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Mr Nutcase – Personalised Phone Cases

Hi, my name is Corinne and I am an emotional train wreck. Please look away.   So, I went to Florida. Which we all know…

Mr Nutcase Phones case
Hi, my name is Corinne and I am an emotional train wreck. Please look away.
So, I went to Florida. Which we all know about, because I’m all like BLAH BLAH BLAH FLORIDAY. One evening we watched the fireworks and light show at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It was the best 30 minutes of my whole life. I have never seen ANYTHING like it. I cried, like, most of the time. They say Disneyworld is the place where dreams come true. And they mean it. They make everything seem so magical. 
This wasn’t just a firework show. It was an emotional roller coaster through dreams, hope and all the familiar voices and songs you grow up with in Disney films.
At the end of the firework show, they did a huge finale and I was literally left with my mouth WIDE open. I didn’t know what had hit me. I wasn’t ready to talk about it for a day or so because it was so overwhelmingly amazing. I’m not even joking you. I tried to talk about it on the way home but just wanted to cry.
I managed to snap this AMAZING PHOTO: 
Mr Nutcase Phones case
While I was on holiday, I had an e-mail from Mr Nutcase which offered me the opportunity to review one of their phone cases.
I knew right away what I wanted on my phone case. I ordered it while away and it arrived a few days after I got home. 
Mr Nutcase Phones case
Mr Nutcase Phones case
Mr Nutcase Phones case
Mr Nutcase Phones case
Mr Nutcase offer personalised phone cases, where you can upload a photo, or a collage of photos onto a case. They make cases for almost every phone, and not offer hard cases too, not a ‘flip’ style like this one.
They also have some of their own patterns and designs if you are not wanting a personalised photo. Although I do think the photo is a great way to keep a memory close, or would make a good gift to a friend!
Check out Mr Nutcase for yourself. 
Day -1 – Bewley’s Hotel
Day 5 – Mauling and Haulin
Day 7 – Seaworld
Day 8 – Epcot
Day 9 – Applebees
Day 10 – Magic Kingdom Daytime
Florida Instagram Photos
Florida Phone Case
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  1. Hello from Spain: I also saw the Disney parade with the final fireworks. A lovely and fabulous show. You have a great photo. I like your Mobile Cases. Great idea. Keep in touch

  2. FAB photo! I’m gutted cos most of my pics from Disney fireworks were terribly lit and therefore non-viewable. Gah. This was in the golden age of the very first digital cameras though…

    Lovely! 🙂 xx

    Katy |

  3. Beautiful phone case! you will never forget that moment and your mobile phone will remind you every day. Kisses:)
    I went to Disneyland Paris and I agree with you, Disney is the most beautiful place in the world.

  4. Words cannot describe how much I want that phone case! Wishes has never failed to make me cry and I’m beyond devastate that they’re going to be replacing it next year!! I’m sure the next show will be equally tear-inducing but still, Wishes holds a very special place in my heart!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Oh no, it’s being replaced???? You can get the case too, just use the photos and order it on one!

  5. In the split second before I noticed “Phone Cases” in the title my first reaction to seeing “Mr Nutcase” in the title to wonder whether I might be part of the post’s subject.
    Being an emotional train-wreck is understandable. I’ve gotten to that point before without even leaving the house. Please forgive me if I sympathetically gawk instead of looking away.
    That photograph you got of the fireworks IS amazing! I always seem to just miss with my timing on photos of fireworks. They’re big on fireworks here in the U.S. and those look like nice ones.
    That’s wonderful that you could have the photo put on your phone case. If I had a cellphone I’d be very tempted to put one of the photos from my blog on it even though people might remark about Mr. Nutcase holding a Mr Nutcase.
    I took a look at the Mr Nutcase site. It looks easy to do and I see they have a blog too!

  6. That’s gorgeous! i LOVE seeing reactions to disney world. For us it’s just our backyard (that you have to pay a fortune to get into) but our backyard nevertheless. We kind consider it our responsibility to welcome people here. I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

  7. Hey, love your blog so I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, you can see my post here –
    Hope you have time to take part x

  8. The fireworks must’ve been something and the case sure looks good. And since you’re such a disney girl at heart, I recommend you watch maleficent! Its surely gonna get you teary at some point or another 🙂 It was a good watch!
    Keep in touch

  9. What a lovely momento of your holiday. Up until now I have used boring black leather ones so I can protect the whole phone but this looks great right up my street I could have food to look at all day perfect Lucy x

  10. i kinda teared up when i saw the fireworks display at Hong Kong Disneyland, too. it’s the first Disneyland i’ve ever been to and it really really was very magical and special. how wonderful that you managed to capture that photo. i was mostly too entranced with big wet shiny eyes to even remember my camera at that point. lol!

  11. Ohmygosh I love that phone case… It is so cute and it is sweet your phone case will be a nice memory of your time there.
    xo Olivia

  12. That photo is amazing. If I’d have been there it would have just looked like a giant blob of colour. Still totally jealous of your Florida trip!

  13. of course it is amazing, u took a good picture and the idea to print that on your phone case let you keep the dreams with you, all day long 🙂
    happy weekend.

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