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Schwartz Flavour Shots Spanish Paella

I love paella. So when I was sent one of the new Paella Schwartz Flavour Shots in my March Degustabox, I knew it was something…

I love paella. So when I was sent one of the new Paella Schwartz Flavour Shots in my March Degustabox, I knew it was something I wanted to try.
1 Schwartz Spanish Paella Flavour Shot
1 onion, diced
100g (4oz) chorizo, diced
450g (1lb) boneless, skinless chicken breasts, diced
325g (11oz) paella or risotto rice
1 litre (1 pint 15fl oz) water
1 red pepper, diced
100g (4oz) frozen peas

Step one: Dice the onions and the chorizo. 


 Step two: Add the contents of the Schwartz Flavour Shot into a frying pan on medium heat.


 Step three: Add the choritzo and onion to the flavour shot and fry for 5 minutes.


Step four: Add the chicken and fry for 2-3 minutes, then add the rice and stir for a further 1 minute.

Step five: Chop the pepper and add it to the mix along with the peas and water.


Step six: Bring to boil and then simmer for 20-25 minutes until the chicken is cooked and the rice is tender. Stir occasionally.


 Step seven: It’s now ready to serve. I added a few olives as I add olives to everything – this would be perfect with a lovely fresh salad.

To get your own box for £12.99 including shipping from the Degustabox Website. The box is delivered between the 25th and 30th if each month.
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  1. I always thought paella was a seafood dish – hadn’t realised you could make it with chicken and chorizo!

  2. Oooooo I love paella tooo. So good. Especially authentic and homemade style. This looks so great!

  3. mmm….delicious!! I love paella too! it is one of my favoutite meals. You are a great cook. Kisses:)

  4. Currently sitting in a car with no access to food and this is making me seriously hungry. I love paella. Have a lovely weekend Lucy x

  5. I love the richness of paella, this looks so amazingly delish, would like to try a vegan or seafood version

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