#socialbloggers 12 – Successful Blog Advertising

Hi all, I can’t believe this was the 12th #socialbloggers! This last chat was focused all around advertising. Both selling and buying. There are so…

Hi all, I can’t believe this was the 12th #socialbloggers! This last chat was focused all around advertising. Both selling and buying. There are so many things to consider and question when entering into this side of blogging, feel free to have a read of my thoughts, then the twitter chat under. Leave any questions or comments you may have below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Are buying adverts on blogs worth it?

One thing that is important to remember, is that if you advertise your button on another blog, your views are not going to skyrocket over night. Think about how often you click on adverts – it’s probably not going to be a lot.
Don’t let this put you off – now think of your mindset when you do click on adverts. You are probably more open to reading, commenting and engaging in that blog, right? This is the point.
You are not buying advert space to get 1000 page views. You are buying advert space to get a few targeted views, from people that have an interest in your niche and are more likely to subscribe. 10 new followers who visit your blog a few times a week and engage with you are more important than 1000 hits that click off your blog straight away, increasing nothing but your bounce rate. Wankers. 
Pick a niche similar to yours, make your blog button attractive and inviting. Don’t expect miracles.

How to get people to advertise on your blog.

I feel like a bit of a dick answering this question, because I am totally naff at getting people to advertise on my blog. I know how to get people to advertise, but I just don’t do it. I am too busy promoting my forums, my blog posts, writing reviews, tweeting, full time jobbing, cycling, running, showering, texting, eating and drinking to promote my advert space on top of that. I need an assistant, seriously. But you know what, sometimes just having a page at the top of your blog does not cut it. I have seen so many people with smaller blogs than me sell more adverts than me. Here is how:
  • Offer a package, such as shout outs on your twitter and Facebook page throughout the month, an introduction in one of your blog posts to your sponsor, or an individual post every month introducing your sponsors. 
  • Tweet and use social media to tell people you are offering advert space on your blog.
  • Swap adverts with other bloggers so you appear in demand.
  • Use these advert swaps to get information off the bloggers you are swapping with, such as how many hits they are getting from you so you can be honest with future advertisers.
  • Offer a media pack, either stats on your advertising page, or by request.
  • Start cheap and increase as you are more in demand.
  • Offer to make a button if the blogger is not sure how to make one.
  • Be clear about the size of the advert and it’s duration.

When to start advertising on your blog.

This is one of those questions I bloody hate. Actually, it’s the answer I hate, I love the question. It’s one of those that NOBODY has an answer for. Just tell me the answer already, goddamn it. Don’t tell me it depends and everyone is different or whatever works for you. I feel like the most popular questions people ask regarding successful blogging, or how to make money blogging, end up with those types of answers. Just gimme the facts, dawg, don’t tell me I should just ‘write for with passion and the readers will come’. We all know that there are so many blogs out there, it’s a lot more difficult than that in 2014.
Therefore, I have a call for action:
If you have sold adverting space on your blog, please comment with your:
  • Name.
  • Blog URL.
  • Number of followers you had when you sold your first advert.
  • How much the advert cost/how long it ran for.
  • How many page views you had per month.
  • How long you had been blogging for.
  • Any other relevant information.
I will edit the information here, so everyone can see the FACTS and make their decisions from there. I will start. 
I had around 500 GFC followers and 400 bloglovin followers when I sold my first advert. I sold it for 10USD and it ran for 1 month. At the time, I was getting around 10k impressions a month and had been blogging for around a year. 
I really hope some of you answer so I can get some useful facts to others, if you do not want to give this information publicly, you can always contact me privately and I will not include your name or blog. 
Ok, on to the twitter chat and questions:

Q1: Do you sell ad space on your blog? Is it successful? 

@bloggerforums Yes I do. I have a sponsor or two every month. It’s not exactly a living but it’s nice to earn a little #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums I do. My blog sponsorship is little successful thing I have achived so far. I got to work with many bloggers #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 19, 2014

@DaintyandIvory I find it hard to get people to buy mine, but I’m rubbish at promoting my adverts! #socialbloggers
— Corinne (@bloggerforums) April 19, 2014

@BeckyBedbug @bloggerforums This is brightest part of blog sponsorships that I learned PR and working with bloggers #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums Yep, there’s a pretty even split between returners and new sponsors #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums @NoorsLense I’ve seen lots that have, I haven’t myself tho – Thinkin of doing a monthly giveaway or even a blogroll pg tho 🙂
— CACHOO (@CachooJoo) April 19, 2014

Hi #socialbloggers – I havent really given much thought to monetising my blog as I dont get the traffic for it to be worth it
— Cat (@moreaboutcat) April 19, 2014

@LittleBitPixie If you want to do it, go for it.Just make sure your prices reflect your following and don’t expect an influx #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

@DaintyandIvory Same. I don’t think I would unless I had at least 5000+ followers #socialbloggers
— Kristina ? (@KrisEvilCupcake) April 19, 2014

@KrisEvilCupcake @DaintyandIvory I think it needs to be a lot of followers & also they need to promote you as well! I offer free advertising
— Jessiekins?? (@Jessiekinsxo) April 19, 2014

@KrisEvilCupcake @DaintyandIvory I think it needs to be a lot of followers & also they need to promote you as well! I offer free advertising
— Jessiekins?? (@Jessiekinsxo) April 19, 2014

@Jessiekinsxo @KrisEvilCupcake @DaintyandIvory free ads are the first step to successful advertising 🙂 #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 19, 2014

@CachooJoo @NoorsLense it’s so much easier to grow a twitter following than a blog one! #socialbloggers
— Corinne (@bloggerforums) April 19, 2014

Q2: What do you look for when buying and ad what do you expect?

