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Dress Lilly Review – rubbish quality, don’t bother

Dress: c/o DressLilly Belt: c/o Fiigirl Necklace: Amazon Cardigan: Tesco Shoes: c/o LovelyShoes I hate to post bad reviews, but at the same time, I…

Dress: c/o DressLilly
Belt: c/o Fiigirl
Necklace: Amazon
Cardigan: Tesco
Shoes: c/o LovelyShoes
I hate to post bad reviews, but at the same time, I hate to refer you’all over to a website I didn’t have a great experience with. I love it when websites are willing to let me pick items from their site to try out and do appreciate it, but at the same time, I’m not going to shoo you all to a site that wasn’t up to my standards. And let’s be honest here, my stands aren’t that high!
It all started a bit sour, to be honest. I was originally contacted about reviewing a product from DressLilly on the 26th December, I picked a lovely dress and waited. After forgetting about it completely, but then coming across the site again, I remembered that my dress had never arrived! I contacted the PR who said they had forgot to send it and to pick sometime else. I picked two more items and replied on the 5th February. I only received the items last week – almost two months after! I can’t say if this is a reflection of delivery time to their paying customers though. Flat rate shipping is stated to take 10 to 20 business days according to the website. It is always hard to tell when not ordering directly from the site. It could be that the PR I dealt with did not process the order quickly.
The dress does have a lovely pattern on it, but I’m not a fan of the quality. The lace detail around the collar is really poorly sewn and cotton threads were fraying from a few areas of the dress. 
I often talk about some items not being the best quality, but that is to be expected for the cheap price. These items are usually on par with Primark in terms of quality which is something I can accept and deal with if I’m not spending many ££££, but unfortunately I found this dress to be of a worse quality of that, it was to the point where I would not want to wear this out of the house. I’ve taken some detailed pictures, just so you can see what I am talking about and make your own decision.
I am hoping that this is just a one off, and this dress is just faulty or there is something with it!
I do really love the pattern though, it is just a pity about the lace and collar.


  1. It’s a gorgeous dress, such a shame about the quality. I hate stuff like that, people want to pay good money for things, but get the quality back too, And how long it took for them to get it to you is not nice either, as they asked you, so it should have been dealt with straight away…shame. You look fantastic in it though 🙂 xx

  2. Very pretty dress! For me good customer service and a nice reception is very important and if it’s not it can be enough to switch me off a brand or a store completely… Xx

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  3. What a shame. Primark always have the odd seam undone or odd coloured cotton used in a random spot. I guess it’s what you make of it and whether or not you decide it’s ultimately worth the £.
    I love this dress on you though, very pretty x

  4. Love the print on the dress. Its a shame they took so long to send the dress and the quality is not that good either.

  5. From the pictures it doesn’t look too bad, but it might feel worse when you look at it in reality. The dress looks good on you and the pattern is beautiful.

  6. It has its flaws but not that bad,i think.On these websites,quality depends on the price i think.So if you go for more expensive thing,you can get a great quality product.But if you are looking for something cheaper,I’d still suggest Primark 🙂 and not taking risks
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  7. Oh what a shame, I do like the pattern as well! You did right to be honest and share your experience, this kind of reviews are useful the same. Kisses Corinne! xo

  8. Hi Corinne, with these types of websites I think it can be expected the quality isn’t going to be great. And the shipping time is far too long for someone who is paying for it. The print is really pretty though

  9. Hello from Spain: I read that the dress of low quality. A pity!. I do not want to receive a purchase 20 days later. This online site is malfunctioning. Thanks for sharing your bad experience. Keep in touch

  10. Oh! what a pity! I really loved this dress, the pattern and the baby neck. And it really fitted you very well. Sorry, Corinne. Kisses:)

  11. First of all, I love your wall decals!!
    Lovely dress. The cardigan, belt, and shoes go amazing with it.
    You picked the cardigan color spot on! It seriously looks amazing.
    Love this outfit!!
    Sorry about the lace issue. :/ it can be tricky to fix. However just do some googleing and pintrest hunting and I’m sure you’ll find something to fix it up. c:


  12. I really admire the fact that you’re completely honest. It looks like a beautiful dress so it’s a shame the quality isn’t to match.

  13. Great honest review – what’s the point in hiring a PR if firstly they don’t do their job properly, and secondly the product is poor quality! Bloggers are honest people!!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  14. Lovely pattern but I am with you the quality it is shocking like a seconds. If you pay for something you expect good quality. There arr more and more shops selling shocking clothes that are really cheaply made. You can’t lie appreciate that you are honest irrespective of getting something free Lucy x

  15. What a shame, but well done you for being honest and not just going ‘oh it was great look at all my freebies!’ like some people would. Working with brands is kind of hit and miss I suppose. Xx

  16. The print of that dress is so darling! Love how you wore it with the mustard cardigan.


  17. I like the bird print on the Dress Lilly dress and I love the idea of the lace by the collar. How unfortunate that it wasn’t of better quality. I noticed that the cat prints on the wall weren’t chasing the bird prints on the dress. You styled the Lilly Dress nicely with the yellow Tesco cardigan.

  18. Pretty print but poor quality – I wouldn’t be happy waiting 20 days for it to be honest! If I’d picked it up in Primark I’d say it’s to be expected but I’ve actually had a few great, pretty well made pieces out of there lately!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  19. I really like this outfit, a shame about the dress. I’ve experienced purchases like this before but from eBay. It’s so disappointing. x

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