So, what IS a ‘skinnedcartree’?

‘I don’t like your blog name.’ Said Christine, my housemate. It reminds me of a ‘skinned dead cat tied to a tree.’ Oh, thanks, friend….

‘I don’t like your blog name.’ Said Christine, my housemate. It reminds me of a ‘skinned dead cat tied to a tree.’ Oh, thanks, friend.

I’ve been getting a few people ask me what my blog name means recently. I guess that is a fair question. Skinnedcartree. What the fuck is that?

Firstly, it’s all one word pronounced as the three words ‘skinned car tree’. 

It’s not one of those types of names that you would probably remember, or think it’s a lifestyle, fashion or beauty blog. It just is what it is. 

You’re going to probably think I’m an even bigger dick than you already do when you find out where my blog name come from. It’s not a new word for me. I’ve been skinnedcartree since I was around 12. 

So it starts when the internet first became a thing that people had in their homes

Date: 1998.
Place: My dads office. 

Remember when there were like, only 5 websites in existence? 
  • Neopets
  • IMDB
  • Ask Jeeves
  • Bolt Blue (you know, where you could download funky logos to your Nokia 5110?’
  • Freeserve 
There might have been a few more, but these were the few I remember. 

Annnnyyyyhhoooo. We had dialup provided to us by a company called Blue Yonder. You had to pay for internet use back then, it wasn’t a monthly thing like now! But between 7:30pm and 8pm every evening, it was free to use the internet.

I had two friends that lived at the bottom of my street – they were sisters and had kind of bad influence on me (think prank phone calls and bike rides on main roads). The things we got up to usually resulted me in being grounded for a long time! When my Mum was driving home from bingo with my Aunty and saw 10 year old Corinne cycling around the biggest roundabout in Doncaster, I was grounded for about a month. My friends seemed to escape punishment though. Damn them. 

Anyway, yes – the three of us would go on the internet when it was free and go into the Freeserve chatrooms. It was the time when everyone used to just be like :
’27/F/Leeds u?’

I don’t think WTF or OMG was even a thing back then. 

Wait, I’ve lost my point again. So yes, we would go to the chatrooms under the name ‘Cartree’. Then we would basically troll the hell out of it by typing something along the lines of this:

Cartree Says: car
Cartree Says: treeeeee cartreee carrr
Cartree Says: tree carrtreeeeecacar car trree car 
Cartree Says: treee carrttree carcarcar tree

The idea behind it all was that Cartree was like a Pokemon that could only say it’s own name. Trying to communicate with the human bean was really difficult for poor Cartree. After some intense abuse, Cartree often got kicked out of the chat for spamming. I don’t think they understood the concept of banning back then, so we could just rejoin and do it over and over and over again.

And we did. And we found it hilarious. It was such a knobhead thing to do, really. As it prevented everyone else asking people A.S.L? Over and over and over and over and over again.

Let’s fast forward a little:
Time: 2001
Place: My bedroom

I finally had cable connected to my computer to let me get on the internet in my room! Although only one of us could get on at one time. Dad and I could use it whenever though, until Mum yelled at us for clogging the phone line.

I started joining forums and things around this time and wanted to chat with some of the people on there on MSN. There was this one guy that I wanted to talk to but he was American and only used AIM, the AOL version of MSN. So I downloaded it. But my usual user name ‘Groovy Chick’ (yes, I went there) was taken. The the choice was either Gro0vy_Chick09593005096843£££RRFSSAAW!!)£$, which I thought was hard to remember, or to get inventive. 

I tried Cartree but that was taken, but it gave me a suggested name of ‘Skinnedcartree’. I thought it was pretty LOL so decided to go for it.

And it’s pretty much been my username ever since. The thing I like about it is that nobody else uses it, so it’s all mine. 

It might not be the prettiest name, or one that makes you think ‘I bet her blog is a good un’, but it’s mine.

So yes, my blog name is the result of me spamming chat rooms when I was 12.

What does your blog name mean to you?
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  1. I’ve been wondering where the name comes from! I love it. You see so many generic names on the internets these days. I’ve seen about ten million versions of this formula: “dessert food + clothing item” (I’m sure in emulation of Cupcakes and Cashmere). I think it’s sweet you’ve kept your name stuck to your internet roots! Now go have some more fun in Florida 🙂 xx

  2. Haha, love it! I remember when there were only 5 websites too and Neopets was my number 1. Wonder if it’ still going….

    Anyhow, my name doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just a combo of 2 things I love – lazy days and beauty. Not as interesting a story as yours!

    Jaq @

  3. Haha I did always wonder what your name meant. Love the story behind it!
    And I remember neopets… it was actually the site that got me into the whole online world.
    The story behind my name is simple that I live in a dreamworld rather than the real world. All of my friends and family say it. So when I was trying to think of a blog name I decided to go with the fact I’m a daydreamer 🙂

    Lauren |

  4. I have been wondering for some time, what your blog name meant, Corinne! 🙂 Box Of Various for me, came from the idea that I knew my blog would be pretty eclectic, and this term, that I heard at an auction once (there were actual items listed as ‘box of various’!) seemed to fit the bill perfectly 🙂
    Heidi x

  5. Corinne, I often wondered about your blog name! Lol, thats so fun! Mine got an easier meaning candy cause Im a foodie and style well that is what the blog talk about!:) Kisses and have fun! xo

  6. I’ve always wondered what it means!! I’ve often thought about doing a post like this myself…not many people know what a Persephone Complex is lol I’m totally going to write it! Thanks for the inspo 🙂 xx

  7. I must say the name is quite original and the origin is just clever and funny. I also had/have one but don’t use it on my blog. I remember those day. Dial-up and chats… haha.

