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Final Floriday Haul

I know I keep saying this is the final haul for Floriday, but this is the final haul for Floriday. I promise you. I had…

I know I keep saying this is the final haul for Floriday, but this is the final haul for Floriday. I promise you. I had to get a few more things for my holiday and now, apart from a tooth brush and some cotton pads, I think I am officially DONE.

I picked up two new lovely t-shirts, these are really light fabric and I loved the colours of them – was a little concerned that my other shirts weren’t thin enough!

I couldn’t resist the cute shorts. I’m only taking 3 pairs of shorts now, which are the ones I’ve shown in my other two hauls. I have too many tops though, which is weird because I never have enough tops! They’re all new though, oops.

I needed a rucksack incase I wanted to take it out on day trips, also to take on the plane with me! I also bought a white bra because all my bras are black! So just got a basic one so it doesn’t show through t-shirts and also a waterproof case for my iPhone. There’s lots of water based activity in Florida and I don’t want to end up on a ride that gets me soaked and ruins my phone!

2 days to go!

Where are you going on Holiday this year?
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  1. Just looked at all three of your Florida hauls and girlie you’ve got some cute stuff there! I think it has been smart of you to get some shorts/tanks. I agree in Disneyland, especially when you are riding all those rides, and if you’ll get on the the roller coasters especially, you don’t need skirts. There is enough excitement and no need for stressing over skirts flying up :)))) I think you could probably find a lot of activities you can wear your pretties too though. What a good idea to get a waterproof cover for your cell. I’ll keep that in mind for future reference. I can’t wait to hear all about your travels and impressions of FL. Have fun!!! XOXO, Elif

  2. This I LOVE your rucksack! That is so cute. I’m so excited for you going to Florida. I went when I was 14 and it was a BLAST.

    I’m going to Prague for a few days this weekend and actually just published a post on what I’m taking with me if you’d like to check it out 🙂

    Have an awesome holiday! xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  3. You shooped a lot for the trip and all cool stuff. i am plaing a beacj holiday too and i am taking notes of what i need to add to my list of thing that have to taken along . i think u should add a pair or two of shorts more .
    tops, ahh no girl can ever have enough tops , i always have to buy when i travel .
    the cutest from this lot is the owl rucksack and the white blue ombre tee
    keep in touch,

  4. Cute haul! Those shorts are amazing–they are adorable and look so comfortable. Water is always my main concern when going on holiday. I’m in constant fear my phone is going to get soaked! I find that a backpack make everything hassle-free. They can store just about everything (cameras, water bottles, hats) and leave your arms free! Once again, have so much fun on your vacation! xx

    The What’s In Between

  5. Aww, the owls backpack is just too sweet! After this last haul, you are perfectly ready to your trip Corinne, so excited for u!:) xo

  6. Beautiful things!! I want to see you with then in a beautiful beach of Florida. This year I will go to your country in a six day tour to Bath, Oxford …and other places. Kisses:)

  7. Hello from Spain: I just returned from vacation in Paris. A very pretty and romantic city. In August I will go to Madrid. I really like your purchases. Florida is a fabulous destination. Keep in touch

  8. Super amazing items 😀


  9. I love the rug sack! I want one. I need to move to England. You guys have much better shopping than we do.

  10. Love the shorts!
    Mind checking out my blog and following via GFC and bloglovin?
    Blog ; =

  11. Your holiday shopping skills are so impressive, excellent picks, the shorts and pink tee are so cute. I enjoyed reading your views on my last post, I know, what were they wearing, gosh! Have a Fantastic Friday!

  12. The pattern of your tops are beautiful. I love them all. THAT Bag.. Dear Corinne, belongs to me 🙂 kidding. it’s soooooo cute and nice!! Love the pattern, It’s the same as my handbag! ( I think.. Well it looks VERY similar) you were right! I Love it!

  13. Hello~ Mother’s Day is come closer, maybe you interested in joining this giveaway. Thank you so much and have a nice day ^^

  14. Don’t appologies I have really enjoyed the Florida preparation. Love the owl rucksack and the vest with multiple colours really pretty. I hope you have an amazing time x

  15. gettin a waterproof case is smart! although, i usually leave my cell behind if i’m doing anything heavily water/outdoorsy-based. can’t really be bothered with worrying about ruining tech gadgets! haha. a shame coz sometimes i miss out on photos and stuff but it’s great for being present in the moment & just enjoying the whole experience for what it is.

    hope you’re having a blast out there in Floridaaaa <3

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