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5 Tips to Improve Alexa Rank

  We looked at what Alexa rank was, now for the stuff you really want to know – how to improve your Alexa rank!  …

We looked at what Alexa rank was, now for the stuff you really want to know – how to improve your Alexa rank!
Why is Alexa rank important? I know some bloggers really don’t care for such things and are just blogging for fun, which is fine, but if you are wanting to work with brands or advertise on your blog, a good Alexa ranking is key. The lower your rank, the more you can charge and the more people will be willing to pay. Some brands will seek out bloggers with a certain Alexa ranking as it is an indication of how much traffic the website gets. 
I’ve done some research and I’ve taken the top tips which I think are most useful to you lovely people that read my blog! There are many other tips, but they are things that I don’t think most of you will want to do or require you to spend money. I’m also going to assume that you’re not an idiot and refrain from telling you to write ‘good, quality content’ – as you probably already know that and should be doing that anyway! So here are best quick, easy and free tips to improve your Alexa rank – tailored for lifestyle, beauty, fashion and food bloggers! 
1. Submit your site to Google and other search engines.
This is so your site can be indexed and then show up in SERPS (search engine results pages). If you’re not already indexed, then submit your URL to the most popular search engines in order to be indexed: Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu
2. Install the Alexa toolbar. 
Install the Alexa toolbar to easily track your Alexa Rank, I find this makes it much easier to see ‘how I’m doing’. I try to focus less on measuring myself against others, but I like to see my own progress and it’s nice to see the number get lower and lower! 
3. Write a post relating to blogging or owning a website.
Because Alexa only counts traffic by pageviews of users that have the Alexa toolbar installed, if you write contents that are likely to be seen by web masters or people interested in improving their website in some way, there chances are they have the toolbar installed already so you might want to write a post educating your audience on Alexa or something else blog-growth-related. This means your post may show in search engines when keywords entered by these people, getting you some traffic from users with the Alexa toolbar installed. 
4. Update regularly.
Your Alexa rank will drop if you don’t update regularly. How regularly? I’ve seen some suggesting a couple times to week to some that suggest up to 8 times a day, but that is probably impossible, unless you are not a human! Daily works for me, but you can always check your rankings and see if they go down or up depending on what you do. As long as your traffic is consistent or increasing, you should be okay!
5. Share your content across social media. 
Maximize you chances of being seen by Tweeting, Facebooking, Google+’ing and Instagramming your posts. This is to ensure it’s seen by more people and increases the chance of traffic. I also love to submit my posts to StumbleUpon
As you can see – the key to increasing you Alexa rank is traffic. The more traffic, the faster your Alexa rank will improve. So it relates closely to improving your Google PageRank and using SEO techniques.
What are your views on Alexa rank?
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  1. For sure those are great tips Corinne! You just remember I also have the StumbleUpon but never used it. Need to check it out again. Happy weekend!:*

  2. I looked at Alexa ranking at some point and I thought it indicated of the traffic that the site gets. I am sure it shows some of the reality, but, unfortunately, it is very far from the correct reality. I have been watching the rankings regularly and strangely after the rankings going up consistently, they started to drop consistently, even though my readership grew on a daily basis. Now I do not believe in this measure at all as for my blog it certainly does not reflect reality. I believe thought that if a blog has a ranking of a few millions, it probably does not have a readership of a few hundred or thousand hits a day.. 🙂 It gives a little bit of information, but it’s very far from being accurate…

    1. You’re right, it’s not a measure to be used alone but it’ a great indicator of progress, I think!

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