Another Tesco Haul

After my Tesco haul last week, I thought I was pretty much done with clothes. But I saw some beautiful shorts that I could not resist and also some adorable flat pumps, I bought two pairs as I love the cream ones but know they won’t go with everything. I also got a few more strappy t-shirts as most of mine have sleeves in and it is 29C in Florida currently! Oh wow, I’ve not been on a really warm holiday in years!! Last time was when I went to Malia when I was 18, I remember going out a lot and turning into a giraffe. My skin has weird pigmentation that doesn’t tan around my stomach and back, so goes all dotty. Which I’m fine with because giraffes are win.
Suntan lotion is also something I needed to get, so I opted for a full day protection one for less hassle.  I hate hassle and I am not nearly responsible enough to be trusted with the task of protecting myself from the sun. The box looks a bit battered as it was in the reduced to clear section, hurrah for half price sun cream! 
Things are starting to get real, Internet! Get ready to be bombarded with excitement and panic as I spend the next 7 days getting mentally and physically ready! Let’s take a gander at what I got.. 
Yesterday was Christine’s birthday! Hopefully I’ll have lots of lovely photos to share with you tomorrow. =) 
How are you going to be spending your weekend? It is a bank holiday, after all.
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