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Dress Story #2

Dress: Emily and Fin via Aspire Style Shoes : ASOS Necklace : Amazon Belt : Newlook Hi Internet Friends, Do you remember my dress story?…

Dress: Emily and Fin via Aspire Style
Shoes : ASOS
Necklace : Amazon
Belt : Newlook
Hi Internet Friends,

Do you remember my dress story? When I searched high and low for a dress that I saw and knew INSTANTLY must be mine, then, after months of stalking, it was finally in my own arms? Well. This dress also has a similar story. It is also an Emily and Fin dress. 

I first saw this dress while browsing the sale section of Aspire Style. It was not in my size, so I tweeted with the lovely guys over at Aspire Style and they confirmed there was none in my size. I sulked a lot. Then googled even more than I sulked. Which is a lot. I found Sarah of A Million Dresses wearing it and told her how much I hate her loved this dress and wished it was mine. If you think I bang on about Emily and Fin, or have a lot of their dresses, then you should see Sarah’s collection! Jealous much. Yes yes. A million dresses is the perfect name for her blawg.

Anyway, a few months after me expressing my anger at her for having this dress, she sent me a tweet letting me know Aspire Style had one left in stock! I stopped being mad and even said thank you. I ordered it straight away, around 10:30am and had it delivered to me the very next morning. Talk about fast delivery!

Three things you should check out:
Emily and Fin.
Aspire Style. 

The end.  


  1. Such a beautiful dress! I love bright colour outfits, they make everything look happier. 🙂

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

  2. ah, that’s a lovely dress! glad you got your hands on it:-) how great is the internet for finding pretty things and lovely people to help you find them, haha! xx

  3. 1) I LOVE the dress and I can see why you wanted it so much!
    2) How did I not know about Sarah’s blog? Ohhhh the dresses, the dresses, what are you pair doing to me and my purse? Must buy more dresses!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. May I just express to you my absolute admiration at you bravely standing in/on such terrain in THOSE SHOES!!!
    Corinne, you are a legend, and thank god you finally got that dress, I’d look bleeding awful in it but the colour is TO DIE FOR!! That last one was meant for you doll 😀

    Holly Mixtures

  5. I must say that I really like your dress stories! They are so fun to read! It’s a beautiful dress btw, love the colors!

  6. Once you love something and the item is out of stock, it is really annoying. But I am not as dedicated as you are and would probably move on to something else.

    I’m glad that after so much of sulking and hating, you finally got the dress and it looks beautiful on you.

  7. I had my eye on this gorgeous dress too but didn’t manage to find one for myself, so I understand your joy at getting your hands on it!

  8. Great color combo! Yay for finding the dress that almost got away… it looks fabulous on you!

  9. That’s such a gorgeous dress and looks lovely on you. Yay for Sarah 🙂

    Hayley x

  10. That is a cute dress. So glad that you found one left in your size and were able to buy it, nice to have a happy ending! 🙂

    Away From Blue

  11. I’ve drooled over Emily and Finn dresses for months but I’ve not bought one yet. The fit looks perfect and I love the bright colours.

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