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How eCig’s Helped Me Quit Smoking.

e cigs help you stop smoking
In October of last year I shared a secret about myself. Something I had never admitted on my blog before. Because I was embarrassed. 
The secret was that I was a smoker and was going to participate in the yearly campaign ‘Stoptober‘ which encourages smokers to stop smoking for 28 days. To be honest, I didn’t think I would be able to do it. It’s 9 months later and I’m still smoke free!
I had been smoking for around 10 years, although I did have about a year where I stopped, but then slowly started again. My first few years of smoking were more a social habit and because my friends smoked. The last fear years, I smoked more and more – often smoking 2 or 3 in my car on the way to work in around 30 minutes!
I wanted to quit for a few reasons.
  • The older I got, the more I felt it was socially unacceptable to smoke. 
  • People were always shocked when they found out I smoked and often looked disappointed in me.
  • I started for feel embarrassed to let people see me smoke.
  • It often gave me headache and left me feeling dizzy or sometimes sick.
  • If I had a task to do, my motivation just plummeted after smoking.
  • I had yellow stains on my fingers and nails from the roll-ups.
  • I had burnt marks in my car and my clothes. 
  • Smoking made hangovers so much worse. 
  • Going outside when it was cold or raining was unpleasant.
  • I started getting paranoid and terrified about cancer, gum disease and other smoke related illnesses.
I had failed a few times before for multiple reasons. I won’t go too much into it, but depending on how helpful people find this post, I might delve in a little deeper into my journey to being smoke free.
The number one thing that helped me quit was eCigs. 
I don’t use the ones in my original Stoptober post anymore as I found the batteries died quickly and the 
atomisers often got clogged and I couldn’t use them anymore. They cost over £30 too. I got a cheaper one after my housemate also got one from eBay, very similar to this:
You can buy the eCig here and note that it does come with different colours and it only costs £10. I would recommend this one after the others I have tried: the Tornado Tank and a eCig that actually looked like a cigarette. 
It might be an idea to buy two, incase one runs out of charge, then you have a pack up. They should last long enough to justify the prices. I’ve had mine around 4 months and expect I may need to get a new one soon. 
You can buy a variety of e-Liquid for these types of eCig’s. The liquid comes in various degrees of nicotine strength and you can even get a 0% one that has no nicotine in at all. 
I started with a medium strength, then a low strength and now I’ve been using 0% for at least 5 months. I am slowing stopping using the device altogether. It’s mainly used when drinking and I haven’t used it in 4 days at the time of writing this post.
I was smoking it a lot more at the start of my smoke-free journey, but cut down along the way. I first stopped going out to smoke it on my work break. I then only smoked it while I was driving to and from work as I found it really hard to stop smoking in my car.
For the past 5 or 6 months though it’s been used mainly when drinking and that is getting less and less too. 

Join the Vape Club.

Vapeclub kindly sent me some liquids to sample. I asked for a random selection rather than picking a certain flavour. My only request was that they were nicotine free. 


I was sent Strawberry, Apple, Blueberry and Menthol. Each flavour stands true to it’s packaging and you can easily distinguish which flavour is which. Blueberry is my favourite, but always have been.
Price wise, these are £3.99 for 10ml which is probably cheaper than the average eLiquids I’ve seen. The average price for 10ml of other brands tends to be around £5-6. 
When I was using my eCig the most, 10ml would last me between a week and 2 weeks. Currently, these will probably last me about 4-6 months. You can see how much cheaper it is than smoking real cigarettes! 
It’s hard to judge a ‘throat hit’ these have (smokers will know what I mean!) as I find the nicotine free eLiquids have less of a hit than ones containing nicotine, although there is a slight hit that is satisfying for me now since I quick smoking.
The variety of flavours are great and easy to navigate across the site, you can view the nicotine free selection separately if you wish, or break down into categories such as food, fruit and more. 
Flavours that perk my interest are: Blackjack, Bacon, Pear Drops and Gingerbread.
They also offer free next day delivery on orders over £10!
Do you smoke? 
Or have you given up smoking or another bad habit in the past?
Do you think that e cigs help you stop smoking
I would love to hear your story. 
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