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Dress: c/o OASAP Shoes : ASOS Hurray! It’s finally Friday, which means after a long week of 6am starts and 10 hour days. I have…

Dress: c/o OASAP
Shoes : ASOS
Hurray! It’s finally Friday, which means after a long week of 6am starts and 10 hour days. I have two full days off to do whatever the hell I like.
I’m going to the dentist today. Doom. This is saddening because I think I’ll need to have a filling re-done. Poop.
I’ve got some posts to write too. I need to post about #LeedsMayMeet, a blogger event I went to last Saturday. I also went for a meal with some bloggers on Wednesday. It’s weird that I am actually going out and physically seeing and hearing and talking to bloggers. I never thought I’d be brave enough to meet the peoples on the internets but it turns out I am, I’m afraid to meet people because I’m awkward and just.. I don’t know. I say weird things at weird times and I’m not very good at social cues or proper etiquette and that kind of stuff.  
Bloggers are lovely. You should go and meet some. 
Have you ever been to any blogger events? 
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  1. I would LOVE to go to a blogger event. It feels like there are so few where I live, and organizing childcare is a bit of a problem. But I have met three bloggers by chance wandering around Modena, Italy, where I live.

    Tell the truth, are bloggers in person the same as they come across on their blogs? I always worry a bit that it’s like online dating!

    And that DRESS!!!! You look fantastic!

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, real mom street style & living as a North American mom in Italy.

    1. I think the are for the most part, they seem a lot more ‘real’ in real life, of course. You get to talk a bit more about the real things that you don’t talk about on blogs, like jobs etc. It’s also really good to be able to pull out a massive camera and take photos and not get weird looks for it!

  2. It’s so sad that you’ve got to go to the dentist on your day off! 🙁
    You don’t seem awkward to me, you seem just super! 🙂 hope to see you again – – – for more foooood!

  3. You look gorgeous, love this dress, it’s super duper pretty!! I would love to meet bloggers I talk to on here, it would be awesome. Though, I am a bit timid when I first meet new people, but soon after I;m ok. But, it would be lots of fun. I’m glad you’ve met some :)) Have a great weekend doll xx

    1. I think a lot of people are timid, especially bloggers, I find a lot feel anxious in social situations.

  4. Love me a blogger meet up. We had our 2nd North West meet up this past weekend and it was so much fun! Heard all about the Leeds meet from Roxanne and I wish I could have been there, sounded like you all had a ball!

    Love this dress, makes me think of summer picnics!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  5. Corinne, I know exactly what you mean. I’m super awkward, too. But, one day I would really like to meet the bloggers I have connected with on the internet. All of you are so nice. 😀

  6. Haha, I sound a bit like you.. I always want to go to blogger meet ups but 1) they are always held miles away from where I live and 2) im awkwardly shy and never know what to say!

    Lol… your outfit mace me chuckle.. your tights near your ankles, I initially thought you had some form of flare cut off trousers on but then realised the flare was actually the cats on your wall. Doh.


  7. I have never been to a blogger event but I would love to . It must be a very nice experience.I think you are really beautiful in your blue and white dress. I wish you luck at the dentist´s . Kisses, Corinne:)

  8. Super cute dress! & How Awesome… I would love to meet fellow bloggers in person! 😀

    ♥ |

  9. I didn’t find you awkward. Just fun. There was one point where we were seperated and I was like oh no! I’ve lost my new BFF! (See that’s awkward) I however am awkward! I’ll leave the comment here before I spill wine on my phone

  10. What a pretty dress love the blue check. Sounds like a fun blogger meet up and dinner. Have a nice weekend x

  11. Such a pretty dress there so much detailing and it looks amazing!
    –  ßerry ♥ Stylish  

  12. I love the dress. I honestly don’t know of any blogger events around here. Back in my cants days 8-10 years ago I met quite a few bloggers (when they happened to pass through my town or I pass through their town) or I simply had co-workers and roommates with blogs already. I miss xanga- kind of. Glad you are meeting some bloggers, you are definitely brave. Rachel xo

  13. That is such a beautiful dress, really love it on you. Your hair is looking so long and gorgeous. I’ve only met one blogger in real life before which was fun but I have never been to a blogger event. Always wanted to though.

  14. i honestly wish there were more blogger events here but there aren’t. and even if there are, it turns out pretty “clique-y” which always sucks (it’s like high school all over again!) nice to know you’re meeting more people off the net and not being awkward! #win

    1. Aw, I would get so sad if the local bloggers here got cliquey! From what I’ve seen, everyone seems really accepting.

  15. love the dress hun , you suit it a lot 🙂
    I have not been to a bloggers meet up yet
    but might one day 🙂
    Melissa | The Inked Blonde

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