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Dress : Florence and Fred
Shoes : ASOS
Bet : New Look
How often are you influenced by what you see on blogs?

To be honest, it doesn’t happen to me often. But there are some bloggers out there that I am a little fan girlish with. I check their blogs daily and yearn to be able to rock those dresses and shoes just like them.

One of those bloggers is Amber of Forever Amber. She was introduced to me by friend who influenced me to start this blog, Janine – who has now stopped blogging. Boooooooo. Amber is adorable, her outfit tastes are perfect and boy, does that girl know how to pick a pair of shoes. Her dressing room makes me want to punch her in the face. She has these shoe shelves, you see, and every time I see them I think of my poor shoes all laid on top of each other at the bottom of my overfilled wardrobe and sigh. So if anyone was to ask me which blogger was my favourite, or most influential, it would be Amber. I’ve bought a few items she has either recommended or I’ve seen on her blog. Sometimes she posts outfits that are a few months old and now out of stock. This makes me cross. 

So yes, Amber got this dress for her birthday a few months back. I saw it and within a minute, I was tapping my card number into the checkout second of Tesco’s clothing website.

This dress is coming to Florida with me. Only 18 days to go…

Which blogger influences you the most?

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