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Argan Dew Hair Products

  I was sent some samples of a new line of hair care products to try and review: Argan Dew.   The products contain Argan…

Mono hair replacement systems
I was sent some samples of a new line of hair care products to try and review: Argan Dew.
The products contain Argan oil as the primary ingredient so your lovely locks can benefit from the oil’s unique benefits it has on hair. Argan Dew brings you products to help protect your hair from daily damage while giving you full, shiny, thick and healthy looking hair using the purest and most natural ingredients.  
The products they currently do are Argan hair oil, shampoo, conditional, a restorative hair treatment, a hair mask and a protective serum. You can view their current line and buy directly from their website.
I received 3 samples of the hair mask and 3 samples of the Argan oil.
The hair mask is a treatment you leave in for 5 minutes after shampooing, and then wash out. It claims to revitalise hair and also to form a protective layer to keep hair moisturised and protect it from any damage caused by styling and any other damage, such as natural elements. 
It smells absolutely lovely. I struggle to put my finger on the smell, it reminds me of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner though. When I put the product in my hand I was quite shocked by the texture, it’s kind of light, almost like a mouse but not as light and has a silky appearance. I used shampoo as usual and then applied the replenishing hair mask in place of my conditional and then left it to work it’s magic as I did other showerly things. I then washed the product out and could feel that my hair felt soft and was glad to find out that I couldn’t still feel some of the product in. I really hate it when a hair product seems to leave an unnatural feeling layer on your hair!
I put the Argan oil on my hair before blow drying. It had a thick texture for an oil and didn’t really smell like anything. I applied it to my hair while wet and then dried and straightened.
I took before and after photos. The before photos are just using my normal shampoo and conditioner. And the after are the first use of the replenishing mask alongside the oil:



I have naturally dry hair, it can feel quite brittle and it is naturally wavy with some ringlets and curls, as you may have seen from instagram. I found these products really helped to give my, usually dull, hair a shine and took away the frizz that I usually experience.
It’s a rare thing for me to find a product that makes a visible difference and I was really impressed this how much frizz this took away from my hair. What do you think of the products? I’d love to try the shampoo and conditioner and see how they would work on my hair!
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  1. Wow you can see the difference after just one application, that’s awesome!!! Your hair is gorgeous btw!! 🙂

  2. I haven´t try argan oil for my hair ( but I have oil hair so…) but I tried some body creams and they are really good and I love that scent. Kisses:)
    I think your hair looks lovely.

  3. I am using Argan oil from after shower on the ends, it is great. and by your post I am convinced that Argan products would be amazing

  4. anything good for her with ARGAN OIL is a win in my books. what a shame we don’t live in the same region. i don’t think it’d be available for me to acquire here. D:


  5. Argan oil is brilliant for improving the texture and shine of Hair, great review the product in the pics definitely makes your hair have a beautiful shine. Have a lovely weekend Lucy x

  6. These look good! I love using ‘pure’ Arran oil on my hair, but a) it’s quite expensive for the good stuff, and b) it doesn’t smell nice! So it’d be good to find a product that washes out well & leaves a good shine. I think you’ve got lovely hair by the way!

    Faith x

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