@bloggerforums I sponsor blogs that are like my own blog, that I enjoy reading. So their readers would like mine too #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 19, 2014

@moreaboutcat EXACTLY! One shouldn’t be influenced by the number of followers but the readership which matters #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums It should be someone that has the same style. It’d be weird if you do beauty but choose a sports blog haha #socialbloggers
— Kristina ? (@KrisEvilCupcake) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums yes, I did happy dance for days… didn’t realise at the time *how* much that would do for readership #socialbloggers
— The Trollbead Troll (@TrollbeadBlog) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums @LittleBitPixie Of course I don’t mind! Think I had about 500 followers on GFC and charged about £3- £10 #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

A2: I look for a cheap price that will give me effective advertising. #socialbloggers
— Little Bit Pixie (@LittleBitPixie) April 19, 2014

@NoorsLense @moreaboutcat I kind of agree but it’s more likely that someone who has more followers has a bigger readership #socialbloggers
— Kristina ? (@KrisEvilCupcake) April 19, 2014

From a customer perspective, it’s important not to expect too much from sponsoring a blog. Traffic won’t double overnight #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

@KrisEvilCupcake @NoorsLense good point, but there’s also the fact that people follow for follow sometimes, it’snot always reflective
— Cat (@moreaboutcat) April 19, 2014

@KrisEvilCupcake @moreaboutcat It depends. Many blogs have big readership while some only has numbers or fake followers #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 19, 2014

A2: I think it’s key to find a blog to advertise on that’s similar but not too similar to your own .. @bloggerforums @NoorsLense
— Margot (@margottea) April 19, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums I am just always wondering where’s the line between selling myself out and making a little bit off of the blog ..
— Margot (@margottea) April 19, 2014

@KrisEvilCupcake @moreaboutcat You can tell that by their content and comments quality. Yes, comments quality #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 19, 2014

@NoorsLense @KrisEvilCupcake Comments are a great measure (not spam/half hearted ones) as it means people stick around #socialbloggers
— Cat (@moreaboutcat) April 19, 2014

Luckily I’ve never had bad feedback but I have seen some people moan about other blogs not providing them with traffic #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

@BeckyBedbug Buttons are super important hey? People will usually on click on 1 or 2 featured blogs – usually based purely on their buttons!
— CACHOO (@CachooJoo) April 19, 2014

@DaintyandIvory This is why it’s important to choose your blog/ package carefully and make sure it fits your needs #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

Remember that big bloggers= more views on their blog= higher cost for your advert placement. It’s not unfair, it’s business #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums Exactly! Would you rather have 100 uninterested views from people who never return, or 10 new followers? #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums @NoorsLense I would look for a full explanation of what I was geting for my money.#SocialBloggers
— Kim (@WhimsicalMrsW) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums @NoorsLense I like sponsoring blogs I read and that offer social media exposure! #socialbloggers
— Mo Ollivander (@ollivandermo) April 19, 2014

@NoorsLense I think sometimes people forget that blogging is a legitimate business for some, not just a hobby #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

Have to admit that I do sometimes think featured posts written for advertisers feel a bit forced. #socialbloggers
— Cat (@moreaboutcat) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums @NoorsLense the person behind the blog! Will only sponsor if they seem like a genuine lovely person #SocialBloggers
— Letmegoxo (@letmegoxo) April 19, 2014

@DippyWrites I think if you have a reasonable amount of followers, I’d say no more than £10 🙂 x
— Jessiekins?? (@Jessiekinsxo) April 19, 2014

@margottea I know it’s lame to think that but I’d rather support a fellow ‘sister’ because I MEAN it, not cause I’m paid #socialbloggers
— Kristina ? (@KrisEvilCupcake) April 19, 2014

@margottea @LittleBitPixie Absolutely! Make sure you have a little disclaimer on your sponsorship page to explain it #SocialBloggers
— Becky Bedbug (@BeckyBedbug) April 19, 2014

Q3 Do you have any Qs on selling ad space/getting buyers, or any tips?

@theboxqueen @moreaboutcat I use @passionfruitads for my blog ads which make things a lot easier #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 19, 2014

@bloggerforums I usually click on a good looking button or a little post about blogger as a promotion on a blog #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 19, 2014

@BeckyBedbug @bloggerforums sometimes adverts is more about awareness than visits. That’s why brands do it too to build branding
— Charee (@Chareemag) April 19, 2014

@_MAGICST4RS yeah me too! Pretty new to all of this so just been learning from the chat 🙂 #socialbloggers
— Emma Charlotte (@MsEmmaCharlotte) April 19, 2014

If you are interested in buying adverts on my blog, see my packages here 😉  

You can check out any previous chats you have missed here.


  1. #socialbloggers always my favorite tag when i’m stopping by your blog and twitter,
    It’s giving me a whole new things to learn about blogging


  2. I didn’t contribute (I’ve never sold or bought a blog advert), but I followed this and thought it was a really interesting chat. I love seeing a summary of chats, especially when I can’t make them, so thanks for this.

  3. I haven´t any because I feel more free without it.When you have a sponson they ask you to make post or giveaways and I don´t want to do that. My blog is for showing my lifestyle. Kisses:)

  4. Hey I’m New at blogging and your tips about blogging has been really helpful if you want to give me any more things I should know I would like to here them. Ozzersonform.blogspot.co.uk | @Aozzers thank u 🙂

  5. I stopped selling ads on my blog and now deal solely with larger sponsors. The smaller ones just never really came through for me.

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