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I need space.

Dress : c/o OASAP Shoes : ASOS Bracelets : ASOS Hair clip c/o xtras I’m sucker for advertising. I’ve seen this dress on a few…

Dress : c/o OASAP
Shoes : ASOS
Bracelets : ASOS
Hair clip c/o xtras
I’m sucker for advertising. I’ve seen this dress on a few adverts on other blogs, so when I saw it was now under $20, I jumped at the chance to buy it. It’s a lovely colour and cut although is a little baggy on me. I usually am a medium in OASAP clothing but I should have opted for small! 
It is the weekend for me. Wheeee! I have today and tomorrow off. It’s not often I get two days in a row off, so it feel great to have two days to myself. I have plenty to do. On top of blogging things I probably should try and have a clear out. The time has come (or came, about 2 months ago) where two wardrobes are just not enough. There is not enough space and I am now using my road bike as a dress holder as I cannot fit anything else in either wardrobe. I’ve even folded some up and demoted them to the bottom of the wardrobe, but this simply will not suffice much longer. 
I counted and I have about 90 dresses. Doom.
Do you struggle with storage space?



  1. Yes, I’m struggling a lot with the space of my closet but I wanna buy a new and larger one :D. I’ve seen this dress a lot on other blogs, too and I really love it! You look great in it and why not buying a piece of heaven if it’s under 20$?


  2. Yes I struggle a lot, its actually stopped me from buying more because I have no where to put everything. I can’t believe you have 90 I like the one your wearing looks right for spring. I have just 20 I need to get that up.


  3. Storage space is definitely an issue for me, I really need to have a good sort out!
    Gorgeous dress!

  4. Love this dress! It’s so nice! Wow you have 90 dresses??? That’s awesome!!! Lucky :p

  5. I hadn´t seen it before in other blogs until you showed us today. I am glad you found it under 20 . It is a lovely dress. Kisses:)

  6. First off you can never have enough dressed–you gotta start putting them in your fridge if you have to haha! This one is so cute on you and love it with the booties 🙂


  7. Love the shoes!

    Have an amazing weekend!
    ♥ Oxana
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  8. What?! 90?! Lol!! Im struggling with spaces as well but you won for sure! Lol for the bike! Actually I use all the free chair I have on the room 🙂 Btw, the dress is super cute and you look adorable with it! Happy Weekend Corinne! xo

  9. I definietly struggle with storage space!! I also have a hard time getting rid of stuff because if it fits who knows when you may need it!

  10. Your OASAP dress is pretty and looks fabulous on you! The print of the dress already has two colours I like to style together for a complementary contrast (the dark green and pink) so I’m already wondering what other colours would look nice styled with it. That problem of being short of wardrobe space for your collected couture is one I have been running into with my blouses and full briefs. Buying pretty ones is hard to resist.

  11. A realty beautiful dress. It’s funny as I saw the picture of another new dress I was thinking where on earth does Corinne store all these dress and you read my mind in saying you need a clear out. Have a lovely weekend x

  12. The colors are gorgeous together, I love it!!
    Looks great on you. c:
    Great price too!!


  13. This dress is so pretty on you, love the colours and pattern. Woah, thats a huge collection! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.
    !! have u a good week end !
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I’m @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu

  15. I used to struggle with not having enough space all the time. Recently however I did a huge clear out and just sold all the stuff I hadn’t worn in a long time and since I’ve been the same size since I was 14 so never had a reason to get rid of old stuff you can imagine it was a lot! Now that I have more space I find I actually wear more of the stuff that I own rather then just feeling overwhelmed. Good luck on your journey for more space! Definitely a hard one!

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  16. i want your dress. so beautiful
    please view my new post and vote for me. i am counting on you. thank you

  17. That dress is beautiful! Looks really good on you 🙂
    And 90 prom dresses?!?! Wow thats crazy!

    Lauren |

  18. 90 dresses?? WOW that’s a lot. I have been delaying the wardrobe cleaning for the longest time but last week I finally gathered the courage and determination to do a clean. I am one of those people who likes to hang onto clothes and find it extremely difficult to part ways with them. I feel like thy will come in handy one day so like to anything and everything.

    But this time, I did not let emotions and sentiments get in the way and was more practical. Thank God that the cleaning is done and I don’t have to think about it for now.

    By the way, We girls can never have enough space, I tend to raid my parents and brothers closets 😀

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  19. Yes, I can relate! I have two closets (Summer and Winter) and have had two extra shelves added for shoes. It’s all about editing, because I refuse to keep anything that doesn’t fit well or look good on me.
    That’s a lovely dress and such a great bargain. Perhaps you can have it taken in a bit to for a truly perfect fit 😉


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