Final Floriday Haul

I know I keep saying this is the final haul for Floriday, but this is the final haul for Floriday. I promise you. I had to get a few more things for my holiday and now, apart from a tooth brush and some cotton pads, I think I am officially DONE.

I picked up two new lovely t-shirts, these are really light fabric and I loved the colours of them – was a little concerned that my other shirts weren’t thin enough!

I couldn’t resist the cute shorts. I’m only taking 3 pairs of shorts now, which are the ones I’ve shown in my other two hauls. I have too many tops though, which is weird because I never have enough tops! They’re all new though, oops.

I needed a rucksack incase I wanted to take it out on day trips, also to take on the plane with me! I also bought a white bra because all my bras are black! So just got a basic one so it doesn’t show through t-shirts and also a waterproof case for my iPhone. There’s lots of water based activity in Florida and I don’t want to end up on a ride that gets me soaked and ruins my phone!

2 days to go!

Where are you going on Holiday this year?
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