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What’s Alexa Traffic Rank?

We’ve been talking a lot about Google PageRank and how to improve it, but haven’t spoken about another popular way to measure the ‘success’ of…


We’ve been talking a lot about Google PageRank and how to improve it, but haven’t spoken about another popular way to measure the ‘success’ of a website or blog. Your Alexa rank.

What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

Alexa Traffic Rank is a way of ranking websites by looking at the unique visitors and pageviews a site has had from people that have the Alexa toolbar installed over the past 3 months. Alexa rank is updated daily and sites are ranked in order or popularity, 1 being the best. It goes into the millions, it’s thought that there are around 200 million active websites, although only those in the top 30 million are given a number, the rest are marked as ‘unranked’.

Is Alexa Traffic Rank Accurate?

It’s important to remember that Alexa only takes into account visits from users that have the Alexa tool bar installed. Stats from sites that rank higher than 100, 000 are said to be the most accurate, getting more accurate as they get closer to 1.

What’s this Alexa tool bar?

It’s a cool toolbar that you can add to your browser which lets you instantly see a websites stats. Just click on the icon and a drop down menu appears telling you a bunch of information. This is what comes up when I click on the Alexa tool bar from the blogger homepage.
It’s got some interesting information, the Wayback Machine is quite a bit of fun, it lets you see how websites look at different points in the past. 

Is Alexa Traffic Rank Important?

It’s not always accurate as it only calculates the visits from those who have the toolbar installed, most ‘average’ internet uses probably won’t have this. However, a lot of advertisers or PRs may look at your rank before deciding to advertise or work with you. I personally like it as it updates daily so it allows me to see if my blog is going in the right direction and I don’t have to wait for months on end for it to update, like with Google PageRank. 

Overall, it’s one of many tools you can use to see if your blog is going in the direction it should be. I know a lot of people just blog for the fun of it, without worrying about the numbers, but I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t enjoy seeing my numbers increase and my blog grow. I’d love to get under 100k! 

Do you use Alexa Traffic Rank? What other ways do you think are good to measure the ‘success’ of a blog? 

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  1. Yep, I often check it out too and usually I use it to control how the blog is going, though Im not too much into this kind of stuff. Thanks for the clear explanation Corinne! xo

  2. I do check mine but interestingly Alexa now claims that more than 50% of my traffic from the USA, whereas it’s actually not – according to google analytics its about 35-40% so it seems like the tool bar must be a lot more prevalent in the usa which skews the data a little? Even though its not the most accurate rank its still nice to check it, as you say it will still tell you whether you are going in the right direction or not with a general increase or decrease

  3. I have never heard of this one! I will have to look into it! Thank you for always having such helpful tips!

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