Time for an OOTD!

clock dress
Dress : c/o OASAP
Shoes : ASOS
clock dress

clock dress

 I’m funny. I said time in the title and the dress has clocks on it. DO YOU GET IT??????? IT’S FUNNY, RIGHT?
I don’t know why I’m making jokes about it like time is a good thing, I  actually hate time and want it to die. I spend most of my day wishing it was a different time. Like today is my first day back at work after almost 3 weeks and I’m wishing it was 3 weeks ago. Or home time. Or time to go to bed. Or any time that is not time to be at work. 
I have the intense back to work doom. I know I passed my stock audit, which is good and something I was worried about as I’m usually there for the audits, but that’s all I know. I hope none of my staff went of sick. That’s the worst. It’s going to be a day of catching up, I hope they’re is not too much for me to do. No meetings, please and no list of jobs waiting for me. Weh. 
Do you get that dread about going back to work after time off? 
I’ll be back with another Floriday post tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!
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