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New Forum Moderators

You may have noticed across twitter that I’ve been advertising for moderators to help me run the forums. When I first created the forums, almost…

You may have noticed across twitter that I’ve been advertising for moderators to help me run the forums.

When I first created the forums, almost 4 months ago, I was investing a lot of time in promoting them, getting new members and interacting with everything else that comes along with starting a new blogging community. Everything was going really well, yet I found I was struggling posting on my blog, reading the blogs I follow, being active on twitter as well as doing those not so exciting, but essential, real life things. Such as work, eat, sleep, clean and so forth. The forums hit a peak around February, when there would regularly be several people on at the same time and hundreds of new posts were being posted each day. Yet, I as took my focus off the forums to concentrate on my main blog (let’s not even talk about my second blog, I’m totally wank at that, too), less people were coming to my little community as I was not promoting it. 

I decided to recruit some help, I asked bloggers to apply help me moderate the forums. The application closed Sunday and were announced yesterday. Here they are:

The Moderators.

Danielle of Underland to Wonderland:

I’m Danielle, a 23 year old retail slave but most importantly mother to Baker, my border collie cross. 

I enjoy nature walks, bird watching and photo taking. Disney, Harry Potter and all things magical are pretty close to my heart too!

My blog is full of things that inspire me, that I love and places I’ve explored. 

You can find me here: 

Twitter : @theSweetnessD23

Facebook : Underland To Wonderland

Nicola of

I’m Nicola, a beauty & lifestyle blogger from South west England. I’m really happy that Corinne has chosen me, I can’t wait to get stuck in and be part of blogger forums. On my blog you can find hauls, beauty reviews, lifestyle posts and lots more! I hope it has something everyone can enjoy! Blog:
Follow me on twitter @nicolabishop7
feel free to tweet me 🙂 I love meeting new people! Nicola xo

Sophie of Sophie’s Plus Size Wonderland

My name is Sophie, a 25 year old  Actress and blogger from London. I blog about Plus Size Fashion, Beauty, Accessories and some of my life. I’m a outgoing and friendly person who will bring a lot of laughter to the team, I’m passionate about body positivity and showing people you can achieve what you want no matter what. I’m a plus size girl who loves fashion and is not afraid of showing that. Every size and shape deserves a fabulous wardrobe. I’m also a beautyaholic I love make-up!. A random fact about me… i got to audition for the part of Rae in My Mad Fat Diary.

My twitter – @SPlusSizeWonder
So go and check out their blogs, as well as sign up to the forums and get posting!

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  1. The blogs Underland to Wonderland by Danielle, nicolabishopx by Nicola and Sophie’s Sophie’s Plus Size Wonderland all look like fun blogs to read and follow.
    Ufortunately my Twitter account was wrongfully suspended without notice despite the fact that I follow their rules and best practices. Twitter support has been unresponsive (argh), so I will be unable to Retweet, favourite or respond anything Tweeted in #SocialBloggers #Fbloggers #Lbloggers #Bbloggers or anything else for that matter. I’ve read horror stories about Twitter’s unexplained sudden account suspensions and unresponsiveness. Time will tell. Hopefully my account will be restored and I will no longer feel the urge to remove every link I’ve placed to Twitter on all my blogs and YouTube over the last four years. Meanwhile, I hope the rest of you enjoy the blogging and fashionista camaraderie.

  2. I feel a little guilty I totally missed the ask to help moderate oops! Glad that you found some great help off to check out their blogs Lucy x

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