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If you’re anything like me, then you would struggle when buying a gift for a male friend, relative or partner. It’s tempting to go for…

If you’re anything like me, then you would struggle when buying a gift for a male friend, relative or partner. It’s tempting to go for a shirt, tie or slippers. But also boring. When I had the chance to review this quirky beer glass, I thought about how it would make a great gift for any Dad, Husband, Uncle etc..
Brought to you from Niion, this clever pint glass teaches you how to order a beer in 26 different languages.

Included was a fun paper cup which had a drinking game on the side.

Inspired to get my beer on, I went to the nearest shop and picked a beer to drink out of my new glass. When I lived in France, I drank Leffe almost every time I went out. Leffe is probably my favourite beer so I grabbed a bottle and stuck it in my fridge to cool.

I thought it was a really cool touch that the glass had how to pronounce those words of languages not using the same alphabet as us. I mean, I took a semester of Russian at school, but remembering how to pronounce that stuff was the death of me. And also the reason I dropped it.
I was also sent a 60ml bottle of Watt Dickie beer. 60ml does not sound a lot at all, but at 35% it’s all you need. It’s more of a spirit than a beer, really.
I don’t know much about beer at all. It smells like beer and has a really malty fragrance, but has that strong kick of a vodka. It reminds me of being at uni, when all the boys we were friends with thought it was be a great idea to have a shot of 100% proof vodka to show how ‘hard’ they were. One of us girls tried to man up and take a shot but ended up running outside and being sick in our back garden. It was really sexy.
I would not recommend this as a drink to have, but more of one of those fun things to try, or gift someone. At £3.50 a pop, it would be a good ice breaker idea to get a bottle per person for a house party type event. If you want to be different. And drunk.
It’s recommended to try this either over ice or in cocktails, so after a few sips and a sour face, the latter is the way forward for me!

If you visit Niion, you will find other fun gifts, such as a wine glass of a similar nature, fun cookie cut-outs, funky hot water bottles and novelty posters. So g’wan, make somebody smile with a unique gift!

You can buy the glass from Amazon by clicking the affiliate link below, on eBay or through the Niion website.
Another site I came across sells some great gifts for men, including a bouquet of beef jerky! Intrigued? Get them here.
What are your favourite things to buy the men in your life?


  1. Yessss it is always great to find a gift that has a sense of humor and is a bit out of the box. The beer glass surely fits that bill and I think a lot of guys would enjoy beer in 26 languages! 🙂 XOXO, Elif

  2. this is a fab idea. I saw the German phrase on there and it reminded me that the first thing I learnt to say in German was “two more beers please”, when I was about 6. Which sounds dreadful now I’ve typed it out lol

  3. haha funny gift to give !!


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  4. I LOVE this post, such a great idea hun, i always get stuck on what to by the boys in my family. Thanks for sharing this hun xxAnna-Maria |

  5. Ah, I completely agree that buying presents for boys can be so difficult! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  6. This is just the perfect gift for my beer guzzling hubby! But I cannot give this to him coz I wouldn’t want him to be drinking too much. Hehehe… A lovely gift still and I would love it for myself or any of my drinker friends.

    Jo’s Jumbled Jardinière
    Jo’s 2nd blog giveaway

  7. such a cute glass !! neither me or my partner drink but this is so sweet 🙂
    The Inked Blonde-VintageMel

  8. too cool! thanks for writing this post!! i now have something to refer to for gifts for bay’s older brother and dad!! haha. shopping for guys are the worst.. *grumble*

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