April Degustabox Review

I’m sure by know, ya’ll know I’m a massive fan of Degustabox, the subscription box that sends you an assortment of yummy products to try…

I’m sure by know, ya’ll know I’m a massive fan of Degustabox, the subscription box that sends you an assortment of yummy products to try each month. 

The box was delivered to me on Friday, but I missed it so had to wait until yesterday for it to be safely in my arms. There is nothing sadder than a missed parcel slip! When I got home, I opened the box then made Lilly guess what was in my box – which is now becoming a monthly ‘game’. She did rather well in guessing the contents of last months box, but the only thing she got right in this one was some crisps. Loser. 

Let’s see what was inside. 

Lindt 38g Treat Bar:
They must have known there were three of us in this house as I was sent three of these lovely bars to try! I gave one to Lilly and one to Christine because I am kind. Lindt chocolate is always a joy to try.
80p each.

McVitie’s Mini Rolls – Tropicool and Berry Burst.

These summer flavours of the classic mini roll look interesting – the packaging told me to freeze them, I don’t usually like doing what I’m told to because I’m a bit of a brat, but I have some sat in the freezer now. I can’t imagine what they will be like frozen.

£1.30 each.

Dr Oetker Extra Dark and Milk Cooking Chocolate.

LILLEHHHHHHH, hear me yell. Cook for me! I’m getting the chefs on bored for this one, hopefully she’ll cook some brownies or something so I can give this a cheeky nibble. I’d try to bake myself, but would probably burn the house down. I’m not even joking. 

£1.69 each.

Cawston Press Rhubarb

There’s no preservatives, additives or artificial sweeteners in this sparking drink. Rhubarb flavoured drink? Very excited to try this! 

£1 each.

Crabbie’s Raspberry Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

Probably my favourite thing in this box. BEEER! Give me more beer (and wine), please! I’m thinking of mixing this in a cocktail for Christines birthday on Thursday. Nom. I’ll let you know, if I do!

£2.19 each.

Go Splash Blackcurrant.

I’ve been eyeing these up for a while now since I first saw them several months ago. It’s basically highly concentrated cordial in a tiny bottle. This little guy will make 30 glasses of juice – great for people like me that have very little kitchen space!


Mornflake Superfast Pots.

All you add is water to these breakfast cereals on the go. They even come with a spoon. Intertesting concept, I’ve seen similar products were you add milk, but never water. Magic.


Clearspring Miso soup.

Miso soup is one of those things I’ve always wanted to try but never had. I’ve now got two to try. Low in fat and full of concentrated goodness – these are perfect for a light lunch or a quick snack.


Keogh’s Farm Crisps.
Salt and vinegar are my all time favourite crisps, so when I saw these gluten free treats in my box, I was happy to see this flavour. You can find them in the ‘World Food’ section at Tesco, if your store has the Irish section. We do have one at ours but I’ve never bought anything from it. I basically ate these right away and they are kind of like the ‘kettle chips’. Very crunchy, yum,
£1 each.
I was quite pleased with this box, it was more ‘snacky’ the previous two I’ve received. I always love trying these products out as they always seem very indulgent and great quality.
To get your own box for £12.99 including shipping from the Degustabox Website. The box is delivered between the 25th and 30th if each month.

I have a discount code for £3 off: IBI0L

Missed the Feburary and March box? Click the images below.
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  1. Mmmm Corinne, the box of this month is gonna to be my fav so far, you got many yummy products and the beer totally inspire me! Kisses! xo

  2. Oh this is the kind of subscription box I wouldn’t mind signing up for! haha! Sadly, like everything else the snack box idea will probably take a while to come to Australia 😛

    Away From Blue

  3. This month your Degustabox is full of delighful products, such as chocolate or cooking chocolate,McVities Mini rolls…You are going to enjoy very much. Kisses:)

  4. That Degustabox does look like it is snacky and hard to resist. I like Rhubarb pie so I suspect I’d love the sparkling Rhubarb drink. The Mornflake Superfast Pots breakfast cereals look yummy. I love the tastes of muesli and of granola. P.S.: I miss your wonderful comments on my blog


  5. Oh I used to receive such a box too and it was always so much fun to try the new products! I especially loved it when they send me lemonade and crisps 😀 From your box I would totally want to try the Rhubarb drink.

  6. I love the idea of food goodies arriving at the door. This box is really varied, like you the squash I have wanted to try, could easily sit on the desk at work and be added to water. Miso soup I really like but it is an acquired taste drinking and having tofu in a soup is a challenge to drink from a cup this is mostly how I have mine, a bowl would be much better Lucy x

  7. oh wowww!!! the magic box of food!! Lindt! and Jaffa Cakes! and raspberry alcoholic ginger beer! oh myyyy.

    <3 <3 soooo much love! (and JEALOUSY coz i’m JEALOUSSS)
    having said that, i don’t know what jaffa cakes are coz i’ve never had any. X: meep!

    happy may, skinnedcartree!!!

  8. Im awaiting my 1st box but made the mistake of sending it to my house and im at work, i should have got it delivered to work. The depot is 40 round trip so i dont fancy going there!

    Im only doing the reduced price trial so i hope i get some good stuff as i’ll be cancelled afterwards.

    the breakfast pots, the porridge at least, contain a kind of powdered milk. I used to buy ones made by grasshopper – before porridge pots were all the rage, they were from waitrose about £2 each! (not sure when i had enough money to be so extravagant!) these days I just buy oats and put fruit, cinnamon, flax & powdered milk in to make my own.

    DPD system is good for keeping you up to date, but hard to get in contact with a real person. i wish you could change the address, more than just a neighbour. DPD told me to contact degusta and degusta told me to contact DPD, so who knows when ill get my box!

    1. OH that’s weird – have you looked on the Facebook page or the twitter page on Degustabox? They seem to be very prompt at dealing with any delivery issues there!

      I would have thought it would have been DPD you had to contact if you have the missed slip and your details, surely that proves you are you and you can arrange for it to be delivered to a different address?

      I’ve never need to contact them other than arranging a time slot to pick it up which was all done via the internet.

      1. their customer service number is only open until 2pm and they arent very quick on twitter or email.

        DPD said i needed to get degustabox to tell them the change of address to make sure it’s authorised. 2nd delivery attempt today, says no one was in and tried other flats (included designated neighbour) but 2 neighbours have confirmed they were in and heard no buzzers (small building you can hear other flats buzzers).

        if i had know they used DPD i prob wouldnt have even signed up. they have a crap reputation, but i know its varies by courier area (i.e lots of people hate yodel, but ive never had an issue with them)

    2. finally got my box today. it got sent back to sender and redelivered to my work address. turns out there was no answer then DPD called because the guy knocked on the door instead of using the buzzers, right in front of his face. naturally no one answered the door as no one lives in the hallway…..

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