can be frustrated when they contact you to write a post for nothing in return! Trouble is too many bloggers will do it for free so they’ll always expect it for free. Sometimes when you’re new to blogging or if you’re running out of ideas for blog posts, it might be beneficial to do it for nothing.

  9. This is such a helpful post. I don’t think my blog is big enough to reach out to companies yet so I spend time networking and interacting with other blogs. When I reach 100 followers or start getting more feedback on my posts, then I will start reaching out to local companies and small businesses! That’s the game plan anyway. 🙂 For me, it isn’t all about freebies or promotions. I just love to blog.


  10. I had like 40 followers when I was asked to review for eshakti and sent a dress of choice (post/review going up tomorrow). I reached out to Mall of Style after a giveaway I won and I have drafted an e-mail to Oaseop, I don’t care how many followers I have for now, more would be great but I am putting myself out there. I am about to do a campaign post next week when approached. Lovely post once again Corienne.

  11. This is very interesting! I don’t pitch much anymore, but it is something I think about doing again.

  12. This is so true! I’m a little bit scared of reaching out to companies and yeah like you said, I feel like my blog is to small to start doing that but guess what!!?? Today I got approached for the first time to review a product! I’m so excited!!!!!! 🙂 It is not a big company or anything but the fact that someone noticed me makes me smile! Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this post, I can’t wait to read your tips 🙂 XOXO


  13. Wow such an informing post! I have never reached out to a brand although a brand did reach out to me recently. I probably won’t accept as I want to grow my numbers first. But hopefully in the future!:)

  14. Corinne, your posts about blogging are always so insightful and helpful. Always enjoy reading them!

  15. very helpful post .I was a little bit unsure when to start contacting people, but I was hoping around the 200 mark, but hopefully there will be some positive replies

    Gaby x

  16. My weekends have been so full so far with summer fun I’ve missed chat which makes me the more grateful for when you do these recaps! I love seeing and reading up on what it was I missed soooo thank you!

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