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6 Ways to Increase Google PageRank

google page rank
This is a follow post from: Understanding Google PageRank.
We’ve already discussed what Google PageRank is, now it’s time to look at how to increase your ranking for your blog. You don’t HAVE to follow these tips as through engaging with others, writing quality content on a regular basis that is shared and read, you will naturally gain a decent PageRank. These are just a few ways to help it happen a smudge quicker.

6 Ways to Increase Google PageRank

1. The Length and Frequency of Content.
Each blog post should be at least 500 words or more and your should update regularly – this does not mean spamming 100’s of posts per day or week, as that will look unnatural to Google and they may see you are trying to manipulate your PageRank – resulting in having it stripped all together. Post at least once or twice a week.
2. Back links to your blog.
The number of back links you have, the higher your PageRank will be, as I previously explained, a back link is like a vote. If you have people linking to your blog, it shows Google you have quality content that people are interested in sharing – it’s better to have links from a few, high ranking sites than 1000’s of sites with no ranking. Having lots of low quality back links can actually damage your ranking, if it’s unnatural, Google will strip your PageRank. There are lots of websites out there that allow you to buy back links to improve your PageRank, but most are scams that will just result in 1000’s of links on spammy, low quality websites built purely for this purpose. Google is not an idiot and will destroy your ranking if you ‘cheat’. 
The are multiple ways of building back links that are not in line with ‘black hat SEO’such as:
  • Posting on forums with your blogpost in your signature
  • Working with brands/websites that may publish your post or a link to your post/blog on their website
  • Writing excellent, informative content that others naturally want to share and link to on their own websites
  • and the following point..
3. Guest Posting.
Guest posting used to be a way of gaining back links, with the aim of guest posting on a blog with a higher Page Rank than yours, as the higher the authority of blogs linking to you, the better it is for your page rank. 

This has recently turned into a ‘spammy’ technique. I’ve noticed an increase in e-mails I’m getting lately offering to have an article written for my blog – most of these are an attempt to get back links, by acting like they are helping you get ‘unique content’, they are able to stuff the article full of anchor text and keywords. 

Since it has become a spammy, or black hat practice, I recommend using guest posting still, but with nofollow links. Rather than using it for gaining back links, it can be used for promoting yourself.

You’ll get your content in front of a whole new audience, gaining new potential readers and traffic. It’s great for the owner of the blog also as the guest blogger is not only creating content to help take the pressure off blogging during busy times/exams/holidays, but the guest bloggers is also likely to share the post over social media and even link to it on their blog. 
4. Submit Your Sitemap To Google.
Though your Google Webmaster tools (if you are not using this, why not?), submit your sitemap. This tells Google’s spiders to ‘crawl’ your site so Google knows about your content. You should also submit it to Bing an AOL. 
5. Domain Age.
The age of your domain can also influence the PageRank, older domains having higher authority. You can buy an old domain – people do buy domains, age them and use black hat tactics to increase the PR to then sell them on for a higher price, but again, this could result in your being stripped of PR if Google ‘finds out’ you have bought a fake ranking domain. It’s best just to wait it out and have the knowledge that things will naturally increase.
6. Search Engine Optimisation.
Use SEO techniques within your blog posts.
As you can see, there are multiple ways to increase your PageRank, there are a lot more than just 7 – but these are the ones I find are most important and use the most. 

Part 2: 6 MORE Ways to Increase Google Page Rank. Tips 7-12.

Do you have any tips around improving your PageRank?

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