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#socialbloggers 15 – Going Holiday and Your Blog

Hurrah! After 3 weeks away due to my holiday in Florida, #socialbloggers was back on Saturday! It was a quiet one, which is to expected…


Hurrah! After 3 weeks away due to my holiday in Florida, #socialbloggers was back on Saturday! It was a quiet one, which is to expected after 3 weeks of no chat, but it was nice to see some new faces!

We spoke about going on holiday and what to do with your blog while away. I thought the topic fitting.

As most of you know, I was on holiday in May. I’ve been blogging daily for the past 3 months and the thought of not posting everyday while I was away was giving me a lot of anxiety! So I started planning my time and writing posts to schedule. By the time my holiday came around, I had 15 posts written and scheduled for every single day while I was away, so I didn’t have to worry about the blog.

I also scheduled a couple of posts in Twitter every day and the forums. 

I knew I would have internet at the hotel, but I didn’t want to be worried about when I’d be able write posts, although it would have been fantastic to write about my holiday in real time

This also meant that any internet time I did have, I was able to keep up with your blogs. I managed to visit blogs and keep up with comments almost every day while I was away! 

What do you do when you’re on holiday? To post or not to post, that is zee question!

Q1 Are you going on holiday this summer? Where are you going? #socialbloggers

@bloggerforums A1 I’m going to Turkey next Saturday for a week! Yay! #socialbloggers
— Lazy Days Beauty (@LazyDaysBeauty) May 31, 2014

@bloggerforums sadly not! I have to pay for college and I cant afford it! I am taking a trip to dublin though for a concert #socialbloggers
— Ambe? ? (@AmbiiSmiley) May 31, 2014

@bloggerforums a1. I’m about to leave my holiday 🙁 Wahhh #socialbloggers
— India Benjamin (@IndiaBenjamin) May 31, 2014

@bloggerforums @LazyDaysBeauty I’m going to Portugal in August can’t wait 😀
— Lulabelloves (@lulabelloves) May 31, 2014

@bloggerforums I’m not going away this summer, or at least nothing at the moment, might turn all spontaneous hey?! #socialbloggers
— Laura (@lisforladybird) May 31, 2014

Q2 What are you going to (or would) do with your blog while away? #socialbloggers

@bloggerforums I’d probably get some guest bloggers in or do a massive scheduling session
— LilacGhosts (@LilacGhosts1990) May 31, 2014

@bloggerforums pre scheduled I think, but the odd guest post is nice too #socialbloggers
— Laura (@lisforladybird) May 31, 2014

#socialbloggers In general though, I think if you’re on vacay, it’s good to have a few guest posts but honestly… don’t worry about it!
— Michelle (@ellipsis_life) May 31, 2014

@lisforladybird @bloggerforums a little mix sounds kind of nice but sometimes guest posts are hard to coordinate #socialbloggers
— PeacockBeauty (@Gwenayfer) May 31, 2014

Q3 Do you think it’s important to keep publishing content while away? #socailbloggers

@bloggerforums A3: I don’t think I would do a post until I got back BUT would probably keep Twitter up & going


  1. Hi Corinne, welcome back, hope you had a wonderful trip. This was really helpful as I plan on going on vacation in a few months. Honestly for me a vacation means getting away from everything, including technology so I don’t think Id post during that time. Thanks so much for stopping by, wishing you positivity in your week ahead!

  2. Hello from Spain: it is a very interesting topic. You did a great job on your vacation. I try not to leave the blog more than 3 days. Keep in touch

  3. I hope you’ve enjoyed your holiday! Isn’t it a shame what happens when you take a bit of time to yourself! lol.. I always seem to miss these lovely chats. (:

  4. I’m going on my holls in a few weeks, I’ve been debating doing scheduled posts. I don’t think I would post whist away but scheduled posts are such a great alternative. This post really helped me a lot x
    Thanks x

  5. Hats off to you for being so organised. When I am on holiday I don’t visit my blog hardly as we are too busy enjoying the sunshine:)

  6. Ooh, this is very interesting! I always plan to schedule posts while I’m away but I usually run out of time. I’m not a very regular blogger though. I’m trying to get better at posting regularly but I tend to go through phases of lots of posting then burn out and don’t do much for a while! I like the idea od scheduling tweets too, I’ve never done that. Thanks for the ideas! x

  7. I pre post and use hootsuite to schedule posts. But you even showed up on my blog which I totally appreciate. Thats the way to do it Corinne:) xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  8. This is one I would struggle with. Creating posts in advance would be a challenge, I aldi can’t ge the automated post tool to work on my blog which is a pain Lucy x

  9. Ahh I missed this one as well, seems I miss all of the best! I don’t think it’s possible to take a break from blogging or social media because even if you dont personally have a computer or phone on you, social media is everywhere! As for blogging, definitely not because I’m always thinking of ideas and making lists in my head or on my phone of blogs to read, posts to write, things to buy (or 9 times out of 10 add to a wish list). If I were to go away I think I’d schedule a few posts and keep up with Twitter, even without wifi there is always 3G 😉

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