#socialbloggers 16 – Why start a blog?

Wow, #socialbloggers 16 happened and it was a busy one! There were loads new people jumping in the conversation! We were talking about reasons for…


Wow, #socialbloggers 16 happened and it was a busy one! There were loads new people jumping in the conversation!

We were talking about reasons for blogging, if they’ve changed and how people have grown since starting blogging. 

It was so lovely to hear that blogging has built up a lot of peoples confidence due to the blogging community being so accepting. I’ve heard whispers about something that happened on a forum lately that wasn’t nice, but I don’t really know much about it and don’t really care to. I really want blogging to be a positive experience for me and it has been so far. 

I surround myself with positive bloggers and love how accepting everyone has been.

What about my answers? Well, I started blogging because my friend did and I was intrigued. I’ve had blogs in the past, but nothing like this and I really loved the community. It has turned into something so much more. It’s so addictive and it just makes sense to me. I’ve ALWAYS been very present on the internet. YouTube, forums and websites.. I feel like this is such a better use of my time as I’m actually creating something, rather than just wasting my time. I’ve learnt so much since the start of blogging, I really enjoy the technical side too, which is why I started this chat as well as writing tips about blogging. 

Blogging is probably the healthiest obsession and addition I’ve had.

Okay, on to the chat!

Q1 Why and when did you start blogging? #socialbloggers
@bloggerforums started in feb.. Because I’ve been reading blogs for years and wanted to share my love for beauty #socialbloggers
— Nicola. (@nicolabishblog) June 7, 2014

@bloggerforums I started almost two years ago now, so quite a while back #socialbloggers
— Laura Seed (@lisforladybird) June 7, 2014

@bloggerforums and I started because I’d been reading for a while and watching YouTube and I wanted to join in! #socialbloggers
— Laura Seed (@lisforladybird) June 7, 2014

@bloggerforums More regularly: December 31st – a New Years resolution to write more haha seems to have worked!


  1. I really enjoyed the latest chat, it was absolutely buzzing. It’s nice to remember what made you start at the beginning and why others did x


  2. These were marvellous, surrounding yourself with positive bloggers is a great thing!! Makes blogging a lot better xx

  3. Hello Corinne! I agree with your philosophy. I like surround myself with other positive bloggers like you and I respect everyone. I also consider blogging a healthy addiction. I love watching and reading blogs and that was one of my reasons to became a blogger. Kisses:)

  4. I also try to surround myself with positive bloggers. It’s nice to meet a kind caring person on the internet because there’s usually so much hate. I really enjoyed this post and have a quick question, is anyone allowed to join this discussion and what time does it usually go on?
    –  ßerry ♥ Stylish |Sierra Calah  

  5. Nice blog!


  6. Great chat again this week! So upset I missed the first 35 mins 🙁 Have been so busy all week with exams! Looking forward to this weeks chat already!! xx


  7. I love this series of chat, i almost have followed all of them, i am a member of forum too but it seems but i really don’t know why I don’t attend there regularly.


  8. Great blogger chat. Many of the reasons I started blogging are written above. I like the fact that the community is so supportive it is very rare that people are willing to encourage, help and want the best for you but the blogging community are really positive which I love Lucy x

  9. Awww, I missed this week and now after finally reading the round up I’m sad because it was a great chat! I started blogging a year and a half ago because I’d got into reading a lot of other blogs and wanted to try it for myself. Originally it was purely about beauty but I’ve expanded a little bit and I love it! My reasons for blogging haven’t changed, I simply enjoy it 🙂


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