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Your Opinion- What is a Successful Blog?

This is a discussion I’ve been wanting to have for a while, the definition of a ‘successful blog’, I’ve been a bit reluctant to talk about it as…

This is a discussion I’ve been wanting to have for a while, the definition of a ‘successful blog’, I’ve been a bit reluctant to talk about it as I’m sure it could be a tad controversial, but I’d love share my views on the topic and hear everyone else’s, as I’m pretty sure most peoples ‘idea’ of a successful blog will vary from one person to the next. 

I would love it if you could answer the following questions below:
What do you think makes a blog successful?
How long have you been blogging?

My thoughts:

It is so so so difficult to define, isn’t it? When I first started blogging, I thought that once I had gotten myself 1000 followers, then that would be enough and I could stop actively seeking followers. When I saw blogs with over 500 or so followers, I thought they must be very successful. As my own blog grew, so did the bench mark of what made a blog ‘successful’. 

There are so many different ways to judge how well a blog is doing:
  • Bloglovin or GFC subscribers
  • Google PageRank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Amount of comments
  • How many advertisers it has
  • Traffic
  • Number of news letter subscrbiers
  • How money a blog makes
  • How many followers it has over social media
I think for me, there is a difference between a ‘successful blogger’ and a ‘professional blogger’. There are so many bloggers out there that are very well known, but don’t really make a lot of money. I think it is hard to make money with a blog alone, you have to sell something or have a business alongside it.

For me, a professional blogger is somebody that blogs, either on their blog or writing other blog posts and does this for a living. Making their income online.

I think the measure of the successful blog should reside in what goals the blogger has, a blogger may wish to blog every day for a year and then feel successful, a blogger may wish to get 200 followers as their goal and see that as success. That’s the great thing about blogging, you can set your own goals if you want to and make your own rules. 

In my opinion, a successful blogger is somebody that is well known as one of their best within their niche, putting out quality content that a lot of people see, engage with and share. When I’m taking a lot of people, I’m talking a readership in the thousands. Although everyone has different goals and everyone has different expectations. I am finding that my idea of a successful blog seems to change every few months along with their goals.

I’m excited to read everyones responses!

What’s your thoughts?


  1. Heya interesting post. Surely by success you mean the money you make…in which case mine isn’t successful. But I think blogs are more personal success. So I’d base it on who reads it, the page views you get and whether people discuss it with you when they see you in person! Great post!
    Stop by sometime, Sarah x

  2. Hello from Spain: I’m two years with my blog. To me a blog is a successful blog with good pictures and with style and elegance. Also many comments is a success. The followers are not important because I visit blogs with over 2000 followers and nobody writes anything!. Keep in touch

  3. For me, as I’m not interested in making my living from blogging, it’s purely a hobby and I’ll consider it a success so long as I continue to enjoy adding to it. I’m not a professional blogger, which gives me the freedom to choose what I’d like to write about, and how. That’s what I wanted from my blog so I’m happy and any comments or followers I might attract is just a bonus.

  4. love your topic: well, depends on your definition of success I agree. But then you may cater to a large audience or the “masses”. thats your typical def of success. the numbers. but then there are the exclusive ones, that provide high end quaility for less I suppose. I am happy blogging and like engaging with others. ..But if a person does not return the favor then I let them go….A publisher has asked me to for with them just because of my blog so you’ll never know..Have a great weekend Corinne! xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    1. Yeah, it’s hard to keep giving and giving to somebody who never responds or visits your blog back! Even once in a while is enough!

  5. In my opinion it depends on traffic, clearly because all we know how it works the topic of followers. If I follow you…you follow me. Kisses:)

  6. I think blogs with lots of followers where the blogger engages with their readers are successful. It is nice if they look attractive, but to me, content is important. My blog is only just three months old. If I reach a certain amount of followers then I will pay somebody to design the layout, rather than use a wordpress one. x

  7. Hello. I love this topic! I think that a successful blog means how much money you make or if you get free stuff from companies. But at most a successful blog means (at least for me) when it fulfills my needs. 🙂

  8. we were having this conversation last night, some people say those with more followers are the better blogs but to be honest i do not think it makes any difference from my perspective, to me i prefer a good comunication and engagement with the social network , x

    1. There are ways to get followers though through mass following or follows to follows, some followers won’t even come back and read, so although it’s an indication, it’s not something I’d look at alone!

  9. I agree that there is a difference between being a “successful” blogger and a “professional” blogger. It’s very true that as you achieve your goals you keep redefining what success is, and I think that is a good thing 🙂

  10. As an online marketer we look at SEO metrics such as Domain Authority, social following, level of interaction on the blog and social networks, quality of content and not full of obviously sponsored content.
    As a blogger I look for good photos, content that inspires me and the rest of their audience, unique content (reading about the same beauty product on lots of blog over the course of the same few days gets dull) and I also use Bloglovin to gauge how many people follow the blog.
    I personally measure success by the number of people who interact with the blog. To me, blogs are there to be read by real people so having a good following and being know for the niche you write about is success in my eyes.
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

    1. It’s interesting how an online marketer and a blogger looks at things different! I really need to look into Domain Authority more because I’m only just learning about it!

