Blogger Event – #LeedsMayMeet

Saturday the 31st May was #LeedsMayMeet – a blogging event organised by Hayley
I have no idea how Hayley managed to pull this off, I’m pretty sure a few bottles of gin helped her through it as it must have been a nightmare to organise. I wonder how many e-mails and tweets were involved in the organisation of this 😉

So to kick off the post, I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to Hayley and well done!
I went a little early to help set up at the venue, Baracoa Luxe Bar. I managed to get my phone lost in one of the goody bags as I was putting tea in them, though. It was in my pocket and fell out. Somebody almost got an iPhone 5s with a Tardis case on top of all the other wonderful gifts. 
People started showing up and a lot of bloggers brought cake and set it up around the bar. I didn’t really know many people so it was nice when a few faces I’ve met before showed up. Then Roxanne wandered in, I’ve never met her before but we’ve spoken on Twitter and she was definitely my partner in crime that day! It’s so much easier talking to people when you have someone by your side. She was very much on my wave length in many ways so that was a win!

The Brands

Eve Taylor is a skin care brand. They have targeted skincare products for your concern or type of skin and they are actually cheaper than I thought they would be. 

Cohorted needs to introduction. I love checking Cohorted every week and it was great to meet the people behind it! If you want to know more about getting cheap products from Cohorted, I have posted about them here.
Lush also came along and gave us the opportunity to make our own bath bombs. I’m not really a fan of lush to be honest, I do like the idea of it but I get really frustrated when I go in and feel like I’m being launched on by staff every two minutes. I understand some people like this and can talk to strangers about beauty products for hours, but that’s just not me. I feel awkward and creepy and I don’t know how to make conversations with the strangers. I never ask for help in shops and would much rather be left on my own. I think not having a bath also plays a part because I’m pretty sure that I would quickly become obsessed with the bath bombs! The two girls that came along were lovely though and didn’t give off that ‘pushy vibe’ I’ve previously experienced. Roxanne spilt her wine over all their list of our e-mails/twitter accounts which was a little bit awkward. We were kind of giggling and trying not to make it obvious but to be honest, we did a really shit job at that. The woman kept talking, she noticed but was trying to play it cool. That was one of my highlights.
ESPA is a skincare brand that sells luxury products that are a bit on the pricey side! We received a goody bag from them which had tonnes of stuff in. I am hoping to use their products for a couple of weeks and review them in a separate post. 
Uncommon Nonsense sells the most AMAZING dresses. It was wonderful to meet the designer! I have bought one of their dresses since which is in the post now. You know I love my dresses! I’m not very good with makeup and skincare and I don’t see myself as that knowledgable about the beauty side of blogging, but give me a good dress stand and I’m there. 
Rock Pamper Scissors is a hair and beauty salon. I didn’t get chance to talk to the dude that came. Maybe I was subconsciously avoiding him because I’ve not had my hair cut since Christmas. 
After the event, a few of use went for a couple of drinks. We all lugged out goodies around Leeds and found somewhere to sit outside and have a good chat. I stole photo above from the lovely Simone.

The Goody Bag

I can’t lie and say that when I read about other bloggers going to events, I’m always so intrigued by the goody bag. As well as the gifts we were given from the brands, Hayley also managed to get some samples and bits and bats for us to try! I’m very excited to try some of these products. I’m going to start with the ESPA products and then make my way though the rest of the skin care products! 
If I come across anything that makes me fall in love, I’ll do a separate review post on it.
So, that was #LeedsMayMeet! I’m so glad I got to go and I’m looking forward to the next event I’m going to in July.
Have you ever been to any events?
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