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Glossybox – May 2014 Review

glossybox may 2014
I did mean to cancel my Glossybox subscription after the disappointing April 2014 Glossybox, but totally forgot! I am quite happy with this box though and think it’s one of the best once I’ve had. I’m usually disappointed with them and feel a bit ripped off but I feel like I’ve got a lot for my money in this one! I was delighted when I opened it when I got back from Florida, it was a nice treat after a night of no sleep and a 9 hour plane flight with a mental man who kept shouting, hitting his wife and the plane windows. It’s never fun when somebody runs up and down the aisle screaming ‘I’m not terrorist’ and swearing. Thankfully he was arrested when we landed and was escorted off the plane by police!

Glossybox May 2014 

The May 2014 Glossybox was in celebration of Superdrugs 50th Birthday. 
glossybox may 2014glossybox may 2014
In the April box, I commented on how the box just seemed so big and overwhelming for the products, but as you can see from the May box, the products fit perfectly which gives off a better impression overall.  

The Products

Garnier BB Original
This 5-in-1 BB cream probably doesn’t need much introduction. This is the first BB cream I bought and it’s the one I like the most. I did buy a new Maybelline BB cream from Walgreens in Florida which I’ll be using next, but I’ll be going back to this when that’s finished. I got the full sized product worth £9.99. It’s the only BB cream I recommend as it’s never gone clumpy or patchy on my skin like other ones have in the past. 

 Superdrug Large Doughnut Ring.

I got a doughnut ring from Boots back in March and I’ve used it all of nonce. So I don’t really want or need this. Plus it’s too dark for my hair. I’m going to swap it with something one of my friend doesn’t want from her box that she won’t use, so all is not lost, I guess. It’s just a bit of a weird thing because once you have one, you don’t need another and I would expect that most people that subscribe to glossy box have one already.
 Complete Long-lasting Nail Polish
This Superdrug exclusive is supposed to be a long-lasting, high shine, professional nail varnish. I’m not too keen on the colour as it’s bit boring but I may use it alongside another colour or some glitter nail varnish. It’s £4.99 for 8ml which is more than I would personally spend on a varnish!

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara  

This mascara is supposed to create a bold, wide-eyed flash lash look. Exciting! This is the product I’m most looking forward to trying! It’s another full sized product worth £6.99

I Love Cosmetics Strawberries & Milkshake Simmer & Shine Lip Gloss
Eh, I’m not a fan of lip gloss. I think it’s for 12 years olds. This does have a nice shimmer to it so I might just use it over the summer for a bit of extra shine. I just don’t like the texture of lip gloss and feel like it’s always clumping up. It’s a cheap one, £1.29 for the full sized 15ml which is good value,I guess. It has a slight strawberry scent too. 

Bonus Products

Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion
This body oil contains all the popular oils – argan, macademia, almond and rose to help moisture the skin and keep it silky smooth. These are the type of products I dislike the most in Glossyboxes, sachets of body products. They just don’t interest me, but after getting 5 full sized products I guess I can’t really complain! 
GHOST Fragrances Eclipse
This fruity-floral fragrance claims to capture the energy of the sun. It’s nice enough but not for me. I bought two perfumes from Florida and 3 body sprays from Victoria Secret so I don’t need any more smelly shit anytime soon.
So there you have it, the May 2014 Glossybox! It’s been a great box with 5 full sized products, I have a terrible feeling that next months won’t live up to the expectations though!
What would you most like to try?
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