  8. Love this post I had often wondered where it came from and now I know. Not a daft name but creatively based on your past, your loves and where you have come from. Just brill Lucy x

  9. I have thought about this question since the first time I saw your blog. I would neve have guessed the origin of the name. Interesting to know . Thanks for sharing, Corinne. Kisses:)

  10. Hello from Spain: I like to know the origin of the name of your blog. My blog’s name about my hobby of collecting dolls. Keep in touch

  11. OMG What a hilarious post Corrine! You totally took me back in time. BTW I have to agree with your friend Christine because your blog name always did remind me of something skinned. A Car and Tree to be more specific LOL. And I also always wondered what it meant but you’ve answered my question now. And just like you, I would also enter chatrooms and oh, I had a neopets account too. Surprising to know that neopets still exists!! 🙂 And I went thru the same cable phoneline situation when my parents would be mad as the line was busy. Ah, the good old days 🙂 Keep in touch xx<br /

    1. Haha, the good old days? Not at all! It was so frustrating to have to get off so my parents could wait for a call or having to wait for things to load. and INTERNET EXPLORER

  12. I remember the old internet days, we used to ask jeeves everything and wonder how he was so clever haha

  13. I honestly have always wondered!!! That story is so awesome!!!!! 🙂 I was chuckling throughout! Lol

  14. had trouble getting it at first and sorry, but was with your roommate first. now it clear:) Have a great weekend, Corinne. xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  15. And it all makes sense to me. Yes, I just quoted a One Direction song. No hate, please. The is too cool how your name came about. Mine wasn’t nearly as inventive. I started out with the title being The Preppy LITTLE Polka Dot, but I felt like a tiny person every time I typed it or told someone my blog’s name. Yes, I have height issues. I wouldn’t mind being a little bit taller. Anyway. I finally shortened my name to The Preppy Polka Dot and it sorta stuck. I feel like a little kid sometimes when I see my title, but I’m not very mature acting most of the time, so I guess it fits me. Haha. I’m very glad I found your blog, Corinne. It is definitely one of my favorites. Hope you’re having fun in Florida!

  16. I loved this post and the fact you have such a unique, personal blog name! Brought back many funny memories of dial-up internet, preserve chat and the dreaded question – a/s/l!!!!

    Lyndsay xx

  17. hahahahahhaha that’s so funny!!
    I really like it. I have been wondering what it means.. I’m surprised I never asked. My username jas very simple ‘JaseyJade’ My name is jade but my mom usually calls me jasey so together.. it’s jaseyjade. I still haven’t found anyone yet using it so it’s alright. I feel like mine isn’t as fun as urs hahaha :P

  18. i’ve always wondered! i remember when my family still had two computers with only one of them having a dial-up and it was so exciting when dad would let us use the internet for 5min, instead of us just playing games or using paint on the other one, haha! anyway, it’s lovely that the name is just yours:-) and i don’t ken if i’m just really tired or if this post was genuinely the most hilarious thing ever, either way i was laughing out loud. xx


    This has made me laugh reading how your name came about because I too, was very intrigued!

    Rebecca xxx

  20. Lol, this was a great laugh! I was wondering where your rather unusual blog name came from, so thanks for explaining! It’s really quite brilliant 😉

  21. Lol, this is great! I was wondering where your name came from. If I had done the same I would be nitecreature. bleh! Oh and Neopets and Runescape on dial up internet, they were what drew me into the online world.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  22. I read this the other day and forgot to comment how much I love it!

    Much more original than mine, which is stolen from Mambo No 5!

  23. Finally find out what your blog name means!
    BOLTBLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, I LOVED Boltblue!!!! I had a Boltblue email address for about 6 years until they shut the email service down! It was so sad!!!x

  24. I’d been meaning to find out but I kept forgetting. I’m totally lurking around on your blog today. Not even sorry. Currently got another 4 tabs open to read more tips. It’s getting addictive. 😀 x

  25. I’ve been wondering for ages where your blog name came from, thanks for finally clearing it up! I used to be completely hooked on Neopets when I was younger, like it was the only website I would use! Christmas was my favourite time to play, that advent calendar was just the start of my advent obsession!

    My blog name is the name of my favourite song by my favourite band!

  26. hahahahhahah this is brilliant!!!!!! YES i remember those websites and how you used to ‘Ask Jeeves’ EVERYTHING just because…..hahah to AOL chatrooms and spamming them them until you kicked out and rejoining a few minutes later……those were the days……!!!! >.<
    Love this post, love how your blog name started all those years ago….tee hee hee!!
    Thank You for this Corrine, you've really made me smile today!!!!!
    Sarah xoxo

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