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Degustabox May Review

YAY! My favourite time of the month. Degustabox time! I always enjoy opening this box and try to make sure I don’t see any spoilers….

YAY! My favourite time of the month. Degustabox time! I always enjoy opening this box and try to make sure I don’t see any spoilers. There are many things I love about the box, getting to try new things, it gives me content on my blog and also pushes me to think about need things I can make. Or, watch my housemates make while I take photos =)
I got the e-mail that my Degustabox was out for delivery via DPD and was a bit bummed that I was working and also pretty sure my housemates wouldn’t be in! I got a second e-mail saying that they tried to deliver but nobody was home and gave me a few options. One option let me pick up the parcel that evening! Usually things like that are the next day, but it let me pick the time of 6:30pm, which worked well as I was due to finish work at 5pm. In my experience of online shopping. Which is A LOT OF EXPERIENCE, DPD is the best delivery service around. I wish more companies would use them as they always keep up update about the status of your package. Anyway, back to the box.Garofalo Pasta
This pasta is made from the finest robust durum wheat and Garafalo make over 76 different shapes of pasta! I can’t imagine so many different types. 
£1.89 each
Ciro Passata
This is a ready to use passata that you can use to give your dish a taste of Italy. 
£1.35 each
Cirio Supercirio 
Tubed tomato puree reminds me of being a child and my mum letting me make my own pizza. I am totally going to make a healthy flat bread/pizza type thing using this =)
£1.10 each
Raw Gum
This is a sugar free gum that contains taurine and vitamin B to give you energy. It smells and tastes exactly like red bull! I’ll be using this all this week with my 6am starts. 
£0.99 each
Cawston Apple Press
I reviewed the rhubarb version of this last month and loved it! I’m not usually a fan of apple flavoured things, but I’m intrigued to give this a go. It has no artificial sweeteners, so I may like it!
£1.00 each
Taylors or Harrogate Blackberry & Elderflower
I’m familiar with Taylors coffee, but I’ve not come across their tea before. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of fruit tea but I’ve not tried it since I was around 18. In the last year I’ve started eating and enjoying things I didn’t like before. Mainly olives, which I might have a slight obsession with. One of the things I enjoy the most about Degustabox is that it gives me the chance to try things that I wouldn’t usually pick up myself. So this excites me. 
£2.99 each
Kettle Sweet Potato Chips
WHAT SWEET POTATO KETTLE CHIPS? Yes, they taste as lovely as they sound. They’re a healthy alternative to normal crisps and have 50% less fat than traditional fried vegetable chips. 
Elizabeth Shaw Cocoa Crunch Flutes
The new Flutes range from Elizabeth Shaw. This luxury treats are made with dark chocolate and have crunchy cocoa ‘nips’. I can’t help but think of these as a small sweet treat that won’t cause too much guilt, or a delicious way to decorate and finish off a dessert!
£2.59 each
Hornsby’s Ciders
I was sent two ciders to try. An original apple cider, and a strawberry and lime pear cider. I much prefer the pear one and after this and the ginger beer I was sent in last months box, I feel the need to explore different types of beers and ciders rather than sticking to my usual white  wine or Coors light!
£5.00 for 4x330ml pack
Finn Crisp Crispbread
I’m on a diet. I KNOW, I’M ALWAYS ON A DIET. But this time, it’s serious and I mean business. Crisp breads are a fantastic way to get a healthy light meal or snack. Whatever you decide to put on them, whether healthy or not, they are wholegrain and rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They’re low in fat, too. I’m going to have fun with these, I know!
£1.29 each
Dr Oetker Cake Release Spray
I’d be lying if I knew much about baking and cooking. My food posts are mostly made by my housemates. Apart from the nachos I made. Although Christine did have to jump in when I started burning the mince :/
£2.28 each 
Curious about previous boxes? Click the images below to see the previous months boxes!
Get your own box with a £3 discount by entering the code MSKU8



  1. Interesting article, I will not regret what she read. thank you, I am too thin due to its elegant menu! soon will spread it daily to my blog!
    Come visit →♥ PANAMA ASTI ♥←
    post comments or reviews… Me will be very nice 🙂

  2. Garofalo Pasta and Ciro Pasata must be very well together! Great products. By the ways I would have do the same you did with the delivery. Kisses:)

  3. Love them <3


  4. Well, now I’m hungry. The cloudy apple looks great, how was it? As for those cocoa flutes….drool.


  5. This is such a cool idea! I hadn’t seen a food box like this before. Loving the Sweet potato kettle chips – I need to try them!!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  6. I love the boxes that you get shows what new foodie offerings there are. Kettle Sweet Potato Chips sound nice and the cake release a god send Lucy x

  7. Oh my goddddd, cool box, it give trying a bunch of lovelies without spending time in stores

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