Let’s clash: Purple and Green.

Skirt : c/o Sammydress Jacket : Primark Vest Top : Tesco Necklace : c/o Zophra Tights : Tesco Headband : Er, I don’t know, one…

Skirt : c/o Sammydress
Jacket : Primark
Vest Top : Tesco
Necklace : c/o Zophra
Tights : Tesco
Headband : Er, I don’t know, one day I just had it :/
Purple and green. They kind of clash together, but I kind of like it. So screw you, world. I’m an adult and I can clash if I want to. Although being an adult makes me think I probably can’t clash if I want to.. I’m nearing my late 20’s now so should be more sensible!
Haha, just joking, I’m too much of a dick to be sensible. Or responsible. Or mature. 
This is my first outfit post in over a week. Oh no, what terrible news. I’ve bought loads of lovely new clothes but I want to save them for Floriday! Only 3 days until I’ll be flying to the US! It feels so unreal, I can’t believe that I’m gong to American, it’s something I thought I’d never be able to do. 
I’m so sorted and so not sorted all at once. It’s a not an ideal situation, but one that can’t be helped. It’s difficult to pack things when I’ll need to use them over the next few days! I’m trying not to think about it because it makes my head hurt.
I’ve almost got a post per day to schedule every day of my holiday. It’s been hard work, but I’m very into this ‘daily blogging’ thing I’ve been doing so I’ve been spending my days off writing plenty of content to keep you entertained while I’m gone!
What are your favourite colours to put together for a bolder look?
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  1. I think the two colors look great together! And I love your writing by the way, cracking me up through the entire post 🙂 I’ve been obsessed with pairing lots of color together, but in these warmer temps, I’ve been opting for pastels on pastels. Have an amazing trip! Florida is way too much fun, soak up lots of sun for me! xx

    <a href=”http://www.thewhatsinbetween.blogspot.com>The What’s In Between</a>

  2. Ooh I love these two colours together – always have!
    Hope you have a fantastic holiday! x

  3. “I’m too much of a dick to be sensible. Or responsible. Or mature.” That’s my line!!!:)

    I tip my had to you, woman! You’re blogging every day and on top of that you managed to prepare a ton of posts in advance. Honestly, you have my utmost respect.

    Really??? Coconut water is good for hangovers?! That does NOT make me happy. I hate the taste, but I’m not a hangover fan either. You know what helps me though? A slice of bread and mayo.:D I feel better in a matter of minutes, probably because of the grease, if that makes sense…

  4. Sometimes you just need to wear bright colours! 🙂

    Hope you have a fantastic time on your trip to Florida – it sounds exciting! 🙂

    Away From Blue

  5. I LOVE your Sweet All-Match Solid Color Voile Splicing Bowknot Ball Gown Skirt from Sammydress.com!!!! Now I’m starting to look at the Sammydress.com tops too because I’d love a top that had that appearance. They have a lot of pretty clothing.
    I have to disagree with you about green and purple clashing. I think green looks fabulous styled with purple, radiant Orchis, lilac, lavender, and various shades of pink!
    Your outfit looks beautiful. I love your hosiery. The colour and pattern are fabulous. You can see some (but not all) of my favourite colours to put together for a bolder look in what may be my last post of the month because I clumsily dropped and broke my camera mid-way through. I just posted it yesterday using photos and a video I might not have used otherwise.

    My new post: Shadowline and Victorias Secret Lingerie Fashion OOTDs and Reviews with Dressing Room Selfie Photos and Video with Blooper

  6. P.S.: Welcome to my side of the pond in three days! The weather where I am (Long Island, New York) is gorgeous – my absolute favourite time of year here. I can’t speak for Florida’s weather but suspect it’s nice. Another blogger I follow, Keiko Lynn just did a blog post from Florida’s Disnetland titled “my dewy eyed Disney bride.”

  7. I think this combo is too lovely Corinne 🙂
    YAY for Florida girlie. Enjoyyy, well packing is always a mess. Grab a helping hand .

  8. I think green and purple match very well together and they are beautiful colours. If I had to choose a bolder combination I would mix yellow and green I think,hehehe. Kisses:)

  9. Hello from Spain: and only 3 days left for your trip!. Great. I like your skirt in green. Very trendy. Keep in touch

  10. love the skirt. but about the underneath top I’m not sure. a shorter top would be much better.

  11. Love those purple tights! I’m not really one who try’s bold things…I wish I could pull them off but I don’t think I could! Lol

  12. I actually really love purple and green together! Just yesterday I was wearing a purple shirt with green pants. 🙂

  13. This really shouldn’t work but it really does. I love the skirt. I bloody hate packing for holidays and am with you on it making your head hurt. Well done on keeping the posts coming whilst on holiday I am looking forward to reading them whilst you are having adventures in Florida. Think of the additional content out will have when you come back. You have to promise an outfit post with Mickey Mouse ears x

  14. Yes it does clash, but it looks amazing nonetheless! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  15. you are the queen of fab ootds , love love love the skirt .


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