Corinstagram April

Whoooo, it’s 1st May. This means 3 things:
  • Corinstagram
  • Christine’s Birthday
  • 9 days unil FLORIDAYYYYYYYY!!!
I wasn’t very istagrammy this month, but I didn’t really have much time off work. Overall it was a good month. Highlights of it include Sarah <3 and her pussayyy (I do mean the cat in the first photo, not her vagina) as well as getting my hands on the Naked 3 palette fo’ sho’. 
May should be very exciting for my Instagram account, hopefully full of snaps from Florida! I don’t feel very ready at all, I’ve lots of posts to get scheduled so this place isn’t dead while I’m gone. I’m pretty sure the hotel has free wifi (if not, I’m paying) so I’m hoping I can update every now and then to let you know what I’ve been up to. I’m having serious stress about being away from my blog, I had a dream it was on fire the other night. This probably indicates that I need some time off. 
I’ve not done many outfit posts lately, but that’s because I want to save the clothes for when I go on holiday and hopefully get some shots with Florida in the background =)
If the last photo confuses you, it’s basically a photo of rage. I was trying to order a travel money card from my friends the Post Office. But it kept showing an error message when entered my card details. After 3 times, I tweeted them in distress. They told me to call a helpline, which I did. The woman on the phone asked what browser I was using: ‘Chrome‘ I answered, politely.
You know what she said?? ‘Try using Internet Explorer’. My exact words were ‘Ew no, I’ll try Safari’
Safari didn’t work either and as you can’t download Internet Exporer on a Mac (because they are too clever to put up with that bullshit) I went on my laptop. 
I’ve never been so frustrated in my whole life. There were constant popups, adverts, I couldn’t even Google anything without being directed to a different search engine. I forgot how many tool bars seem to install them self on a PC, only to be discovered when you stupidly (or desperately) press that ugly, blue ‘e’ icon.
After fighting pop-ups after every click, the captcha I needed to enter to prove I’m a real member of the human race would not load. In its place?
‘If you are unable to enter the security code, go to your local branch and buy a card’.
I’m sure you can imagine my frustration. I wanted to buy my card online because I did not want to go to my local branch, DUH. The rage I felt about it all is still in my bellehhh now. Like, I’m about to punch somebody in the face rage.   
I closed my laptop and shunned it, then went on to my PC desktop that is attached the to TV in the living room, thankfully I managed to do it on Chrome on that. Must be something to do with the flash player. 
Or maybe that update my Macs have been BEGGING me to do for the past week or so. But I always click ‘remind me tomorrow’…
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