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#socialbloggers 11 – networking with other bloggers

Hello, internet friends! I hereby present to you, the oh so mighty eleventh weekly #socialbloggers chat. Where we talk about all things to do with…


Hello, internet friends!

I hereby present to you, the oh so mighty eleventh weekly #socialbloggers chat. Where we talk about all things to do with blogs and those of us that have involvement in them.

Saturday’s topic was around the friendships and relationships you make through blogging.

I’m sure most of you would agree, that when you started your blog, you hoped to attracted some loyal readers who would come back and read about your life again and again. Something you probably would not have expected, is to meet somebody that you would talk to regularly outside of your blog. Somebody you would get to know, understand, listen to and connect with. And how easy is it to tell somebody who lives far from you, has no connections to your friends or family, those little things that you would not want to be public knowledge? It’s easy. And scary. And liberating. And brilliant. And scary. 

I like to think of it like this: You live in a town. You grow up in your town. You go to the school down the road and make friends. You connect with some people better than others and they become friends. You go to high school and outgrow some friends, keep some and make a whole new bunch. This happens throughout college, university, your work life etc. 

Now, imagine if you were not confined to just those people in your town, school, or university. Imagine you had a way connect to people on a bigger scale. In their hundreds or even thousands. People who share the same interests and views of you. But you never would have had the chance to talk to them before as you would probably never have even known they existed.

This is what makes the internet so magical. If you can make a life long friend that matches and compliments you so well just in your town, imagine how many other people there are in the whole world who would just click with you if they had the chance to meet you.

Now you have that chance. Through blogging, through twitter, through hashtags. We are able to connect with people who love the same things we do, we can read about them, follow them and reach out to them.

This is what blogging is about. 

This is what the internet is about.

So let’s explore another one of the wonderful positive aspects of blogging: Friendship. 

Q1: Have you made any friendships that go deeper than just followers?

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums A1: yes, and I’ve just blogged about it as part of AtoZ… random strange to good friend
— The Trollbead Troll (@TrollbeadBlog) April 12, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums hmm not yet but wish I did as I see so many other nice friendships x
— Hayley (@Making___Up) April 12, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums I’ve definitely made contacts with people through Twitter that go beyond followers, so worthwhile #socialbloggers
— Melissa Rosa (@melrosaa) April 12, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums Yes definitely, quite a few of them actually. #socialbloggers
— Naaj Rona (@Naaj_Rona) April 12, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums I started blogging & chats recently so I haven’t yet but I’m looking forward to blog friendships. #socialbloggers
— Kelly FlatEleven (@KellyFlatEleven) April 12, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums made some ‘social media pals’ but not a new BFF yet. I’d love to meet more bloggers in person #socialbloggers
— Alison Hope (@AlleyHope) April 12, 2014

Blogger enabled me to know other people who had same interests as me and that way , I made some great friends #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 12, 2014

@NoorsLense I’ve made so many and I am so grateful for everyone of them, I know I can rely on them for anything #socialbloggers
— Letmegoxo (@letmegoxo) April 12, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums @hollycassell @IndiaBenjamin great to meet bloggers &the ones you feel an instant connection to #socialbloggers
— Elif (@theboxqueen) April 12, 2014

Blogger chats are a good way to get to know bloggers, everyone is so nice and good listeners if you need to rant! #socialbloggers
— Hannah (@DaintyandIvory) April 12, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums Yes! I’ve made some really great friends through blogging! #socialbloggers
— Charley (@charleylucy) April 12, 2014

@letmegoxo how great is that! People we don’t know turn into friends in about no time #socialbloggers
— Noor Unnahar (@NoorsLense) April 12, 2014

@NoorsLense @bloggerforums Not as yet but I hope to. The blogging community are all so lovely #socialbloggers
— Appreciate the Day (@appreciate_day) April 12, 2014

I’ve been super lucky to meet amazing ladies like @KatieAtki @Fashionicide @SugarandSpice_1 #socialbloggers


  1. I remember the group collab we did together Corinne, I remember wondering if it would all go wrong because of the amount of people to organise, but it went swimmingly! I dont have any close blogger friends, but would like to. I have bloggers ive interacted with or work with and like seeing them around on chats and comments. X

  2. I never would have thought I was going to start a frienship via blog but now I am very happy to have met such fabulous people in this world of blogging. Kisses, Corinne:)

  3. I love chatting with bloggers, I’ve found 5 that all live walking distance to me yet I didn’t know them before blogging! It’s a small world and it’s amazing the friendships you can make!

  4. I feel I’m getting to know the lovely Fbloggers Lbloggers Bbloggers and SocialBloggers who leave comments on my blog. It’s heartwarming when they compliment me, Retweet me or favourite my Tweets and give me a shoutout or #FF. I still prefer the comments of the fashionistas on my blog over the Tweets on Twitter. It’s nice being able to talk this way since in real life I’m quite reclusive. I’m not likely to attend real world bloggers meet-ups but I do love the online common interests on Blogger. I’ve tried other wider forums but recently got bullied and threatened on a more widely published website I won’t name. I could do without the trolls. So far I’m trying very hard not to feed the bullying threatening troll hater. Anyway, you have lovely company and commenters here.

  5. That is one of the beauties of blogging.. i don’t think I can say i close friendships but i would like to believe that a few of those reading my blog are more than just readers

  6. Thanks for sharing some of these chat highlights, and your opening words are spot on! I expected to blog and connect with readers, but I’ve learned that I blog and connect mostly with bloggers, which has still given me that connection that I wanted so I’m thrilled with that. 🙂
    On the Daily Express

  7. This is such a great idea. I met one of my closet friends through blogging. It’s so funny when I think back on it. She saw my comment on another blog and reached out to me. I’m so thankful she did. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

  8. Having a blog is a great way to meet like-minded, new people and create new friendships! I’ve found it really great connecting with fellow bloggers & readers, they do become more like friends than just “readers” 🙂

  9. Great topic! I’ve found many friends online through blogging, and even met one particularly lovely lady in person 🙂 It’s nice having someone to chat to about blog related things and common likes you enjoy together 🙂

    Away From Blue

  10. Hi Corinne. This was such a great, informative, thoughtful and educative post that each blogger must read and learn lots from. I have made some friendships from bloggers that I definitely think are pass the point of just following each-other and supporting one-another’s blogs.

    Where in UK do you live? The two times I have been there (once for 5 days and once for a week) I have loved England very much. London is a wonderful, blissful city.

    Happy Tuesday! Ada. =)

  11. You meet a wider pool of people through blogging, which means you are more likely to find people you share things in common with. I think the blogging community is generally very supportive, particularly amongst the smaller blogs (500 followers and less) who are still true to themselves. x

  12. It was such a lovely chat Corinne, I enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts on blog friendships and definitely agree that it is amazing to find people you connect with in many parts of the world. Thanks so much for including my tweet in your post girly! Can’t wait for Saturday 😉 XOXO, Elif

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