#socialbloggers 17 – How to Use Twitter for Your Blog

Ahh, Twitter. A bloggers best friend.  I’ve mentioned a few times how I didn’t have a twitter account attached to my blog until January 2014 -I went a whole…

Ahh, Twitter. A bloggers best friend. 

I’ve mentioned a few times how I didn’t have a twitter account attached to my blog until January 2014 -I went a whole year promoting my blog through different methods.

When I discovered the benefits of having a twitter account alongside your blog, I was suddenly opened to a whole new world of bloggers that connect with each other through the social media site. 

I discovered blog chats, hash tags and a whole bunch of other things I had never even heard of before!

We’ve had a #socialbloggers chat about social media before, but never specifically Twitter. Therefore I wanted to dedicate one solely to the platform.

I use Twitter for a multiple reasons and use different techniques to drive traffic to my blog. The main ways I use twitter are to:
  • Promote blog posts.
  • Talk to bloggers.
  • Talk to brands.
  • Find new blogs.
  • Share pictures of my daily life.
  • Share random thoughts of my daily life.
  • Retweet/share content I enjoy. 
  • Share tweets and posts by my friends. 
I’ll write a separate post about various methods in more detail at some point, I don’t want to make this one too long as there is already tonnes of information in the chat itself.

Speaking of the chat – let’s go, friends!

Q1 How do you use Twitter to promote your blog? #socialbloggers

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  1. I like twitter, I have the most random conversations with people on there, ha. And also I find a lot of new brands that I hadn’t known before, so it’s awesome!! xx

  2. Hello from Spain: I have no twitter account. I do not have more time to invest in new platforms. Keep in touch

  3. Interesting, I knew some things but not others: Thank you. Hello dear stay in touch.


  4. I have a twitter account but I don’t know how it works and I prefer Facebook. Kisses, Corinne 🙂

  5. Very interesting and informative post!! You have a great blog! <3

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin, gfc, instagram, twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blogs and let me know in comments where you follow and I will follow back from both my blogs!! 🙂


  6. I think I need to get some tools to schedule tweets, but I just feel too lazy. I always miss chats at the moment, have too many weekend plans!

    India x

  7. This post was so handy! Was really great to read other people’s perception of Twitter, I always worry I write the wrong thing/annoy people (hopefully not!). Seems I’m doing ok 🙂
    I’ll have to join in with the next chat – I love a good natter on Twitter too.

    Fizzy Peaches

  8. I’ve had my blog for over a year and a half, but I didn’t actually start getting into social media until January of this year. I got Instagram first, but that didn’t really seem to help promote my blog. It wasn’t until I started Bloglovin’ recently that things really started to pick up. I have a Twitter, but I guess I never realized that a lot of people rely on that to promote their blog! I have only been using it to post links to my new posts. I’m definitely going to give Twitter another try!

  9. I had a twitter a few years prior and never used it/had interested in it.. When I started blogging just like you said-a whole new world opened! I love twitter now! I love the chats and being able to talk with people around the world!

    I haven’t been able to make it to social bloggers in a little while, post grad weekends busier than anticipated, but I’m hoping soon!!

  10. Great post Twitter is great to share content and interact with other bloggers. It is also a great way to find new blogs and brands. Thanks for sharing. Have a good week Lucy x

  11. Wow such a fantastic post! I’ve always wanted to do one of these but I never know how. Can you please explain how I would take part in this? Thank you so much!!!

    Also, this week is my prom week on my blog. If you are interested, please feel free to send in a picture of you in your prom dress or, if you didn’t have a prom, a picture of yourself in a beautiful gown you have worn in the past! (The directions are at the bottom of my latest post.) If you do, I will feature your picture on my post on Friday! I would love to see you on my blog so please do consider!:) Thank you so much and I hope you have a fabulous day.
    xo Olivia

  12. I use Twitter for the same purposes. It’s just I don’t have the time to stay on it all the time.

  13. Thankyou so much Corinne for your helpful article about twitter hastags 😉
    Now i can talks with you guys! High five for bloggers !!! I’ll tweet after i click publish this post and talk to me anytime, any tweet are welcome so feel free to say hi 😀
    Twitter : @feliciaudry

  14. I love Twitter! I never used to understand it or use it all that much but these past few months since I started using it properly alongside by blog it’s become my best friend for meeting other bloggers and promoting posts and of course, the #socialbloggers chat!


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