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Florida #OOTD

Dress: White House Black Market Shoes : ASOS Necklace + Bracelet : iDrive Florida I bloody love this dress. I got it when went to…

elephant necklace
Dress: White House Black Market
Shoes : ASOS
Necklace + Bracelet : iDrive Florida
black market white house
elephant necklace

elephant necklace

I bloody love this dress. I got it when went to the outlet store on the 5th day of Florida. It was the most expensive dress I bought, but I really liked how it fit me so I couldn’t say no. It’s made out of really good material and I know it will last me a long time. I also wore this at the blogger event I went to at the end of May.
I got this lovely necklace and bracelet from one of those really cheesy, tacky, touristy shops on International Drive in Florida. Also <3 it!
Those of you that follow me on Instagram may have noticed I’ve been putting some photos from Florida. I’m still mourning the whole holiday, now I’m back to work and in the swing of things. I miss it so much and want to go back! I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me though! I’m finding my days off quickly getting filled up, I have 3 blogger events coming up and another 10km run to train for!
I’m going to a comedy club and then out for drinks for my friends birthday tonight, so after the #socialbloggers chat at 6pm GMT I’ll be jumping in a taxi and off I go!
What are you doing this weekend?
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  1. Stunning dress! Ahh terribly envious of your blogging event you attended. I’ve never been to one – would absolutely LOVE to!

    My weekend… check out the photos I took from last night. I am DYING of a hangover.

  2. It´s got a very nice print so I understand your love for it. As for the accesories, I loved your elephant necklace. Kisses, C:)

  3. The dress is beautiful a good purchase and the bonus buying in America you won’t see anyone else in it. The elephant bracelet is lovely. I am heading into london to visit a park and have lunch Lucy x

  4. Well the dress really fits you well , no wonder you love it
    I really like the elephant pendent .
    I have never got anything from those tourist shops
    Have a blast at with friends

  5. Your Florida pics have been amazing- looked like a ton of fun. I love White House Black Market. They have great dresses and this one fits you perfectly. It’s such a classic shape you can keep forever- great buy! You made me laugh Corinne with your explanation of the touristy shop ( because I know what you mean) however the necklace is really cute!!! You guys are back with the #socialbloggers chat??? I’ve been traveling too and been kinds in and out of the loop as well. I shouldn’t miss it next week. XOXO, Elif

    1. Haha, loads of tacky shops there! I wish we had White House Black Market here, it kind of reminded me of Dorothy Perkins

  6. Your Florida photos have made me feel totally homesick (which is stupid, because it’s not my home, but it feels like it), but in a good way. I know what you mean about mourning holidays, too – I always do that: people know not to speak to me on the last day of a holiday, because I’m likely to just burst into tears…

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