  11. My opinion is the same Lisa’s opinion!


  12. Your blog is beautiful and this post is great ; ) I’m from Poland and this is my new blog

  13. This is such an interesting post and topic! I think success is relevant to where you are and how long you’ve been blogging. For me blogging for about 3 months even the littlest of things are a success for me. So I think you’re right when you say you’re constantly redefining success.

    1. Your right! 3 months is still very new, so a milestone such as 100 followers could seen as a success!

  14. In my opinion, successful blog is a place with interaction! Money and Joy. I prefer to make money out of what I enjoy. I hope to expand my followers and those who are interested in my posts present me their idea about. because you cannt develop the business unless you know ur customers or in blog case, viewers’ thought.
    This post topic is really interesting to especially the answers that others left. I read all.

  15. Good bloggers don’t need to make money and business to be successful ! A good blogger must share a part of his/ her life and passions with the readers and interaction is necessary.
    Have a lovely weekend Corinne 🙂

  16. For me having a successful blog is having other bloggers I like visit, read and comment thoughtfully on what I’ve written and the photos and videos I’ve posted. To me, 10 or more quality comments on a post makes me feel good. I appreciate it very much when bloggers I like follow my blog, and I love seeing that my blog has had over 153,000 page views. As you point out brilliantly there are a lot of different measures of a blog’s success. I want nothing to do with money on my blog and don’t have advertisers so I don’t count those as a measure of my own degree of success, but If I somehow managed to get higher page rankings than the Huffington Post and Perez Hilton in the fashion, news and celebrity genres and more Twitter followers than Katy Perry that would definitely be successful – and take some getting used to. I’m happy with the lovely comments I get though – I loved your recent one (thank you!)

  17. In my opinion it is very difficult to define the success of a blog and I see many blog with followers via GFC and Fb and almost have no comments yet their creators are successful, I’ve also seen blogs that are always on their social networks and are often inspired to those who read it, I think we can not define success in a standardized way, I think if my blog starts to give some kind of return is because it works! I would rather say that could define the blog that way they operate and blogs that do not, great conversation topic dear!

  18. This will definitely be different for every blogger. I think you summed it up nicely Corinne. I do this as a hobby. So just to have other bloggers like my posts and what I have to say leaves me thrilled.

  19. I totally agree with all your thoughts Corinne! Now on my end since I mainly blog as a hobby or passion, I measure my success by being able to blog consistently and as simple as sharing my blog posts to others, regardless of how many followers or readers I have. I’ve been blogging for 5 years now and I haven’t ventured into business blogging just yet although if that happens, my goal and definition of success would probably be different by then

  20. Great subject to tackle. I’ve had my blog for about 6 and a half years now. I would say a sucessful blogger is something who earns a full time income from it that isn’t having to eat beans on toast daily to get by (me!). So I’m trying, but it’s a long road.

    Buckets & Spades

  21. For me it is content that is interesting and someone who engages with their readers. Being a successful is very individual to everyone x

  22. Great topic. I think the thing that makes a successful blog is the amount of followers they have got, the amount of brands they work with and the opportunities that come their way. Some bloggers such as Zoella have people who represent them as well don’t they? Well that shows how successful they are.

    I’ve only been blogging for just over a year. My blog started in February 2013 but I only started taking my blog seriously from January 2014. If I had kept it going since last year I suppose I would have had a lot more followers!

    Yazmin xx

  23. i do mostly agree with you on this! i see a professional blogger in the same way as you do, and think a successful blog can be defined in so many ways. and successful doesn’t mean the same as popular in my opinion. for me successful maybe implies money being made, i don’t know? but then again it depends on what one wants to achieve with their blog, if your goal is to have thousands of followers then having those will be a success. if your goal is to enjoy writing and have connections with other bloggers, that’ll make your blog successful. but then again, the latter has kind of been more of my goal and even after almost four years of blogging i would in no way call my wee blog successful. this is getting really rambly, but it’is an interesting topic! xx

  24. I started blogging last January (2013) and I think a successful blog is one in which the writer is happy with. That sentence made me feel like I’m at some form of support group, but seriously, having a large readership and talking to people who have the same interests and enjoy what you write it amazing but I truly think that the most important thing with a blog is that it pleases the writer, whether that be through the content itself or the design and layout. Blogging has grown so much in the last few years that I think people just focus on how many followers it has rather than the actual blog itself. This is definitely an interesting subject! Rant over ;D

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