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  When I first found ProBlogger last year, I spent hours reading through the years of archives and reading up on the best ways to…

When I first found ProBlogger last year, I spent hours reading through the years of archives and reading up on the best ways to better my own blog. Before I go to sleep each night, I check for new posts and read through the comments. With over 300,000 readers, you couldn’t argue with the statement that ProBlogger is one of the best blogs out there. 
Each article is extremely well written – I’ve seen a few successful bloggers proudly mention the time they guest posted on ProBlogger and thinking how one day, I’d love to do the same. Imagining this day to be years away from now and how it would be one of those massive milestones you make for yourself where you think ‘I’ve made it’.
But it’s not years away at all. It was actually yesterday:

Finding Readers Week: Corinne Talks Commenting, Engagement, and Are Forums Right For Your Blog?

What do you think of the article and how do you engage with your readers?
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  1. Your article was so helpful! I’m just tapping into the online blogging world and have been researching ways to find more readers. But, like you, I am looking for an online community, readers who will engage with me and my content. I’ve been commenting on blogs daily, and will be making it a goal to comment more, and with greater engagement. Thank you for your tips, and congratulations on making it on ProBlogger. You deserve it, 100% xx

    The What’s In Between

    1. Thanks! I’m sure you’ll get there and be able to find some great people who are willing to engage on your blog! It does take time and effort and you have to be genuinely interested in their blog. I’m always surprised how many people I’ve actually come to really get to know by commenting on their blog!

  2. I’ve just read your article on ProBlogger (CONGRATS by the way!!) but I’ll comment here. Because I like you better.:) I did that same thing, I commented on up to 50 blogs a day and I can’t leave stupid comments like ‘Nice dress.’ (because I have a soul) so it was really time consuming (as I’m 100 % sure you know) and I started to resent it. So I stopped. Now I just comment on those few blogs I like (the person creating it or the content itself). But I also stopped because I don’t think that’s of any help to get readers to my blog – there’s so many more people who don’t have a blog but could be interested in what you or I write. How do you reach those? Certainly not by commenting on any number of blogs. But like you said, I’m so fed up with the ‘write good content and they will come’ mantra. Because it’s bullshit. You have so many blogging people doing this that it’s too much noise for non-blogging people to hear quality on their own. You have to force it down their throats, but the question is – how?

    1. Great response! I love that you used to do this too as I never understand why others didn’t. When I mention to people that’s what I did, it’s like watching a lightbulb go off in their head. But it just makes sense to me!

      I think my next step to really taking my blog to the next level is to get my blog out to people that don’t have a blog, although that is a little scary as because they tend not to give no feedback, I’d be unsure about how many of them are out there and what they think of my posts!

      I’ve started by just setting up an e-mail subscriber list, as I guess if people don’t blog, they won’t be able to follow me on Bloglovin or GFC as they probably don’t have an account! I’m planning on doing a weekly newsletter with my most recent posts and maybe a few extra bits and see if that is a way to keep connected to them!

      Now I just have to get them here, which I would expect would be through organic search or bloggers maybe sharing to social media that has non-bloggers on there too!

      If you come up with any ideas, let me know 😉

    2. I’m honestly stuck with ideas. I’ve set up an rss feed via FeedBurner when I started and that sends an email to all subscribers automatically when I post anything new. But other than that … I don’t know. I know it helps if you get a mention in a magazine (an online or an actual one), but it’s hard to get their attention. I’ve decided to write Slovene publications but so far without any success. But I’ll keep trying, I’ll change the text and re-send it every few months.:)

  3. well you are the perfect model and a rare exception because I find that many bloggers are just interested in attracting readers for their blog but not really willing to make an effort to return the favor (what u do:)) So thats why you are successful I suppose. xo, Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    1. Thanks! It actually becomes easier than it seems as you just naturally are able to think up really great comments to put and connect with people and sometimes it can lead to a great online friendship!

  4. Hello from Spain: I like to keep the feed back with my readers. I hate identical comments in all blogs. I only read blogs that I like. Your blog is real, you’re real, your style is accessible to me … that’s why I like your blog. Your article is very interesting. It helps me reflect on the blogs. Keep in touch

  5. First off all , congrats girl.. 🙂
    I just read your article, must say it is so helpful. I realised that inammdiubg a really big mistake of nit being active on my twitte, I so have an account but don’t use it ..
    I am in double thoughts about posting daily.. But I am going to try doing it for a week and see.
    Most important is that I think I must start planning my posts..
    Great job with the article girl
    Keep in touch

    1. Posting daily is probably a direct result of moving from just posting outfits to more of a lifestyle blog – it’s impossible to post an outfit every day!

      Corinne x

  6. Oh wow congratulations! I find your blog and the Blogger Forums so helpful for anything I want to do when I pretty up my blog and I’m so glad that pro blogger asked you to post for them!

    Jaq @

  7. I haven´t heard about ProBlogger before. You know so many things about blogs. Kisses:)
    As for the comment you said you couldn ´t understand my posts, I am so sorry Corinne, I thought you could understand me by the google translater I have installed over each post.

  8. Awesome! I loved your post yesterday. I think comments are totally the way to go. Bloggers waste a lot of time networking on social media, and never get a return on the time investment!

    1. Yeah, social media is a bizarre creature. If you can focus on one, it can work well but it’s difficult to do a lot of social media well! It’s just too time consuming.

  9. Wow, you are really into the technical aspects of blogging! ProBlogger looks like a very interesting possibility.

    Thank you so much for your observant appreciation of the humourous transcript of my embedded videos on my previous lingerie fashionista blog post. I just did a new post today (Shadowline and Victorias Secret Lingerie Fashion OOTDs and Reviews with Dressing Room Selfie Photos and Video with Blooper) and the embedded video is even more cringe worthy than the previous ones. I think you’ll appreciate the lack of technical expertise which I tried to make up for with content. P.S.: you have a link in the post’s text (of course) xoxo

  10. congrats on your guestpost, it was a good read! i know i should be more engaged with promoting my blog and all that stuff, but it can be just so blah, haha. and most of the time i am content with just posting about things i like and having a few people come&leave actual comments as well as commenting properly on blogs that i genuinely like instead of spamming all the blogs i can find (which i never did do). and having s few readers that come back to your blog again and again really is more rewarding than having a million of those that just visit once:-) xx

    1. You are right, repeat readers are much more important than those that come just once and drop their link and run, or the follow for follow crowd. It’s much better to build a relationship with a few than try to rush things with many!

  11. A really good summary of how to gain readership and keep it. I found it interesting how you had managed to strike the balance in time between commenting and posting. Genuine interested followers are definitely what I want, reading content I write and engaging with it. I fine putting myself out there difficult on my blog but hope in time I can overcome this. I hope you have the best time in Florida Lucy x

    1. I’m sure you will overcome it!

      It is hard commenting and posting genuine comments, I’m not proud to admit that I did, for a short while, post naff comments because it seemed to be what everyone else was doing! It just didn’t sit right with me, so I changed my ways and that’s when things really started to get better for me and my blog!

  12. i look at my readers as pen-pals and buddies. i really try to get to know them. some bloggers are just in blogging for the business and I can respect that. my blogging is more personal. even though i do reviews and sponsored posts, i like to keep it personal. i’ll have to check out this site. i didn’t know about it.

  13. OMG Congrats Corinne! I read your post and I absolutely loved it. It was very helpful!
    I really didn’t know about ProBlogger!

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